People’s doubts. An overview of the greatest book that will ever be written about human existence … BAR NONE!

As expected, I am being contacted about some of the most recent revelations.

I’m asked, if there is no overseer, then what else are you not telling us?

Specifically, a few wanted to know about the existence of the Urim and Thummim and the actual plates.

Well, let me answer them in this way:

How in the hell would any 25 year-old, staunch, LDS/Mormon kid be convinced to sacrifice his entire life to something that didn’t make sense when applied to his 25 years of experience on Earth as an LDS/Mormon?  That was the only purpose for the appearance of “gold plates,” that weren’t really gold, but very real to the senses.

How in the hell are you going to convince the same 25 year-old of the things that he is supposed to do when he knows that everything that pops into his head has the possibility of being something he made up himself?  How’s he supposed to communicate with others who are no part of his logical reality?  Well, give him a cell phone that is far more advanced than anything yet invented, yet will be mimicked and introduced not too long into his future.


What part of your religious upbringing, that is all part of “the philosophies of men mingled with scripture,” do you not yet understand?  ALL RELIGIOUS ASPECTS were creations of mortal men (mostly men) meant to gain power over you and control your actions.  The invention of a Godhead, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, became a part of your emotional construct.  These false filters were imbedded in your minds, and very few of you would have ever considered questioning the existence of God, IF we threw everything out at once.  You were taught falsehoods line upon line, precept upon precept.  We had to counter these things with a system of learning that your brains were accustomed to learning new information.

There is still so much that your minds are incapable of grasping.  For this reason, I am under constraint of a huge responsibility to write the book, The Game of Mortal Lifeconsistent with your learning potential, yet disclosing all real truth to you.  Over the past few days I have been overwhelmed and greatly burdened by this task.

But finally, after a lot of discussion with the book’s authors, we have changed the outline of the book, all of its chapter headings to meet the needs of my unrelenting doubt that I can do this job correctly.

Here is the new outline, along with some of my notes about the Foreword, Authors’ Note, and Introduction, as well as the very first rough draft of Chapter 1.

As you read my comments, the rough of Chapter 1, and then consider the succeeding chapters of the book, you will begin to understand the great importance of this work, and hopefully my personal trepidation in being the one who has to put it all into words.


(Note: these are some notes to the editors who will be editing the book.)


The Foreword deals with the creation, idea, purpose, limitations, and scope of the book.  Here we introduce the group of individuals responsible for the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® and the concepts and proposals of the Humanity Party®.  This group will remain anonymous as long as I am alive and designated as its spokesperson.  It’s my designation as its spokesperson that creates the most controversy for its work.

I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I stated that my past causes one to consider why I, out of all the people in the world, was chosen to be the spokesperson.  I’ve always thought the group could find another, more worldly-acceptable representative.  But that’s the point: I am far from “worldly-acceptable.”  The way the world is today is a result of the acceptable types of spokespersons that represent the works of humanity.  Just look at the world!  Is it any wonder that they would appoint someone who the world would not value?  How could a message so opposed to current worldly values and information be delivered by someone who needed the praise of the world for his value?

I have little to no value for the things of this world that humans have invented and incorporated into their mortal experience upon Earth, except for the work that I do.  The value that I once held for worldly things was greatly diminished when my brain was finally able to comprehend our eternal and true nature.  How could I continue to value something so fleeting, something that begins and ends, something that creates so much misery and opposition to the happiness that is the purpose of our existence?

My autobiography, The Man From Joe’s Bar and Grill, will disclose so much about me and how it has been for me since that fateful day in 1987, when I lost all value for the mortal experience outside of it being a game we are all playing as highly advanced life forms—a game that has only one purpose: provide experiences that keep an eternal human focused on the incredible nature of the most advanced compendium of matter that exists, the self.

