Prepare your mind for one of the greatest (yet extremely controversial) real truths ever unfolded

I’ve finally received proper permission to reveal a real truth that has been hidden, not only since the foundation of the world, but since the foundation of this work.

This incredible, but VERY controversial fact will be revealed by my own mouth on Facebook Live and in this Daily Journal over the next few days.  It is a fact of real truth that will confuse many people who have followed the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® throughout the years.

But for those who have wisely listened to my advice over the years about “becoming a little child,” so that your mind will be ready for the real truth, you will rejoice and appreciate this important revelation.

Again, well was it written,

“No man putteth a piece of new cloth unto an old garment, for that which is put in to fill it up taketh from the garment, and the rent is made worse.  Neither do men put new wine into old bottles: else the bottles break, and the wine runneth out, and the bottles perish: but they put new wine into new bottles, and both are preserved.”

Yet, many of those who have embraced this work and follow it are those of “an old garment,” those with an “old bottle.”  And when I reveal what I am going to reveal, surely their rent shall be made worse.  This means that their loss of religious belief, which the MWAW has taken away, will become even worse.

Those who still have questions about certain aspects about the MWAW and the real truths presented therein, will benefit greatly from this disclosure.  This profound and important revelation will finally put to rest and finalize your concerns and questions about human reality and where we’re headed upon this earth.

Although I have given many clues over the years, I’ve never been able to reveal this important fact in clarity and honesty.

To prepare your minds, I gave a presentation this morning.  Please watch it and pay attention.

Below I’ve included the proposed Introduction to The Light of the Moon book, which would have presented some of the same information that I am going to reveal soon, however with a religious overtone that isn’t quite as clear.  We scrapped the LOM book, because we took the pulse of the religious world by disclosing other real truths and important disclosures about religion, God, Christ, and the Holy Ghost, only to have the religious world reject the real truth about these entities.

Folks, religion is not the underlying problem that causes so much misery and instability in the world.  Religion is a SYMPTOM of the real problem.  The REAL PROBLEM is the inequality that people feel.  When humans feel unequal, they do anything within their power to create equality, or at least the feeling of equality, or rather, feel equal with everyone else.  ONLY humans act this way.  Why?  Because the energy of the human mind, which includes all of its experiences stored as energy patterns of memories, feels that it is the greatest thing that exists.  The stored energy in the brain creates this feeling.  Our individual brain feels this way, because on its foundational, primal level, they ARE all equal!

But it doesn’t feel that way during mortality.  During mortality, which is a part of our existence meant to allow us the opportunity to experience things opposed to our true natures as the most highly advanced and specialized compendium of matter possible, we do NOT feel equal.  We should, but we don’t.  And why don’t we?  Because of religion.

Yes.  The feeling of inequality has inspired some to create religions that aggrandize one’s station in life and equalizes one to others with whom one does not feel equal.  For example, a man might see another male who is stronger and better looking by the world’s standards.  But if the man believes (feels) that he has priesthood authority from God, and that the stronger, better looking male does not, the man feels he has equalized the playing field.  The same goes for socioeconomic status, and the same goes for women and all the things by which they judge other women as better.

RELIGION IS A SYMPTOM of the human desire to be equal with others … nothing more, nothing less.

When we started life in mortality, we all started out equal to all other little children, until, we were taught the world’s standards of success and good.  Then, according to where we were born, what race we were, when we were born, we were classified, not from our own choosing, but according to the world’s standards.  We began to see ourselves as not so pretty, not as strong and athletic as others, not as smart as others, and in many other ways we became disproportionate to others, again, according to the world’s standards.

But our innate human foundationalization would not allow us to accept that others were better than us; therefore, we sought out others of the same proportional defect as ourselves (according to the world).  We formed family units, communities, cities, and nations.  And the criteria upon which this human division is usually based is belief, or in other words, in most cases, religion.

RELIGION WOULD NOT EXIST IF EQUALITY EXISTED AMONG US, and we each felt equal to everyone else.

Christianity, in a nut shell, was the division of the rebellious poorer class of people who saw themselves just as good as the ancient Hebrews.  As the poorer class grew, so did their unification, primarily in secret at the beginning, in a belief that God cared about them just as much as He did about the orthodox Jews, who thought that they were God’s ONLY and chosen people.  Inpendius was a man among the poorer class division who stood up in public, not in secrecy, for the equality of his peers.  He was killed and made a martyr for the plight of the poor in search of equality.

