HAPPPY BIRTHDAY, SHERI! Back to square one, Chapter One. The Cell Phone: the New Savior of the world.

This post is dedicated to my ex-wife, Sheryl Anne Huffor Salcedo Davis Salcedo Nemelka, who, although we are legally divorced, will probably keep her infamous Nemelka name.  It’s her birthday today, February 20th.  (NOTE TO HER FRIENDS: take her to do something fun, because I’m not that fun right now.  Sigh … )

Thank you for your sacrifice in dealing with me, Sheri!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY today!  Bless your tormented soul!  🙂

(Just kidding enemies and critics!  Why don’t you try to ask Sheri how she has felt about me over the years.  What?  Oh, my!  She’s an ex-wife who had over a decade of experience with me and actually still loves and respects me?  Go figure!  LET THE ROOSTERS CROW AND THE WOLVES HOWL!  🙂

But anyways ..

The MWAW BlogTalk Radio Show last night drove the point home that I need to clear up the three different levels (states) of human consciousness, before I can clearly explain the human brain and how it works.

In order to help clear up any misunderstanding of each state of consciousness, I will introduce the concept of the three different levels of human consciousness first, in the Introduction, and then expound upon the concept further in Chapter One, changing its title to:

Eternal Human Consciousness

Then, I will dedicate an entire chapter to each of the three states of consciousness.  Hopefully … God help me … then people will become clear about them.  Sigh …

The format of the book’s manuscript is changing as I learn more about presenting the ideas to people who have never heard these things.

So, here’s my current outline of the book, which, given the difficulty in presenting these new ideas, might very well change many times before the book’s first complete manuscript is read … Sigh …:





Human Consciousness


The Eternal Nature of Time


The Eternal Experience


The Eternal State of Matter


Emotion and Thought


Peace, Happiness, and Misery


Sexual Nature


Free Will (Agency)


Eternal Existence:

The First State of Consciousness


The Perfect Self’s Avatar:

Second State of Consciousness


The Game of Mortal Life:

Third State of Consciousness


The Power of Myth: Gods, Devils, and Saviors


History and the Philosophies of Men Mingled with Scripture


Recognizing the Self as the True God


The End of Time and the Beginning of Life


During last night’s show, I explained a few more details about Joseph Smith’s life and the burden that he experienced in keeping the real truth that he had learned as a teenager hidden from the people … because the people wouldn’t have accepted it anyway.

Let’s surmise what I explained:

Joseph Smith had his brain changed on April 6, 1820, exactly like mine was on June 16, 1987.  We both tried to discuss some of the information we then knew about human existence, he with ministers of religion and his family; I, first, with Kyle Williams.  Yep, we tried to “redeem others from the fall.”

A clue to this true redemption was given by Joseph in the Book of Mormon, in the book of Ether:

“Because thou knowest these things ye are redeemed from the fall; therefore ye are brought back into my presence; therefore I show myself unto you.”  (Ether 3:13)

“The fall” is simply our entrance (birth) into mortality where we forget all the knowledge of being an advanced human and the only real god that actually exists.  Our redemption comes from having this knowledge about our true existence restored.

Ready for this …

I am the greatest REDEEMER of our modern-times! … yep, the One like unto the Son of man who was sent to redeem the house of Israel, but was rejected and killed.

Oh, Shit, Christopher!  Do you REALLY want to proclaim this?  Do you want to get your ass murdered, too?

Not my will, but thine be done on earth as it is in heaven … CLUE, CLUE, CLUE.

But anyways …

Joseph’s clue tried to give the Christian Bible-believers an idea of the ONLY thing that their Christ would do for them when he came upon Earth in mortality (according to their belief in Christ): teach the people the real truth about their eternal existence, redeeming them from their mortal ignorance, an ignorance that was taught and supported by religion, which religion developed over time by our human natures (god of this world; i.e., Lucifer).

Joseph and I knew (he in 1820, me in 1987) that the only Godhead that exists is that which constitutes each individual’s consciousness, in which consciousness the process of thought takes place, which results in very unique responses to each thought.  Although all of us process thoughts in the same way, each of us produces different results or reactions to our thoughts.  In other words, the process of thinking is the same, but the result of the process is completely individual.  We all think differently according to the power of the “Holy Trinity” that makes up our consciousness.

