The Game of Mortal Life, Chapter Two: The Greatest Compendium of Matter

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The Greatest Compendium of Matter

In the last chapter, we established that matter is eternal and cannot be created or destroyed in its present state; that all matter exists in the state and environment in which it is presently; that matter acts in the state and environment in which it exists the same in the present, as it did in the past, and as it will forever in the future, until another form of matter reacts to it, or causes it to act outside the boundaries of its eternal nature. 

We have established from our known observations of the natural world, which we call science, that matter acts consistently in any environment in which it exists, until the human life form decides, for its own purpose and pleasure, to manipulate matter and change its eternal nature.  We have established from our conclusions and empirical observations, that only the compendium of matter that forms a human has the ability to act in such a way that the natural, eternal course of matter can be changed.

In our current observations and study of the natural world, which includes the empirically perceived (physically sensed) universe, we have never witnessed another life form utilize existing matter like a human does.  No other form has the emotional propensity to realize that it can use its intelligence to manipulate, change, create and destroy matter for its own perpetuation and pleasure, and also, for its own demise.

Based on everything that we can perceive, both physically by the sensory receptors of our bodies, or emotionally (intelligently) by our imagination and reason, no other form of matter can control and have dominion over nature like we can.  Therefore, we must conclude that humans are the greatest and most powerful compendium of matter that exists in the known universe.  Furthermore, which adds greater evidence to this real truth, until another life form is found that can control and has dominion over humans, HUMAN BEINGS will continue to reign as the most dominate life form that exists, that has ever existed, and will ever exist.

Except for the natural processes (acts) of the physical world; i.e., natural occurrences of the weather, earth movements, etc., we have learned to control and manipulate all other life forms.  From the smallest single cell organism, from viruses and bacteria to the largest animal, from the tiniest form of matter of the plant world, we can control and manipulate these in their natural state for our own benefit and purposes.  We have developed technology in bioengineering that can create new species of plants and animals that do not exist in our natural world.  In some regards, we are manipulating the natural world to include the life forms that serve us and eliminate those that don’t.  We have learned to create rain by seeding clouds with tiny particles of silver iodide.  Every day we are learning more and more about how to control nature.  We are manipulating and changing the natural environment of the earth, both intentionally through science, and unintentionally through the reaction of the earth’s environment to our industries and innovations.  Humans control and manipulate planet Earth for their own purposes. 

Currently, we can even control the natural laws associated with weather, on a limited basis, by creating heat with fire and other natural fuels to warm us in a cold weather environment; and other forms of matter to cool us in hot environments.  We are the only life form that changes the natural makeup of both plants and animals to create different varieties of these natural life forms to serve our wants and needs.  We are the only life form that uses, changes, and manipulates inorganic (nonliving) matter to serve our wants and needs.  The fact that we have this power over all other forms of matter substantiates our natural supremacy that places us at the top of matter’s hierarchy of power.  From all that we know and have observed, it is easy to accept that humans are the greatest compendium of matter that exists.  

One of our greatest discoveries was when we learned how to control and manipulate electricity.  Electricity is an ordinary phenomenon that occurs throughout the natural world, but has never been controlled by any other life form that is not human.  Electricity is not matter.  It is an idea, or better, a theory.  It is the result of matter reacting to other forms of matter.  We cannot sense (see, hear, smell, taste, or touch) electricity.  The idea of electricity is a theory based on what we physically sense when matter reacts to other matter.  The results of matter interacting and reacting in the natural world has existed ever since the world was first created.  Ever since the first human lived upon Earth, that person has physically, in some form (see, hear, smell, taste, or touch) experienced electricity.  But humans did not understand what this power was until late in the 19th century.  Science could not understand it until someone realized that electricity is not matter, but the interaction of matter.  This observation led to the theory of the existence of the basic components of matter (protons, neutrons, and electrons).  As we observed how nature naturally produced electricity, it led us to understand how to produce it ourselves, outside of natural law and order.  As we learned more about electricity, which is basically the theory defining the result of how the electrons of one form of matter interact with another, we were led to the discovery of other nuclear reactions that are much more powerful than the electricity observed in nature and that which we created ourselves.

Understanding how electricity and its more powerful sibling, nuclear energy, work, has lead us to speculate (develop theories) of how the universe works, including the formation of our sun, which is the only source of natural energy in our solar system.  But is the sun natural or human made?  Would the sun, as a compendium of matter, exist without humans?  Our physical observations would convince us that it would.  But what about our emotional observations?  Our emotional observations have invented ways that the sun could have been created by something or someone other than ourselves.  These emotional feelings have led us to create theories about the sun’s existence that seem more comfortable to us than the scientific theories that make us uncomfortable.  These emotionally comforting theories are the philosophies of humans.