Regardless of my past, if one would come to know me on a personal level, that one would have a hard time understanding why my critics have such a hard time with me.  My critics have a hard time accepting me, not because of me as a person, but because of the work that I represent.  They have failed on so many levels to confound the work, which, if true, would completely destroy the self-worth and value that they have gained from the world.  Well is it stated in the Foreword,

“The scope of the subject matter deals with viewpoints about our existence that have never been properly explored nor considered beyond their rejection as simple theories based on the philosophical ramblings of crazy thinkers.  Yet, years after their deaths—many murdered because they would not deny their ‘crazy beliefs’—some of these same viewpoints are respected as opinions of the world’s greatest thinkers.  The things revealed in this book have been proposed before but rejected by the masses, often led by ministers of education, science, and religion, and others who would lose their worldly value if these proposals turned out to be the real truth.  Because the intent and agenda of these unscrupulous ministers was to retain their value and power, the masses have never had a fair opportunity to consider these proposals.”


It was important to the individuals who are responsible for the work that I represent to present a plea to the readers of the book to open their minds to the possibility that everything that they think they know is not real truth, and that considering a different point of view is good for humanity.

They write,

“Your common sense is not different than ours—thus it is common.  But if you do not give the information that we present a chance of consideration, then it becomes impossible for us to arrive at an agreement that would create peace among us.  Isn’t the lack of consideration and compassion for another’s truth the underlying problem with our current world?

“We can agree that things are getting worse for the human race.  Who will be the first to consider another’s truth as an alternative to theirs, accepting that maybe their own truth might be a major contributing factor to hate, fear, and division?

“Please consider the information presented in this book.  Ask yourself if it is good for the human race.  Ask yourself if it is information that can unite us instead of divide us—a disconnect that causes us to hate and fear each other because of our different perspectives.

“If the information is good, then make our truth a part of your own.  And together, we can establish real truth for the sake and betterment of humanity.  This is our only hope and the inclusive intent of sharing our truths with you.”


An introduction deals with the subject of the book and supplements and introduces some text that indicates a point of view that is hopefully adopted by the reader.  The point of view that the Game of Mortal Life is trying to present is that mortals are actually highly advanced life forms that have chosen to participate in an experience that enhances the purpose for their individual existence.  Our individual existence is the only existence that is important, and for which all other matter, living or inorganic, exists.  We want to expand the idea that we have the power to manipulate all matter for our own individual purposes.  However, this individual power over matter is limited and restricted so that our choices of how we use matter does not impede the choices that others make in using the same matter.  Mortality in the solar system—our solar system being a collective system of organized matter that WE actually organized as advanced humans with the power to do so according to the laws of nature in which the matter exists—comprises the matter that makes up planet Earth.  This matter is finite and equally available for all players to utilize in their own pursuit of happiness, according to their own individual choices.

The current state of our mortal experience demonstrates just how selfish and self-centered humans are, which is not bad, but is the very purpose for which we participate in the Game of Mortal Life.

The purpose of the succeeding chapters of the book should completely detail and explain the point of view introduced in the Introduction, leaving no other questions to be asked or any other explanation possible.  It is a HUGE task and responsibility to ask of me, the one who has to dumb it all down and put it written form in the English language.  Sigh …


Eternal Matter and the Formation of the Known Universe

Everything, in any environment, of any kind, is matter.  There is no place, no space, no time, no dimension where some sort of matter does not exist.  It is impossible for there to be nothing.  If there were nothing, then there would be nothing.  Anywhere that some thing exists, it consists of some form of matter.  In order for matter to exist, however, it must have the capacity to be experienced by humans, as humans are the only life forms that have an interest and a capacity to define matter.  If a human cannot physically sense it (see, hear, smell, taste, or touch it), then it cannot be considered as matter relevant to that human’s existence. 

Mortals have invented words that represent the basic parts of matter; i.e., protons, neutrons, and electrons.  However, these invented things cannot be physically sensed; therefore, they are not true matter relevant to our existence.  In our effort to understand matter and how it works, how it came to be, and how it can be controlled, we have invented these words that define the ideas (theorized) that make sense to the emotional part of our makeup (the mind).  But they cannot be empirically (physically) sensed.  These emotionally based, invented theories cause human division and inequality, because the majority of humans cannot agree upon their conclusive relevance to our existence.

