Everyone is right.
Which makes everyone wrong.™
– Christopher


Many lives have been profoundly affected by what Christopher has done. Unfortunately, seldom do the investigators of his life interview the many, many people who have been positively touched by him. Christopher's critics do not want his work to be accepted as being true and proven beneficial, thereby taking away from their value and agendas. These biased critics, in an effort to disparage his character, have reported only the negative experiences of a very FEW, who claim to have been hurt by him. To counter these often distorted and embellished reports, Christopher will eventually write his own autobiography, called: The Man From Joe's Bar and Grill. This title references a comment a Mormon Apostle made about Christopher in a recorded telephone conversation.

Eventually, Christopher will publish a remarkable transparency of his life through his autobiography. He is unafraid to let the world know everything there is to know about him. It's also important that those who call him Grandfather, Father, Husband, Son, Brother, Uncle, Nephew, and Cousin have an honest report of the man whom they have come to know and love.

In the meantime, you can learn more about Christopher by following his Facebook page here.

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The Humanity Party®

The Humanity Party® (THumP®) is a new and progressive political movement that presents a unique platform to unite the world and end poverty. Its proposed Constitution revisions address most of the problems associated with corrupt government. THumP® was formed by an Anonymous body of experts that provide the solutions to most of the political and economic problems facing our world.

Whereas the organizing members of THumP® prefer to remain anonymous, they have asked Christopher to be their public spokesperson and its legal agent of contact.

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The Marvelous Work and a Wonder®

Officially launched in August of 2004, the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® (MWAW) presents a series of books that utilize religious belief to expose and counter religion. Its work is designed purposefully to permeate the hardened religious filters of cognitive paradigms that are forced upon innocent children by the traditions and cultures of their birth. The MWAW books contain profound parabolic presentations that help a person think about their beliefs and consider alternative ways of thinking.

The MWAW has helped thousands of people stand up to their religious leaders without fear and question their religious beliefs. Those who honestly consider their traditions and beliefs with a sincere heart and real intent, coupled with the use of appropriate critical thinking skills, end up becoming better people by replacing prejudice and judgment with understanding and compassion.

The same ‘think tank’ that organized the Humanity Party® was responsible for the underpinnings of the MWAW, and vice versa.

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The Books

Christopher was assigned the responsibility of publishing a line of books for which a body of experts in world history and religion provided the information. Read with an open mind and a sincere intent, one's perception of life can be dramatically altered for good. The books are free to download or read online. Money plays no part in Christopher's involvement in providing information to a truth-starved world that needs it.

These books have ONE purpose and intent: Help unite the people of the world with an understanding of real truth. "Real Truth" is things upon which we all can agree: Things as they REALLY are, things as they REALLY were, and things as they REALLY will be.

Of all his works, the unfolding of the esoteric, and erroneously feared, book of Revelation (found in the New Testament of the Christian Bible) is Christopher's most profound to date*. Titled, "666, the Mark of America—Seat of the Beast", this single book provides overwhelming evidence that Christopher has access to sources of intelligence and information that no other has. There has yet to be a scholar, expert, or student of history, philosophy, or religion who has successfully challenged this incredible book!

*Christopher has acknowledged that the upcoming book, The Game of Mortal Life—Understanding Human Reality, authored by "Anonymous" will be the most effective, of all the books he has helped published, at opening the mind of the reader to the reality of real truth. (To be published within the next couple of years.)

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