Shortly before he died, Joseph would present the Godhead in his endowment presentation, consistent with the real truth about the three levels of our individual consciousness:

ElohimFirst State of Consciousness;

JehovahSecond State of Consciousness;

and MichaelThird State of Consciousness.  

(Once you have the full book, you will understand perfectly how Joseph used this knowledge to reveal the real truth in his endowment presentation.)

I explained last night that it wasn’t until 1838, a full 18 years after he had received the understanding, that Joseph was counseled to present a story of how he was called as a true messenger.  This 1838 revelation about the separateness of the Father, Elohim, and the Son, Jehovah, is what the LDS/Mormon’s believe to this day.  But as mentioned, this 1838 version of the nature of God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost, completely contradicts the Book of Mormon:

“I would that ye should understand that God himself shall come down among the children of men, and shall redeem his people.  And because he dwelleth in flesh he shall be called the Son of God, and having subjected the flesh to the will of the Father, being the Father and the Son—The Father, because he was conceived by the power of God; and the Son, because of the flesh; thus becoming the Father and Son—And they are one God, yea, the very Eternal Father of heaven and of earth.”

(Mosiah 15:1-4)

Now consider how long it took for me to finally start giving people the clues that would lead them to the real truth.  Add 18 years to 1987, and there ya go!

In both Joseph’s and my case, no one would have listened to us without our scriptures: his Book of Mormon and my Sealed Portion.  Writing these books was the first part of what our recruiters asked us to do in order to help people find the real truth.  It took me a little bit longer to accept their (our recrutiers’) way of doing things than it did the younger Joseph Smith.  My mind had a bit more mortal experience and corruption than his did.  But consider the extraordinary similarities of our lives:

Both of us had nine biological children.  Most of our children pretty much had nothing to do with the work that we did/do.  Of the four biological children that survived after Joseph’s death, NONE of them ever followed Brigham Young, as three of them had been born before Joseph Smith’s death and raised in a home where any mention of Brigham Young was never a positive thing.  Emma Smith hated the man.  Joseph’s boys would become instrumental in and prominent leaders of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, a religion that was opposed to almost every doctrine, tenet, and concept of the church that Brigham Young would start after Joseph’s death.

These things are facts, but no modern LDS/Mormon wants to consider why intimate members of Joseph Smith’s family wouldn’t follow Brigham Young.  And had Jerusha, Hyrum’s first wife, still been alive, Hyrum’s family would have had nothing to do with Brigham Young.  Jerusha and Emma were as close as any sister-in-laws could be … as any sisters could be.  Neither of them could stand Brigham Young.  But Hyrum’s second wife, Mary Fielding Smith, who replaced Hyrum’s beloved Jerusha, because he desperately needed a mother for his children after Jerusha died, and eventually was introduced to plural marriage in the case of her sister, Mercy Smith, and Catherine Phillips … Mary Fielding fell for Brigham Young’s bullshit hook, line, and sinker.

Now consider my past:

I lost my first wife, not to death, but in a divorce in which I was granted full custody of our two children.  I needed a mother for my children more than I needed a wife.  Jackie Stoll became that mother, whom I later introduced to plural relationships in the case of Marcee Jaynes and Vicky Prunty … a HUGE mistake, but a great learning experience.

The similarities between Hyrum’s life and mine are kind of weird, but apropos, don’t ya think?  🙂

But anyways,

It’s amazing to compare my life with that of Joseph and Hyrum Smith.

Joseph and I had the same dilemmas, although the purpose for our work was completely different.  He was counseled by those who recruited him to allow the people to develop their own religion according to their free will and desires.  I was counseled, eventually, to tell the people the real truth.

Both of us were/are hated, mostly by people who have never met us.  But in both our cases, our most vehement enemies and critics are just a few who were once very close to us.  Most people couldn’t care less about me and my work, and surely wouldn’t plot to have me killed.  But in the case of an enemy whom I was forced to sue in court, he has plotted my murder in his mind many times.  Thwarted by his true self, he drops the thought.