If we can physically experience something, then there should be little argument about its existence.  We can feel a rock—an inorganic (non-living) form of matter—therefore there is no argument or question, regardless of what we call it, in whatever language we name it, that it exists.  How and why it exists, however, is the emotional response of the human mind.  Our ability to have an emotional response to what we physically experience together unites and defines us as human beings in contrast to all other life forms.  No other life form of matter (compendium) wonders and questions how and why a rock exists.  None, not one! 

It is this emotional (not physical) aspect of our human nature that separates us and causes us to argue among ourselves.  Little children do not argue about the existence of a rock.  If a little child encounters a rock, the child plays with it, even allowing other children to play with it too.  Not at any point, while playing with the rock, does a child question how or why it exists, UNTIL the child is deprived of the rock.  Little children get along so well because of their mutual determination to experience their environment only according to their physical senses.  They do not wonder about the rock that they are playing with, unless the one in possession of the rock no longer wants to share it or allow others to play with it.  Deprived of the opportunity to play with the rock causes a negative emotional response from the deprived little children.  It’s at this point that the other children begin to question the existence of the rock: how and why it exists.  If there were an abundance of rocks, and each child had its unlimited choice of any rock to play with and share with others, there wouldn’t be an emotional attachment to the rock. 

Deprivation of physical interaction with any type of matter found in an environment always causes a response from the life form who could otherwise physically (through its senses) benefit from the matter’s existence.  This is true of all matter, living or non-living.  But no life form is affected quite like the human.  Any other life form, if deprived of something in their environment that could benefit its sensory system, as a part of its physical makeup (the compendium of matter), will do anything within its physical power to obtain the matter for itself, which includes killing other life forms, even its own. 

Humans are emotionally affected by sadness and sense of inequality, wondering, “Why does that person get to have that and I don’t?”  The human response to the emotional effect of the deprivation of any type of matter, that would otherwise physically benefit the human, is the primary cause of all human misery.  This is the construct and problem of human nature.  These things cause us to kill our own species, which, if left unchecked, would end the human race.  Therefore, it seems counterproductive to human existence to be thus separated emotionally in a way that would contribute to our own extermination.  This is not how matter reacts in its natural state.  All matter, or any form, seeks its own safety and continuation.  Therefore, our greatest quest should be to unite ourselves for the safety and perpetuation of our own species.  If we do not, then the natural course of things will guarantee our non-existence as mortals. 

We naturally seek to be happy, which will be explained in another chapter as the stability of matter.  When matter, of any form, is stable, it is fulfilling the measure of its existence.  Stability is acting and being acted upon consistent with the life form’s original purpose for existing in the first place.  Our nature propels us instinctually to pursue happiness.  But to understand human nature, we must first understand the matter that makes up the physical human life form that is responsible for this nature, which includes a unique brain that allows an emotional response different than that of other life forms.

Our physical makeup allows us to experience our environment through our natural senses.  We can see, hear, smell, taste, and touch the matter that forms our universe.  Our known universe, that which we can empirically (physically) sense, consists of matter that we have defined as stars, meteors, asteroids and other minor bodies, along with the major bodies of galaxies of solar systems and solar systems of planets.  All matter is made up of atoms, which is the name by which we define the smallest thing that we can physically sense.  We can see an atom with an electron microscope—one of the many wonderful technologies that we invented in our quest to understand how and why a rock exists.

We once believed that, in its natural state, matter could not be created or destroyed.  Accepting this theory as correct, the question remained: how, then, can an atom exist if it was not created?  This perplexed the great thinkers of science for many years until they begin to explore the idea that maybe atoms were created by some means.  This exploration led to the theories and experiments related to nuclear reactions, or rather how the basic components of atoms (protons, neutrons, and electrons) form atoms.  As we thought about it more we were able to experiment with these ideas until humankind developed the ability to create a reaction in the atom that not only destroyed it, but created new atoms.  With this understanding, we learned how to end all human life forms, which is profoundly demonstrated in our nuclear capabilities.  We now know that humans can—no other life form can, but we can—destroy matter and the atoms that make it up.   Because we can create new atoms by removing or adding protons and neutrons, we can theorize that human life must have been created through a similar process.  This process has been conceptualized as the Big Bang Theory.