It has always been about inequality and it will always be about inequality.  Until the real truth is known about human existence and the purpose of mortal life, inequality will exist.  There will be a continual battle with our flesh and our spirit.  The spirit engrossed and possessed by our mortal flesh, which is often not equal to others, is constantly battling to feel equality.  The standards of the world, of the flesh, bruise our egos and causes us to walk inconsistently with the pure and natural state of our spirit, which is the foundationalized energy embedded in our brains that causes us to fight for equality.  Once we gain equality, our experiences produce energy patterns in our brains consistent and inline with our advanced existence as equal human life forms.  This alignment and consistency is what we feel as HAPPINESS.

A mortal’s search for happiness consists of the search for equality in all things.

Let me put, again, how Joseph Smith put it in his incredible endowment presentation.  (Keep in mind, EVERYTHING, every character, every concept, presented in the endowment is symbolic.  No part of it pertains to actual reality, but only alludes to it.):

ELOHIM: Lucifer, because thou hast done this, [because Lucifer introduced Adam and Eve to the reality and purpose of mortality] thou shalt be cursed above all the beasts of the field. Upon thy belly thou shalt go, and dust  thou shalt eat all the days of thy life.

LUCIFER: If thou cursest me for doing the same thing [introducing people to teh purpose of mortality] which has been done in other worlds, I will take the spirits that follow me, and they shall possess the bodies thou createst for Adam and Eve!

ELOHIM: I will place enmity [our conscience] between thee and the seed of the woman. Thou mayest have power to bruise his heel, but he shall have power to crush thy head.  [The idea is that God is allowing mortals to feel their perfected and eternal nature and equality.]

LUCIFER: Then with that enmity I will take the treasures of the earth, and with gold and silver I will buy up armies and navies, popes and priests  and reign with blood and horror on the earth!

The purpose of our current national patriotism (armies and navies) and religions (popes and priests) is to feel equal, or greater, than others.  There is no other purpose.

So it was that we were going to publish in The Light of the Moon book to try to get people to consider the underlying sickness (inequality) that caused the symptoms (religion) that is infecting our humanity.  We wanted to attack religion with religion.  The MWAW books took religious principles and confounded established, orthodox religious principles, helping many people to reject the religions in which they were accustomed to encountering the feeling of equality and specialness.

But time is getting short, too short.

The human race is progressing much faster than anticipated by our advanced selves when we put together the plan that would enable us to live in mortality, experience opposition, then have an equal opportunity to respond to this opposition, challenging ourselves and fulfilling the purpose for mortal life.

We are not going to make it to 2145.  And I’ve never really told you the real truth about 2145, and what actually would have happened had we not figured things out and made it to that date.

I’m going to offend a lot of you, and create many more enemies.  Doesn’t matter.  Very, very few listen to what I have to say anyway.

The book, The Game of Mortal Life and its many real truths was not going to be release until a much later date in history, hoping that before that time, by dealing with people on their level, a religious level, they would learn things according to their capacity to understand these things.  Now it doesn’t matter.

We are releasing the book early for the sake of the youth of the world today, many who are rejecting religion as a basis of their understanding, yet do not have the real truth as an option for their consideration.  If the youth of the world can grasp the things revealed in The Game of Life book, then they can change this world.

There’s only been ONE WAY, and there is ONLY ONE WAY, and there will always be ONLY ONE WAY that the world has improved, is improving, and will improve, and religion has not, is not, and will never improve this world.

ONLY united humans can improve the world.  It is our game.  We control it.  We’ve always controlled it.  We will always control it … worlds without end.  We have caused all the problems and ONLY WE CAN OFFER AND IMPLEMENT THE SOLUTIONS.  This is REALITY, Folks!  This is real truth.

But the ONLY way that we can begin to heal the world and implement change is to know the real truth.

It is MY JOB, to tell the world what it needs to do.

Read the following.  Watch the video above again.

Get ready for it.

It’s coming!

The Light of the Moon (excerpt from 2012)


Countless books and studies have been written about religion and its effect on human society throughout the course of earth’s history.  Nothing has affected human thought and action more than religion.  Nothing has caused more heartache and pain than religion.  Religion has caused innumerable and incomprehensible wars that have resulted in the loss of an immeasurable amount of human life.  Religion causes intimate personal depression that results in emotional guilt, misery, and uncertainty about one’s self-worth and value.