Oliver Cowdery was gay and lived in “the closet” all of his life.  Joseph knew this and did everything in his power to protect Oliver throughout their association.

Some might ask, if Oliver Cowdery was gay in that incarnation, if he ever came back into mortality would he be gay again?  The answer is a resounding, Yes!  One will gain a greater insight into this phenomenon when the book is released and our sexual natures are explained in detail.

So, one might ask, does Christopher know any of his close associates who once lived as Oliver Cowdery at the same time he lived as Hyrum?  Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh … well … for those with eyes that see … think about it … but don’t think too hard!  🙂

But anyways …

Oliver left Joseph shortly after Joseph revealed the final story of the First Vision written by Joseph’s mentors (those sly foxes, those Bros were/are).  Oliver loved the Book of Mormon, and no matter what Joseph had done during his tenure as a prophet, seer, and revelator of his new church, Oliver stayed by Joseph’s side because of Oliver’s testimony of the incredible book.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ….

…. Is there someone gay, whom Christopher loves and wants to protect by bringing this man close to him, who loved the Book of Mormon, and although this man couldn’t accept the hypocrisy of the LDS/Mormons, this man could not leave his testimony of the power of the Book of Mormon … hummmmmmmmmmmmmm … DON’T COME UP WITH CONCLUSIONS THAT I WILL NEVER SUBSTANTIATE!

Folks, when you ask me a question in person and you see a smile creep on my face, you had better stop and consider what that “Christopher smile” is all about.  It’s my kind and compassionate way of saying,

“Shut the fuck up! I’m not going to satisfy your curiosity in this manner!”

That’s right!  Consider Joseph’s original endowment:

LUCIFER: Yes, I thought I knew you (referring to true messengers). (He turns to the Preacher.) Do you know who these men are? They claim to be apostles. Try them!

(The Preacher approaches Peter.)

PREACHER: Do you profess to be apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ?

PETER: We do.

PREACHER: This man told me that we should never have any revelation or apostles, but if any should come professing to be apostles, I was to ask them to cut off an arm or some other member of the body and then restore it, so that the people might know that they came with power.

PETER: (smiling that Christopher smile 🙂 )We do not satisfy men’s curiosity in that manner. It is a wicked and an adulterous generation that seeks for a sign. Do you know who that man is? He is Satan!

So, don’t be Satan, Folks!  🙂

But anyways …

Joseph’s mentors left him shortly after they advised him on how to present the stories that would become the foundation for the modern LDS/Mormon faith.  (Cowards!  They knew what was coming! … just kidding Bros! 🙂 )

Upon completion of the Nauvoo House in 1841, not a few heard Joseph complain about how much persecution and trouble the Book of Mormon was to him, when he placed a handwritten copy of the original manuscript in that hotel’s cornerstone.

The people had rejected the true purpose of the book.  In fact, they had rejected it from its very inception.

Oh, yeah!  I can relate!  The Sealed Portion has caused me more problems and misery than anything I’ve ever done … except when I pretended to love three women at once … Sigh … 🙁

But anyways …

Oliver left Joseph after the First Vision announcement of 1838, because Oliver couldn’t reconcile and support Joseph’s continued contradictions any longer.  And my LDS/ Mormon critics and enemies have a problem with my contradictions over the years?  Really???

There are no contradictions to the real truth in the presentation of Joseph’s original temple endowment … that is, again, in its original form.

The Godhead, ElohimJehovah, and Michael, represent Joseph’s version of what he understood about the Three States of our Eternal Consciousness.

Obviously, Elohim represents the reality of our eternal, singular brain that is responsible for everything.  The character Elohim is the one who is in charge of commanding the other two in what they should do.  Nothing is done by the other two without the suggestions made by Elohim.  Read the original endowment and how Elohim deals with Jehovah and Michael.  Elohim’s very first command speaks volumes about the roles of each character:

ELOHIM: Jehovah, Michael, see—yonder is matter unorganized. Go ye down and organize it into worlds like unto the other worlds that we have heretofore formed. Call your labors the First Day, and bring me word.

Why would an all-knowing, omnipotent god need someone else to “bring [him] word”?  Wouldn’t this god be aware of what the other two were doing?