But there’s still a negative emotional attachment to the Big Bang theory: IF it actually occurred, then how and why did it occur?  This is where science has ended its value in assuaging the human emotions associated with the need to know the answer.  But the simple answer can be found in scientific research and conclusion.  Throughout our known (empirically sensed) Universe, all matter exists uniformly and consistent with the way that it has been for billions and billions of years.  No one can argue the fact that all matter might have remained in its natural state had not humans invented ways to manipulate and change it by their free will, for their own use.

If matter exists eternally and unchanging in the forms that it naturally does, until humans use their intellect to manipulate and control it, isn’t it reasonable to assume that the compendium of matter that makes up the human life form has always existed eternally and unchanging?  Have rocks always existed?  Are they not a compendium of certain matter?  Isn’t the human life form much more advanced and complex than a rock? 

Consider, again, the Big Bang theory.  If it happened, then some thing caused it.  There must have existed some sort of eternal matter that was responsible for the explosion.  Whatever matter it was that caused the explosion, in its natural form, this matter had existed for billions and billions of years without blowing itself up.  Something happened that acted upon the matter that caused the Big Bang.  Some other form of matter must have acted upon the matter that exploded in order for the Big Bang to occur.  More importantly, since it appears that all matter acts for its own safety and existence, then whatever form of matter that was responsible for the Big Bang, did so to continue its life and purpose.

Science has determined that the overwhelming evidence that a big bang occurred—that was responsible for the history of the universe, which is everything that is known—is that the universe is expanding.  The universe is getting bigger.  Logically, if the universe is getting bigger, then at one time it must have been much smaller.  Again, this is where the perception and theories of science fail to fulfill the emotional response of the human life form that wants its answers to make complete sense.  Logic screams that some thing was responsible for the Big Bang, IF this is what actually occurred.

What we can all agree upon is that things seldom change from their natural state of existence until humans do something to change things.  It will be explained in the next chapter that the human life form is the greatest compendium of matter that exists; that this life form, in its perfect state, has always existed and will always exist as the greatest life form possible.  Being the greatest life form, all other forms of matter exist for the sake of humans.  IF there was an explosion that created the known universe, then this explosion was initiated and created by a human, for the sake of that human’s existence.  In considering the expansion of the universe, science discounts the very premise that should be the focus of all scientific observation: human action

Consider the construct of a solar system.  Planets revolve around a centralized energy source called a star, which we call a sun.  The force of energy from the sun provides stability and safety for its planets.  Think of our solar system as closed system where nothing can enter in or leave beyond the power of the sun’s energy responsible for keeping things in its orbit.  Imagine that the force of the sun’s energy creates an impenetrable force field around its own planets.  This force field does not allow any matter to enter into it or leave it.  Consider that this solar system was created by the free will of an advanced human, who knew how to create a sun in just the right way to accommodate that person’s desire for a certain number of planets to exist, which included the size of the planets that the person desired when laying out the plans of that person’s solar system.  When the person created a new sun—in the exact same way that we can create nuclear explosions that begin and end in the closed system of the earth’s atmosphere—the energy of its creation pushed all the other existing solar systems away from it.  Owing to the fact that any other solar system exists with a protective force field around it that doesn’t allow any other matter to effect it, the big bang—the explosion or creation of a new star—would push the fixed and existing solar systems away from it, thus expanding the universe.


The Greatest Compendium of Matter


Happiness: The Stability of Matter


Sexual Nature: The Sustainability of Matter


The Human Pursuit of Happiness


The Game of New Experience


The Game of Mortal Life


The Power of Myth: Gods, Devils, and Saviors


The Philosophies of Men Mingled With Scripture


Recognizing the Self as the True God


The End of Time and the Beginning of Life



(All the information and its presentation in this document is COPYRIGHTED by Christopher Nemelka, the Marvelous Work and a Wonder Purpose Trust, and the Humanity Party®, 2016, 2017)

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