Religion’s Negative Influence

In spite of all the empirical and clear evidence of religion’s negative affect on the human race, nothing is more powerful and nothing is more widely employed in the search for happiness than religion.  The human search for happiness and value is the core emotional fuel that powers the course of human events upon this earth.  And it’s in this search for happiness and value that religion performs its greatest role.  Religion has centralized itself in, and has become the most effective and powerful motivational energy of the human mind.

Religion cannot be defined and limited only to organized belief systems that are generally classified as the world’s main religions.  Joining Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and other prominent “isms” and their offshoots, is a new age of spiritualism, psychics, channelers, astrologists, and others engaged in activities focused on the search for happiness and self-worth.

Science Is A Religion

Not to be outdone by these orthodoxly defined spiritual movements, science is also a religion.  Science joins religion in the search for happiness and value because of the perception of understanding versus the negative implication of ignorance.  Its scientists and researchers become “published” gurus in their own right.  Famous scientists throughout history have become its prophets, revelators, seers, and ministers.  Science quotes its own and accepts its theories and postulations with the same affection and honor by which other religions accept their prophets and teachers and quote from their own scriptures.  Scientific publications are its scriptures.  Scientific theory and religious belief are semantically intertwined and cannot escape the implications of their inability to provide absolute certainty and real truth conclusions.  Yet, both provide the follower with certain emotional values of the illusion of happiness and self-worth.  Whether receiving an accredited university degree or receiving a certificate of baptism, thus being “saved,” both are emotionally-charged perceptions that are no more valuable to the reality of self-worth and happiness than the degree that they are accepted as such by the recipient.


Both religion and science can be properly defined under the general term of Philosophy.  “Philosophy” is best defined as: the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence.  Throughout this book, all philosophy of every nature and kind will be termed, “the philosophies of men.”  The male gender has been chiefly responsible for the study of human nature, and men the main progenitors of both religion and science.  Women should not take offense to this definition.  Nothing the philosophies of men have created upon this earth has led to lasting happiness and individual self-worth, but misery and fear.  On the contrary, when the real truth is revealed of how the philosophies of men first started and why they were supported and perpetuated by men, women will gladly disavow their role in philosophy’s historical development.

The philosophies of men mingled with “their scripture” are responsible for the devastating amount of human misery and tragedy to which the human race has been exposed throughout the history of this earth.  The atomic age with its destruction, fear, and paranoia has been just as damaging to the pursuit of happiness and self-worth as the belief in a jealous and vindictive God who only saves His own people and destroys those who do not accept or believe in Him. From the relatively little-known scientific “scripture” written by Robert Hooke and Max Planck to the more popular “prophecies” of Einstein and Oppenheimer, the first atomic bomb was created and has destroyed or threatens the majority of the human race.  Not to be outdone by nuclear threat and destruction are the writings and actions attributed to the prophet Mohammed of the Islam faith and to Pope Urban II of Christianity.  The Muslim Wars and Christian Crusades started “holy wars” (jihads) that have created both internal and external hatred between humans that linger into the current day.

Mortal Human Nature—The Enemy Of Good

Human nature is responsible for these philosophies and the tragedies they cause.  From the first time that mortals began to wonder about their existence and call upon an outside, invisible, unknown force in search for the answers to the questions about their reality, their innate human nature has deceived and misled them.  The lingering question of who we are, why do we exist, where did we come from, and where do we go after we die circumvent all other emotional activities of the human mind.

Humans have always struggled for the necessities of life and have competed with each other for the limited resources of the earth.  But the struggle within is responsible for the most problematic emotional affect[1] on happiness.  Ironically, if one doesn’t know the answers and cannot find them within, it suggests that that person is flawed intellectually or in some other way predisposed to ignorance.  But the questions still linger and the search for an answer remains foremost in the mind.  Is there someone else who might know the answers?  Does there exist a messenger sent from the source of all knowledge to provide the answers?  “If I don’t know, then who does?”

The Enmity of the Human Consciousness

This enmity of human nature compels the search for knowledge and understanding.  There’s a constant battle between the conscious and subconscious mind.  Humans know that they are different than any other animal upon earth, and subconsciously they recognize this difference, but they don’t understand why or how they became so different.  This enmity (i.e., cognitive dissonance) compels them to figure it out.

