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See this page for information on the June 18, 2017 Meet-N-Greet open to the public.

The 2017 MWAW Critics’ Symposium registration is FULL. See  below for more information.

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The books of the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® (“MWAW”) make available all the information that one needs in order to fulfill the purpose for which the MWAW exists.  All books associated with the MWAW are available to download or read online free of charge.

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2017 MWAW Critics’ Symposium  … new and important information:

This year’s Symposium is a private meeting by invitation only.

The 2017 MWAW Critics’ Symposium is currently FULL.

If your registration was accepted, you received an email titled, Official Invitation to the June 16-17 Marvelous Work and a Wonder® Symposium.”

You may follow the instructions below to be put on a “waiting list” in case anyone has to cancel.

No kids allowed. And no one should come unless they are SERIOUS about spending two days of their life for this.

It has been decided that since the book, The Game of Mortal Life–Understanding Human Reality, is of such importance in making the real truth about our existence as human beings available, it must be written in a way so that all people can have an equal opportunity to understand it.

We will be using this year’s MWAW Symposium as a “peer review” meeting for the upcoming book.  Christopher will not complete the book until he has the information, comments, and suggestions of those who attend this year’s Symposium.

To register to attend this years Symposium, please contact  You must give your full name, address, and phone number.  If your request to attend the Symposium is accepted, you will receive a confirmation notice as an official invitation.  If you are not given an official invitation, please refer to About This Journal.

By May 15, 2017, each person registered to attend the MWAW Symposium will receive by First Class mail a bound and complete rough draft of the book, The Game of Mortal Life–Understanding Human Reality. We will expect you to study the book intensively over the next month leading up to the Symposium.  You can take notes in your copy of the book, make comments and suggestions that you will have with you when you attend the Symposium.

The MWAW Symposium will be a two day event, starting Friday, June 16th and going through Saturday, June 17th.  (Further notice of the location of the event will only be given to those who receive an invitation to attend.)

Those in attendance will be the peer review editing group for this important book.  If you are allowed to attend, please take the time to read the rough draft and prepare yourself for the peer review.  Those who cannot attend, because of financial or logistical burden, can still receive a copy of the rough draft.  Once the book is officially published and offered to the general public, Christopher will personally sign a book for those who attended the symposium and for those who could not attend if possible, but who would have been extended an invitation if they could.  The book’s publisher will send you your signed copy, free of charge, once the book is officially released.  (We do not have a set date for release yet.)

Any questions, please contact: