My Christmas wish 2016


But I wish in vain because few will accept the possibility that their own truth is actually responsible for the misery and heartache the world is experiencing.

Imagine this:

Think how fast peace in the Middle East could be established if the Israeli people considered that their belief–that God gave them the land–is not true; but in the alternative, that the Muslim God gave it to the Palestinian people.

Or better,

What would happen IF both groups of people realized that their own god is responsible for the fighting and hate; therefore, these gods might not be real, but the invention of the egos of men?

You Christians would agree that they are both wrong without considering that maybe your own belief is the REAL cause behind the problems in the Middle East. And if the Christian Western world was honest and responsible for what it has done throughout history, ALL Christians, of every sect, would come to realize that they ARE responsible for what it going on in the Middle East today.*

We will never know peace on Earth until all people consider the following wise advice from the group that authored the book, The Game of Mortal Life:

“Your common sense is not different than ours—thus it is common. But if you do not give the information that we present a chance of consideration, then it becomes impossible for us to arrive at an agreement that would create peace among us. Isn’t the lack of consideration and compassion for another’s truth the underlying problem with our current world?

“We can agree that things are getting worse for the human race. Who will be the first to consider another’s truth as an alternative to theirs, accepting that maybe their own truth might be a major contributing factor to hate, fear, and division?”

–Authors’ Note from the book, The Game of Mortal Life.

But anyways …



*After World War I, the United Kingdom, Britain, was given control over the land of Israel, the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, and Jordan.  They could have retained these areas and controlled them, except the majority of the people weren’t Christian and were then, as they are today, fighting among themselves over who was right and who was wrong.

Not wanting to hassle with the civil uprisings and religious squabbles, and especially not wanting to pay to support British law and order in that part of the world, the British left the area.  When the British gave up control, they left the Israelis armed with the best and most advanced weapons of war.  It wasn’t the Jewish god that blessed the Israelis during the Arab-Israeli wars, it was their weapons.  And without U.S. technology and weapons, the Six-Day War, would have been an Arab victory.

The Arabs have always been the majority in that region of the world.  So, if Democracy was protected there, wouldn’t the majority rule?  It would if the West would not have intervened … would not intervene.

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