In the search for answers, the sincere and honest ones, who admit the lack of knowledge, become susceptible to the philosophies of men mingled with scripture.  Because humans place such an important value on knowing and having the innate questions about their existence answered they easily fall prey to unscrupulous men and women.  Recognizing the emotional demand and its monetary worth, religious and secular (academic) leaders, set the price for which the value of knowledge is supplied.  The one who provides the answers is allowed to set the price of religious contributions and school fees.  And like everything else in a world in which you can buy anything for money, the searcher will pay just about anything for the answers, if convinced that the answers are of worth. The answers to the questions have become a commodity that one can purchase, sell, trade, or negotiate for a price.  The unscrupulous ones have become the merchants of knowledge.  Because of the enmity within the human mind, these merchants have taken the treasures of the earth, and with gold and silver they have bought up armies and navies, popes and priests, and reign with blood and horror on the earth!

The Gods of Religion and Mythology Are Not Real

The gods created by the philosophies of men mingled with scripture are not real.  But their power over the human mind certainly is!  From the moment that a sincere inquirer of truth in submissiveness prostrates upon the earth and asks for guidance, “Oh God, hear the words of my mouth; Oh God, hear the words of my mouth; Oh God, hear the words of my mouth,” that one becomes vulnerable to being answered by the only “god of this world”: mortal human nature—one’s own mind.  But the answers do not come from within oneself, because obviously if one is asking that one doesn’t know.  The sincere seeker is looking for someone outside of their own consciousness to bring them the answers.  “I am looking for messengers.”  Once open to the possibility that another human might have the answers, the inquirer is presented with various preachers, both spiritual and secular, who preach a religion made of the philosophies of men mingled with “their scripture.”  Unfortunately, most sincere seekers of the answers fall under the spell of these false messengers who don’t have any better understanding of the real truth than the supplicant who pays them for an understanding.  False messengers’ pay comes in a wide variety of forms. Most receive actual money or other relevant material goods for their services.  But ALL receive a payment (in kind) that is more enticing than all the money in the world: power, prestige, and accolade-laced value from their followers.

Real Truth Is Not Found Anywhere

The darkness of ignorance permeates every corner of the earth.  The real truth is not found anywhere.  The real truth is the undisputable reality of things as they have always been, as they are, and as they will always be into the future.  Anything that was once believed but has since been proven false was not real truth.  Any so-called “truth” that is accepted today that might be proven false in the future is not real truthReal truth does not change, it cannot.

The Analogy Of The Light Of The Moon

“Light” can be described as a reflection of real truth.  This book allegorically uses the sun’s light and its unchanging form or energy as it has been in the past, as it is today, and as it will be in the future, as a reflection of unchangeable real truth.  From its physical appearance, the moon is a useless orb to human life upon Earth except for the sunlight it reflects to a darkened world.  In and of itself, the moon is nothing without the sun.  The same moon that reflected the light of the sun in the past, reflects that same light today, and will reflect the same light in the future. A true messenger is figuratively described throughout this book as “the Moon” that gives the light of real truth to a darkened, ignorant world.

A True Messenger

An important question to consider is if there truly existed a true messenger in the past, does there exist one today, and will there exist one in the future.  Was there a mortal who understood real truth and was properly commissioned to share it with the rest of the world?  If so, how was that one commissioned?  Who was that one?  How did that one share his message with the world?  And most importantly, how can we trust that the one claiming to be a true messenger is not deceiving us like so many false messengers with their philosophies of men mingled with scripture have in the past and do today?

There’s a litmus test for a true messenger.  It’s a test that is easily applied by anyone in search of the answers to the human question.  Do the answers given make complete sense?  Can they be disputed within reason and basic human intelligence, i.e., common sense?  Do the answers lead to another question, or does the given answer solve the human desire to know?  Also, how much do the answers cost?  Does the claimant, the true messenger, require payment, either monetarily or in other value such as accolade, title, or respect?  A true messenger has his emotional and material needs sufficiently provided for and does not expect nor accept anything beyond what he already has.  A true messenger does not establish an organized religion or movement or place himself above any other human being.

The True Message

The basis of real truth upon which his message is predicated is two-fold:

  1. All humans are equally powerful and possess equal free will to act and be acted upon by this free will. No other forces control a human being outside of the individual.  There is no compelling outside source that has the ability to control the human mind.  The mind is controlled by the power of the individual.
  2. All humans are equal in their capacity to know and understand real truth. Thus, no human is above or below another, or possesses an emotional advantage in any way regardless of what physical and/or environmental limitations define the human experience upon Earth.

