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Here’s a couple I did today, wasting more time:

(See memes below my comments first.)

Thomas Monson is asking us to learn FROM HIM what we need to learn, what we should do, who we should be.

One of the most unique things about organized religion is the leader defining the individual soul by the mandate: listen to your leaders, for they will tell you what to learn, what to do, and who to be, they being the spokespersons for God.

Joseph Smith tried to tell them, and it’s reiterated daily in LDS temples throughout the world: “The only God hearing, answering prayers and giving you directions of what to learn, what to do, and who to be, is the God of this world.”

How much clearer could Joseph Smith have been? Sigh …

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Or better,

“If men do not comprehend the character of man, or rather of human nature, they cannot and will never be able to comprehend the character of God.” –CMN

Joseph gave all the subtle clues to who we really are and was rejected and murdered for it.

I’m not giving any clues, but saying it like it really is and I’m rejected to an even greater degree than he was, especially by those who have his clues right before their eyes and believe they understand Joseph.

And here’s the greatest irony of all:

The mortal brain was designed to miss the clues, reject and ignore them. Yep, I’m working against the very construct of the mortal brain.

It gets pretty frustrating trying to point out the clues and explain real truth to people whose entire mental capacity was naturally designed to reject it.

Thus the constant feeling of hopelessness and frustration.

Then one asks: Why try then? My simple answer to this question is, once a person’s brain has the capacity to understand real truth, which then changes the value meant for mortal life, that one can find only one thing of worth for which to continue to live mortal life: explain what is known.

The upcoming book, The Game of Mortal Life, will explain why.

And once we understand the real truth behind mortality, it will be much easier to live and accept it. In fact, one who comes to understand it will learn to embrace it for what it is. That is, as long as one’s brain remains normal as it was meant to be as mortal.

Mess with someone’s brain and change its construct so that it no longer needs any clues to understand how things really are and you will mess up the intended mortal existence of that person.

Believe me, I know. Sigh …

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