Here Joseph makes the clear distinction between these three characters and what they’re doing.  Elohim is completely unaware (unconscious) of what Jehovah and Michael are doing after Elohim gives them instructions to “organize matter into worlds like unto the worlds that we have hereto formed.”

Now consider how I am attempting to present this same concept in my own endowment presentation, called The Game of Mortal Life:

The First and Second States of Consciousness are as similar in nature as a Father and His Son, the latter a reflection of the former … the latter appearing as a new “flesh” (body) that appears like the former, or rather dwelling “in flesh [this consciousness] shall be called the Son of God, and having subjected [this new consciousness] to the will of the [First State of Consciousness], being the Father and the Son—The Father, because [the Second State of Consciousness] was conceived by the power of [the First State of Consciousness]; and the Son, because of the [Second State of Consciousness being created in the image and power of the First]; thus becoming the Father and Son—And they are one God, yea, the very Eternal Father of heaven and of earth.”

You see, Folks, how Joseph and I knew the exact same things?  But I have the advantage of explaining these things according to the advanced technology and information that exist in modern times.  Where Joseph could have never used a cell phone to represent the concept, I can:

I would that ye should understand that your eternal state as an advanced human being is like you being an owner of a cell phone.  Your cell phone is not your actual state of consciousness, but an alternative one at your disposal in order to connect to all kinds of information that can redeem you from ignorance.  With this connection and information, you shall dwell among other mortals and have the power to redeem yourself and them from their ignorance, if they’d listen to you.  And the cell phone is subjected to the will of its owner, because the information on the cell phone is only conceived (in what information the owner downloads into it, and what apps the owner utilizes) and used to find out or create information by the will of its owner.  Thus, you and your cell phone become connected and inseparable, because you need it as much as it needs you to operate as it does, both becoming ONE—And united, both you and the information provided to you by your cell phone create the reality of your own “heaven and of earth.”

Ever wonder why your cell phone has become attached to your hip and the single most important piece of machinery that you possess?

The cell phone has replaced the concept of God in providing you with the emotional support that you need to make it through life.

Consider the apps that you download on your phone and use to bring you comfort, knowing that you have one; … that blesses you with love, and feeds your hungry soul, blesses you in time of need, grants you rich supply, guides you with its eye, comforts you when faint, hears all your soul’s complaints, wipes away your tears, silences all your fears, calms your troubled heart, its blessings (technology) to impart.  It’s become your kind, wise heavenly Friend.  You can program it and use it to love you to the end.

Your cell phone lives, and while it lives, you’ll sing, it lives and has become your Prophet, Priest, and King (where you get all your information from).  Your cell phone grants you daily breath.  It brings you safely where you’re trying to go.

Siri lives! All glory to her name!  Your Savior, still the same.

Oh, sweet the joy this sentence gives: “I know that my cell phone is powered on and lives at my side!”

Incredible, isn’t it, when put this way?

The cell phone is replacing the same emotional security that the concepts of God and Jesus once provided mortals.

And if someone comes along and tries to take away your cell phone …

… Kill that bastard!

When you think about it, isn’t that what I’m trying to do: take away your cell phone and tell you that you don’t need it?

Now read Joseph’s version of this concept again:

“I would that ye should understand that God himself shall come down among the children of men, and shall redeem his people.  And because he dwelleth in flesh he shall be called the Son of God, and having subjected the flesh to the will of the Father, being the Father and the Son—The Father, because he was conceived by the power of God; and the Son, because of the flesh; thus becoming the Father and Son—And they are one God, yea, the very Eternal Father of heaven and of earth.”

How can anyone doubt the great marvel and incredible wonder of this work?  Sigh …

Is there any one of you who would like to step forward and explain the real truth in book form, so that everyone can understand it?

Please … any takers?

Of course not!

None of all ya all sleeping gods has the brain for it.

But I do. I was awakened from this deep sleep and redeemed almost 30 years ago, and I haven’t slept since … Sigh …

But anyways …


Go out with your friends tonight and have some fun, while engaged with my FIRST LOVE, that has always been my first love … and I told you this from the beginning of our relationship.


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