A note from the Authors of The Game of Mortal Life; more information about the timing of the book

I’ve shared The Game of Mortal Life‘s Foreword and part of its Introduction.  The Intro still needs a lot of work and addition until it will be ready for the final book, so one should be advised to disregard what I’ve presented for now.

I’ll include the Foreword again below for another look.  After the Foreword, and before the Introduction, the following Authors’ Note will be included.  We want it to follow the Foreword, because the Foreword introduces the authors responsible for the book as an anonymous think tank.  So check out the message they want to give to the reader below, after reviewing the Foreword:




Noun: a form of play or sport, especially a competitive one played according to rules and decided by skill, strength, or luck.  (Synonyms: pastime, diversion, entertainment, amusement, distraction, divertissement, recreation.)

Adjective: eager and willing to do something new or challenging; “they were game for anything after the traumas of Monday.”

Verb: manipulate (a situation), typically in a way that is unfair or unscrupulous; “it was very easy for a few big companies to game the system”



Noun: a human being subject to death, often contrasted with a divine being; “we are mere mortals.”  (Synonyms: human being, human, person, man/woman; earthling.)

Adjective: (of a living human being, often in contrast to a divine being) subject to death; “all men are mortal.”




  1. the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death: “the origins of life.” (Synonyms: existence, being, living, animation.)
  2. the existence of an individual human being or animal: “a disaster that claimed the lives of 266 Americans.” (Synonyms: person, human being, individual, soul.)

This book was envisioned and developed by an anonymous group of experts, each contributing their individual advice and ideas to its formation.  Together, this group’s combined personal life experiences bring hundreds of years of study, observation, and knowledge to the table.  The group’s desire to retain its anonymity speaks for their deep respect for each other; and their acknowledgement that the extent of the book’s information could not be provided by any one person’s vision and experience.  To honor their pure intentions and the virtuous purpose for which each has donated their time and talents to this work, the book will be offered to the world free of charge.

The book’s purpose is to present a profound and unprecedented view of human existence—one which has never been fully considered and explored.  The group has unanimously concluded that the current views and opinions held by the world about human life is the greatest cause of despair, unrest, depression, division, and unhappiness.  Their united opinion, qualified by their extensive research and personal experiences, propositions that unless a major change occurs in the way that human life is valued and viewed upon Earth, the demise of the human race is inevitable, or at the very least, the ability to achieve happiness and peace unlikely.  This book intends to present an explanation and understanding of ourselves that can only lead to a greater cohesiveness and solidarity among us.  By understanding each other better and concentrating on the things that we have in common, more than the things that divide us, it is the group’s hope that unified, humans can fix the problems that they have created.  Our greatest commonality is the fact that we are all mortal and share the same finite environment provided by the same laws of the natural Earth.

The scope of the subject matter deals with viewpoints about our existence that have never been properly explored nor considered beyond their rejection as simple theories based on the philosophical ramblings of crazy thinkers.  Yet, years after their deaths—many of these murdered because of their “crazy beliefs”—some of these same viewpoints are respected as opinions of the world’s greatest thinkers.  The things revealed in this book have been proposed before but rejected by the masses, often led by ministers of education, science, and religion, and others who would lose their worldly value if these proposals turned out to be the real truth.  Because the intent and agenda of these unscrupulous ministers was to retain their value and power, the masses have never had a fair opportunity to consider these proposals.  The area of concentration of this book presents many of these proposals clearly, simply, and in their purest form.

There are few limitations to the profound information presented in this book.  Its contributors cover a wide variety of questions that mortals have considered since the beginning of time, or rather, from the recorded history of the known world.  Understanding the answers is limited only to our imagination, which gives a human being—unique in the natural world—the aptitude and ability to form new ideas and concepts that are not currently present to our senses.  It has been said that imagination is more important than knowledge; in that, knowledge is limited to what we know, and imagination unlimited in what we have yet to discover.  It has also been proposed that anything we can imagine, if not real in our present experience, must be real in some other experience.

In our current experience, our advancements in technology have outpaced our ability to incorporate them properly for the benefit and betterment of the world.  For the few so privileged with the means to live without struggle, we have developed highly technologically advanced (video) games in which one seeks distraction from the mundane and monotonous schedule of daily life.  Can we imagine what these games are going to be like in a hundred years?  In a thousand years?  If we can imagine a world where we have eliminated human struggle, and where every person has their basic life necessities provided for without the harsh physical requirements often associated with force (i.e., slavery); and where our technology has evolved and eliminated disease and aging; what, then, would be the means of distraction that we would seek in the pursuit of happiness?  The intelligent, anonymous group of contributors to this book maintain, in unanimity, that these future pursuits in an advanced world of peace and plenty is:

The Game of Mortal Life.


Authors’ Note

Truth vs. Real Truth

We are individuals.  None of us is exactly alike.  Each of us has a different perspective about existence.  Having these differences proves that each of us possesses the free will to create our own reality.

If truth is that which we each hold genuine to our unique individuality and experience, which is often in direct contrast to another’s, then we must create a term to define that upon which we can all agree as a shared, common truth.  Whereas one’s individual opinion, perspective and belief is their own truth, that upon which we can unitedly agree can be properly defined as the real truth.