The Equality of All Humans

The real truth creates human equality.  Everyone is right, which makes everyone wrong.  Everyone is special, which makes none more special than another.  NO HUMAN BEING KNOWS ANY MORE REAL TRUTH THAN ANY OTHER.  From the moment that we are born into this world as infants, we are on the same level of opportunity to know and understand the real truth, but none of us do.  The evidence of our mortal infantile ignorance proves unquestionably that we were not meant to know the real truth while existing upon this earth.  We can certainly invent our own truths (the philosophies of men mingled with scripture as explained above) while we go throughout life, but we cannot know real truth, which is a complete understanding of who we are, why we exist, where did we come from, and where are we destined to go after death, if we go anywhere.  No infant knows the answers to these questions.  And no adult does either.  The veil of ignorance is universal and constant.  But why?  Why don’t we know?  Is it possible to know?

False Messengers

The introduction of false messengers—preachers trained in the ministry of the philosophies of men mingled with scriptures—set a course for an unfair advantage during our mortal experience upon this earth.  We are each born into a false belief system.  And because it is impossible to find the answers by ourselves, we either remain loyal to the false belief system or find ourselves forever engaged in an internal emotional battle (enmity) in search of our own answers that make sense.  The appearance of false messengers force the introduction of true messengers in order to level the playing field of the mortal experience.  If we are forced into a false belief system, and it is beyond our free will to refuse the teachings and traditional beliefs of our parents, then in all fairness, there must be a condition that exists where, if we so choose, we can find the real truth.  That is, if there is an actual purpose for human life upon this earth.

The Purpose of This Book

In order for one to take this book in hand and study it to its intended end and purpose—receiving a disclosure of real truth about religion, science, and philosophy unlike any other book ever written before it, or will ever be written after it—one must be willing to consider things that the people of the world do not know nor accept as part of their perceived paradigm of belief and knowledge.  One must be willing to consider that there have been things hidden up since the foundation of the world, because real truth exists (as defined above) whether we understand it or not.  However, if the reader is in agreement that real truth does not exist upon the earth, and that one applies common sense, then that one can be more easily compelled to consider the following real truths about our existence as human beings:

The Big Bang Theory vs. God

The best theory that the greatest scientific minds in the world have produced is the postulation that billions of years ago the beginning of all existence came from the cataclysmic explosion of a small volume of matter at extremely high density and temperature.  Religious Creationists counter with the idea that an all-powerful god created everything that exists.  The questions produced from the two ideas are insurmountable and confusing to common sense.  If a cataclysmic explosion of a small volume of matter was responsible for creation, then where did the “small volume of matter” come from and what energy source was responsible for the matter reacting in the way that it did?  And if God created everything, then who created God?

The real truth lies between the two ideas and destroys each basic premise.  What we know for sure is that human beings exist.  We know that the human form is a compendium of matter that has the ability to act and be acted upon in the environment in which it finds itself.  Humans have the ability to command energy within the contained environment of a physical body that produces both chemical and physical reactions[2].  The human mind calls upon an unexplained phenomenal energy called “thought” to create a physical action.  One thinks about opening and closing the hand.  Thinking is a conscious act that science cannot explain.  Thinking creates the chemical reaction within the brain that is responsible for sending energy through nerves to the muscles of the arm that move the hand—the physical reaction.  But what caused the thought?  If thoughts lead to actions (which include thinking), and actions lead to life experience, then life is simply a collection of thoughts acted upon.  To understand how life began, we need to consider how a thought begins.

Like the seemingly eternal and un-created matter that existed to allow an explosion, resulting in the Big Bang Theory, humans are also made of matter.  They’ve always been made of matter, they are made of matter now, and they will always be made of matter, invariably.  According to the Big Bang postulation, the cataclysmic explosion of a small volume of matter at extremely high density and temperature was set in motion by something either within itself or by some outside force.  Regardless of where the command, or kinetic energy came from, something caused the matter to react.  Did the “small amount of matter” think and cause its own explosion?  Or did something outside of the matter cause the explosion?  Based on what we know about ourselves and how our own brain (matter) operates, the command to create the explosion must have originated from within the matter itself.  But that’s assuming that the Big Bang Theory is correct.  To suppose that the Big Bang occurred from an internal command of some kind implies that the matter could think on its own, without outside manipulation.