The real truth affects us all equally, regardless of individual perspective.  As we considered the content for this book, we unanimously decided that no individual perspective would become a foundation on which we would present its information.  The information presented in this book is a result of a group consensus—it is that upon which we all agreed.

The reader will also hold individual truths.  These truths have created intellectual filters through which new information must pass.  We sincerely and humbly ask the reader to accept, as we have, that their truth is not necessarily the real truth.  We promise that, if the reader allows the information presented in this book to pass through their established truth filters, the reader will discover things that have been hidden, or which have never before been allowed through the reader’s filters.  Only by allowing this information to flow freely through one’s mind, will one be able to determine whether or not the information should become part of their truth.  If the reader accepts the information as their truth, then because we also agree, the information becomes real truth.

When you read these things, we would exhort you to consider that perhaps your truths are not real truth.  In sincerity and with real intent, and allowing compassion for that which others hold to be their truths, reflect upon the possibility that you might not yet have allowed certain information past your filters.  Having a closed mind eliminates the possibility of being exposed to things that might turn out to be truths that we all share in common.

Your common sense is not different than ours—thus it is common.  But if you do not give the information that we present a chance of consideration, then it becomes impossible for us to arrive at an agreement that would create peace among us.  Isn’t the lack of consideration and compassion for another’s truth the underlying problem with our current world?

We can agree that things are getting worse for the human race. Who will be the first to consider another’s truth as an alternative to theirs, accepting that maybe their own truth might be a major contributing factor to hate, fear, and division?

Please consider the information presented in this book.  Ask yourself if it is good for the human race.  Ask yourself if it is information that can unite us instead of divide us—a disconnect that causes us to hate and fear each other because of our different perspectives.

If the information is good, then make our truth a part of your own.  And together, we can establish real truth for the sake and betterment of humanity.  This is our only hope and the inclusive intent of sharing our truths with you.

—The Authors

Let me be clear here:

Although our mortal knowledge is increasing rapidly, our world is becoming more dangerous with each passing day.  It is becoming more dangerous exponentially with the knowledge that we acquire as mortals.

I love the word “exponential” because it is the perfect word to express the actual algorithm by which the rules and laws pertaining to mortal life are established.




  1. of or expressed by a mathematical exponent.
    “an exponential curve”
    • (of an increase) becoming more and more rapid.

Yep, there’s an actual “process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations” (the definition of “algorithm“) regarding this mortal life.

Okay, let’s clear this up … hopefully … Sigh …

Computers use algorithms to do what they do.  Computer software is simply a bunch of predetermined and preset algorithms; i.e., processes to be followed in order to accomplish something that the software is programmed to do.

How is mortal computer technology compared to what is happening in our real, advanced world?  There are no such things as computers in our real world.  They are not needed.  The algorithms that control nature in the perfect human world are as eternal and perfect as the world that they create, but the materials that make up our advanced world are different than those that make up our mortal world.  Thus, our advanced human body is different than our mortal body, for example.

That’s right … think about it.  Consider it for what it really is.

Our advanced, real world, the one to which we will return when we die (or rather, become fully conscience in), is nothing more or less than a software program that has always been and always will be; one that generates the sensory environment in which we experience life.

Yep, it is experienced like we will one day experience highly advanced video games during mortality, and its software was invented to be a specific game.  The difference between the computer games that we develop and play as mortals and the one that we are playing as advanced human beings, is that WE wrote the program, invented the algorithms which created the virtual world of the video games we play, whereas the algorithms for the game we are actually playing as advanced humans, were not written by us because they have always been, and were never created.


And this is vital to understand the real truth about our existence:

The eternal algorithms that are responsible for the creation of the game we play as advanced human beings, allow us to manipulate the environment for our own sake just like we can here in mortality.  In other words, we can invent things that fit our free will in any particular environment.  But we are limited to the environment’s (along with its algorithms) potential, which includes what materials are at our disposal.

In mortal life we must create a machine (from matter) in order to perform something we want to do in our mortal environment, according to the laws of nature (the algorithms coded into the experience).  We do NOT need a machine for the same function in our advanced world’s environment.

For example,

In order to fly through the air during mortal life, we are going to need to invent a machine from the materials in our environment that satisfy the laws of nature.  These EXACT SAME LAWS apply to our real world where we are actually playing the game of mortal life.  But we DON’T NEED A MACHINE TO FLY THROUGH THE AIR THERE.

The same laws apply here, but differently as to this environment because of the matter contained in our specific, current, mortal environment.

In order to fly through the air, certain laws of aerodynamics must be obeyed.  And again, these laws are the EXACT SAME LAWS that exist in our real world.

So, how did we as mortals come to understand these laws that allowed us to invent a machine to fly?

Are you ready for the simplicity of it all?  🙂

As advanced humans we have been exposed to and have learned everything there is to know about the laws of nature in our advanced world.  There are no science or engineering degrees of intelligence there.  We all know every bit of information that is available in that environment.  We are gods!  Would anything less be expected?


Let’s use the experiences of “flyers” Orville and Wilbur Wright as our example.