The Power of Thought

This takes us to the reality of the human form.  As an infant develops inside its mother’s womb, or soon to develop, in some cases, in the artificial environment that advancements in technology will provide, its brain develops as a mass of matter.  But does an infant’s brain inside the womb think?  What a terrible thought to imagine that the brain is fully functional inside the womb!  What a terrible dark and lonely place to start thinking!  The fact is, the brain does not think inside the womb.  It’s not until the body leaves the womb and the brain becomes conscious that the brain begins to think.  We now understand that thinking is responsible for the chemical reactions inside of our brains that cause physical reactions.  But what caused the first chemical reaction of thought to take place?  It couldn’t have started from within the limited space of the brain, unless, of course, we accept that the Big Bang Theory is correct and that the “small amount of matter” commanded itself to explode.  We would also have to accept that it is possible that a developing human fetus at some point has the ability to consciously think for itself inside the womb.

The first human thought after the body leaves the womb was caused by something outside of the human body.  The energy that produced the very first thought, and every thought thereafter, was produced by a compendium of eternal matter that has always existed, exists presently, and will always exist: the real human being.  Human thought is the force that could have caused the “small amount of matter” to explode and create a universe, its suns, its planets, and its moons, just as the same powerful thought creates the beginning of mortal life.

The Human Being—The Most Advanced Life Form

Humans exist in only one form and in only one environment.  If science can so easily accept that a “small amount of matter” existed to cause such a significant start to human life, why can’t it accept the probability that the human mind is also a “small amount of matter” with powers that originate within itself?  The real truth is that humans are the most significant and powerful “amount of matter” that has ever and will ever exist.  The problem in fully comprehending this important real truth is that common sense gained during this mortal experience upon this earth is limited to the experiences between the first thought of an infant after leaving the womb and the last thought before the brain turns off at death.  But common sense should easily accept that something outside of the mortal brain caused the chemical reaction of thought.

As eternal human forms of matter, we are aware of our existence as the greatest life forms that exist.  We are also aware that we are different than every other human. This is the purpose of existence—the purpose of life—individual power and control over our own personal environment. We ARE the gods that we suppose exist outside our mortal comprehension and experience.  As these highly advanced humans, we individualize only according to the different experiences that we gain from our brains interacting within the environment in which our physical body exists.

The Game of Life

Having existed without beginning or end, the only purpose for existing as such would be to eternally perpetuate the overall reason for our existence: individualization.  To individualize, we are exposed to different environments outside of our eternal (real) state of existence that provide us with the ability to experience different environments and situations that allow us to act and be acted upon to create individual experience.  In other words, to have fun and gain more individual experience, as eternal human beings we play the most advanced game that has ever existed, and which has always existed.  For want of a better name for this game, we’ll call it The Game of Life.

Whereas we have always existed in a linear environment of an infinite number of humans and space, the game provides a platform of limitations that give us the opportunity to individualize. This platform is the form of what we know as the Universe.  The Universe is not linear, but spherical and consists of separate and vast expansions of space that allow unimpeded experience away from all other humans.  The Universe is ever expanding, imploding and changing depending on when and how we choose to play the game.  Different galaxies, solar systems, and planets provide the isolation necessary for individual play.  By the power of our free will, and the incredible power of our own highly advanced brains, we enter the game any time that we want, and participate with whomever we want.  Owing to the fact that there exist an infinite number of humans, we never run out of fellow players or get bored of playing with the same people.

All Human Experience Is Generated In the Mind

The real truth: All of our personal experience is occurring as chemical reactions within our individual brains.  These chemical reactions make us think that we are participating in an experience outside of our true self, when in reality, our eternal, advanced body never leaves the environment in which it has always been.  But our advanced minds (brains) can create universes, galaxies, solar systems, and planets of new experience. This is the essence of human existence.

Although the Big Bang didn’t actually happen exactly how science postulates, if an individual human wanted to create a universe in this way, it could.  The power of that one brain could have easily provided the necessary energy to cause a chemical reaction that was responsible for a “cataclysmic explosion of a small volume of matter at extremely high density and temperature” that created the life experience of that individual.  Whatever you can think, you can do as an advanced human being.