They had mortal brains.  Their mortal brains were a part of their advanced brains, although impeded by the pre-set energy restrictions allowed into the part of their advanced brain where their mortal experience was playing out.

The Wright brothers had mortal experiences that led them to THINK about flying.  The more they thought about it, and the greater the concentration of energy their mortal brains used to think about it, the more they were able to connect to their advanced brains where the laws of aerodynamics already existed.  The more concentration they put forth by their mortal brains, the more energy they received from their advanced brains.

But just because they began to figure out how to fly from their advanced brains, they could only apply the laws to the materials in the environment in which they lived as mortals; and their mortal bodies were not constructed properly for flight.  So, they needed a machine constructed from the materials that were present in mortality to do what their minds imagined that they could do based on the energy transmission of memory from their advanced brains.

And that, Folks, is the basics of how all technology is introduced into our mortal world.

[Editor’s note: In furtherance of that premise, here’s a short video that shows while the Wright Brothers may only have been among various others to come up with the concept of “flight,” per se, they are nevertheless considered the “pioneers” of that technology to this day.  Click here for a few of those details.]

And then came the nuclear age, where mortals started to figure out how a sun is created.

Fortunately for our mortal world, the materials that we have yet discovered can only create a finite nuclear explosion that can … pretty much destroy millions of people and a lot of environment.  In fact, in 1961 some Russians set off a hydrogen blast of 57 megatons, which was thousands of times more powerful than the kilotons of the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the United States in 1945 combined.  Think about that one!

Our sun is made up of materials from our mortal environment according to the laws that pertain to the nature of our mortal world.  Our sun is a perpetual nuclear reaction.  We know the laws that created it.  What we have not discovered yet is the MATERIALS THAT CAN PRODUCE A PERPETUAL NUCLEAR REACTION.  But these materials are part of our Earth.  Yep, if one knew from which materials to create the same nuclear reaction that created our sun … well, you get the picture.  Once tested there would be no more Earth, Mars, Venus, or Mercury, and the second sun would add to the heat already produced by our first sun, and pretty much destroy our entire solar system.

Are you ready for this real truth?  I doubt it, but here it goes:

What do you think our scientists are observing when they see a star disappear in the night sky?  It was there once, and now it’s not.  Did it burn out?  Hell no.  A sun cannot burn out because it pulls its energy from the dark matter in which it exists.  A sun is as perpetual and ever-existing as the infinite dark matter from which it receives its matter and energy. Dark matter = sun food.

Okay, I want to make it simple, so here it goes, now this has some allegory in it:

Let’s suppose that there are other humans in our vast universe, and that they, too, have advanced to the degree of technology that we have.  Let’s say one of those dumb asses finally figured out which of Earth’s materials they needed to enrich and prepare for a nuclear reaction that is the same as the sun’s.  How would the dumb ass know if his theory worked?  He would try it!  And guess what would happen? That’s right!  A new sun would be created, that when combined with the energy of the existing sun, would burn up the entire solar system!  Goodby star in our night sky!

Geez, Louise!

So, let’s get to why we need the real truth to be published sooner than later:

Our scientists get paid to think.  They don’t have anything else to do with their time but think.  They don’t struggle in life with other things that most people have to struggle with.  They sit around and think.  They are on the cusp of actually determining what materials are needed to create a nuclear explosion that, in their limited minds, will be much stronger than the Russians’ or anyone else’s.  They developed these things based on scientific theories that have worked before.  But when you use other materials that you haven’t used before, your past observations are not conclusive to the result of the new material.  So, what do you do?  You test it!

And if we cannot get this information out there soon enough, someone like U.S. President-elect Donald Trump is going to give scientists the okay TO TEST IT!  And goodbye to the human race and this solar system, thus ending The Game of Mortal Life as we can play it.  And if it ends, then we have to do it all over again, from the beginning, with plants, then big plant eaters, then big meat eaters, then ice ages, and everything else that was involved in the development of our solar system … Sigh …

We, as advanced human beings, are not going to allow our mortal fucks Lucifers selves to do this to our mortal experience.

So, we needed our true messenger to complete his job and make available to the world the real truth about human existence, and how powerful our mortal brains really are and how much knowledge they can get from our advanced brains, especially when we’re paid to sit around all day and think.

And guess what, Folks?

You know those authors of the book, The Game of Mortal Life?  Yep, those ones!

They know who’s working on what technology.  They know what the materials are upon Earth that need to be enriched, or rather, changed by the free will of mortals*, to create a nuclear explosion like that of the sun that would destroy our solar system.  But if they came out and started telling people, how do you think the people would respond to them?

*Uranium, by itself, in its natural form, does not explode.  Mortals figured out how to manipulate it so that it would explode.


I’m their fucking spokesman!  And everything that they know will be published by them in the upcoming book, The Game of Mortal Life.  Shit!  I’m even learning some things that I DIDN’T want to know!  Sigh …


If you see me quit my job and kill myself, just know this:

Those fucking dumbass scientists of ours are going to TEST their theories sooner than later … because that’s what they get paid to do … and there are some politicians who motivate them more than others [… as historical examples prove here. — Ed.]

Sigh …

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