The Game of Life is played on two different levels inside our advanced brain but perceived as being in a completely different place than where we actually exist.  The first level is a creation of a new solar system where individual experience can take place.  This solar system relates to the advanced humans who control it.  That’s why there are an infinite number of solar systems in what we perceive as our known universe.  There are an infinite number of solar systems because there are an infinite number of humans playing the game.  This first level is a highly advanced level where we can experience life similar, but more individualized, to our real world.  What is similar is the way that we can utilize our physical bodies to act and be acted upon in this new environment.  These bodies are avatars subconsciously controlled by our true selves. These avatar[3] bodies are patterned after the bodies that we actually possess.

The second level is the experience that we are now having as mortal humans.  This level exists to allow us the opportunity to experience an environment and experience that is in direct opposition to our existence in the first level of the game.  It helps us to gain an appreciation of who we are as Advanced Humans.  These two levels exist to promote and compel individualization and the creation of personalized experience, which then adds to the eternal nature of our real existence.  Simply put, we are playing a game in competition with each other to see who can generate the most distinct and unique experiences that define our unique individuality.  That pretty much sums up the purpose for our existence. It’s all about individual self-worth.

We are all very EQUAL Advanced Humans, and nothing we accomplish during The Game of Life on the mortal, second level, has any importance to our true reality except for the negative experiences we encounter while playing the game on this level.  Understanding the above real truth helps to understand why all the rules and laws that should govern us should be based on two basic principles:

The Message of a True Messenger—the Biblical Book of Isaiah

We are all eternal gods with equal powers and abilities and we should learn to value ourselves as the gods that we are.  The second is like unto the first, value others like you do yourself.  And upon these two principles, the message of all true messengers is based.  Because of their knowledge of real truth, true messengers find it very difficult to deliver their message to the people of the earth.  Until now, these true messengers have hidden their true identity and understanding of things and attempted to help the people of the earth find their true self by teaching within the cultures and beliefs systems that the people already accept as truth.  The biblical book of Isaiah, when explained properly, is a beautiful and complete message given by a true messenger at a time when the political and social powers of the world wielded control over many mortal minds.  The biblical book of Isaiah will be used as an example of how true messengers write things in an attempt to get people to reject the falsehoods of their religious beliefs.  It is the most important ancient religious reference book ever produced to teach real truth, and it would be well worth it if one took the time to understand it.  The explanation of the book of Isaiah should help the inquirer of truth consider that this book’s (The Light of the Moon) author, above any other claimant of truth, IS a true messenger. Why? Because only a true messenger understands the real truth delivered by another true messenger.  Most significantly, The Light of the Moon book will explain in detail how a modern true messenger was chosen and supported throughout his life to fulfill his role.

This Book’s Challenge

If the above revelations are indeed real truth, then more evidence must be provided to substantiate and increase the proof that these things actually came from a true messenger.  The proof is demanded by the suspicion and paranoia of the common mind that has been deceived so many times in the past, and in most people’s case, is continually being deceived currently by false messengers.  It is required and incumbent upon this claimed true messenger to provide the answers that will counter many of the falsehoods created in the past and in the present by those whom he accuses.

Where did religion start? Is the Bible true? Is the Koran true? Where did all the stories and “historical” references to the world’s main religions and philosophies come from?  Where and why did all the traditional practices throughout the world start?  If there were other true messengers in the past, how did they interact with the people and what did they do to level the playing field during their time upon the earth? The answers to these questions must be provided!  The claims of the true messenger must be challenged and examined!

The Light of the Moon will meet those challenges.  This book will provide the answers to questions that have never been answered.  And once the answer is given, none will be able to dispute its possibility and probability once the common sense and reason of the reader is applied to its understanding.  As darkened and ignorant as this world may appear, and until a full exposure of the real truth becomes the daylight by which the whole world exists, one can rest assured that the hope and beauty of the night is that there is a moon that reflects the light of tomorrow.  Until the morning of tomorrow comes, however, at which time all real truth will be revealed, the world has been given,

The Light of the Moon.

[1]“Affect” refers to the experience of feeling or emotion. Affect is a key part of the process of an organisms interaction with stimuli.


[2] A chemical change chemical reaction) is a change of materials into other, new materials with different properties, and one or more new substances are formed.  Physical change is the opposite of a chemical change.  Physical changes are a change in which no new substances are formed, and the substance which is changed is the same.


[3] According to the Hindu religion, which has the closest definition to real truth, an “avatar” is a manifestation of a deity or released soul in bodily form on earth.

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