Other life forms do not create philosophies, because they do not consciously question their existence and study the fundamental nature of their own reality.  Only humans philosophize.  These philosophies have led to arguments and opinions of emotions that motivate humans to kill each other and justify murder.  These emotional disagreements have caused countless wars of human destruction and misery based on sectarianism and nationalism.  (We will explain this human phenomenon in a later chapter and further detail why these things are unique to humans.)

The focus of this chapter is on the reality that the greatest life form that exists is the human being.  We have mentioned the emotional part of human nature here because we must agree, rationally, that if we are currently witnessing how the greatest life form acts, the reality of existence—where one form of matter exists to protect and perpetuate itself—doesn’t make any sense.  How can humans act this way?  If happiness is what we desire, why are we doing things to the world and to each other that make us miserable?

Another opposing and logical argument to the proposed reality that the human life form is the greatest of all forms of matter, is that the mortal human dies.  A mortal is created in birth and destroyed in death.  Thus, if this is the case, then the mortal human cannot be the greatest compendium of matter.  The sun—its solar system and the galaxy in which these planets are found—has existed and will exist far longer than any mortal human ever will.  This would be the case, if there were no humans that existed beyond our current mortal reality.  Our current reality, including the ability of humans to exist upon Earth and control its environment, is not the same today as it was in the past, and it will not be the same in the future.  Therefore, we must apply reason and intelligence in accepting that, in the future, mortals will not be the same as they are today.

If we simply apply our ability to imagine and reason to the foundational premise that humans are the greatest compendium of matter that exists, and that all other forms of matter exist for the sake of, and under the power of humans, we can then understand the real truth.  And the real truth is very comfortable to our human emotions.  If we apply our reason and imagination to other factors, where humans are not the greatest life form that exists, we will be led further away from understanding the real truth about our reality into the philosophies of “men” (the male ego being mostly responsible for the philosophies that divide us).

We currently have the ability to map and engineer human DNA.  This will eventually lead to understanding why our physical bodies age.  Aging occurs when the cells that make up our body do not replicate in the same way that they did when we were younger and had not yet reached our natural, physical potential.  There is little doubt that one day science will discover the specific DNA codes that cause aging, manipulate them, and cause the cells of our body to continually replicate as they did when we were younger.  The mortal aging process will stop and our bodies will no longer age.  This doesn’t mean that we will not die from other causes, such as disease, natural occurrences that we have not yet learned how to control, and, of course, wars caused by sectarianism and nationalism.  But if we learn to set aside our differences and agree never to kill each other for whatever reason; if we learn to conquer all disease; if we learn how to control all aspects of the natural world so that nothing natural can kill us; if we learn these things and incorporate them into our human society, will we not, then, become eternal and the greatest compendium of matter that exists?

If we become eternal and highly advanced human beings, what then would we do for happiness?  What would we do with our power and control over matter?  Considering only what we know and have experienced on Earth, what would we do with our time—an endless time of existence?  What do we do now when we have time on our hands?  We manipulate and control matter to invent games of diversion, some that affect us physically, as in athletics.  But now that we have learned more about electricity and how to control it, we have invented other emotional diversions and games that only effect our brains. 

We use computer-generated avatars (a game’s character that we control) to play these games.  We use our free will and power to control our avatar that acts and reacts physically to the environment set up through the game’s protocol.  Currently, we mostly use a two-part interactive system to play these types of games: our brain produces the energy that manipulates our muscles that control the device that controls the game’s avatar.  There is now research and development that exists where just the movement of a person’s eye can control a computer’s commands.  There is technology now that allows the thoughts (energy) of the brain to control the computer-generated avatar without the demands placed on a secondary device attached to the computer.

How far will we go in the way that we control and manipulate matter to divert our attention away from the reality of a natural world that seems counterproductive to our personal happiness?  Our natural world is gradually killing us as we age, and continues to threaten our existence and happiness in many other ways.

We are the greatest life form that exists.  Although our mortal brain cannot yet consciously conceive that humans are these great and eternal beings, the observation of what we can do now versus what we couldn’t do in the past, will help us accept this real truth.  As we continue to develop games to play that divert our emotions from the threat of boredom, one day we will develop games that we can play where our brain is fully connected to a computer-generated world, and where it appears to our current experience that we are the game’s avatar.  We will have the ability to manipulate the virtual matter that the game’s software allows to create a world of our own choosing.  We will be able to create an environment of our own choices and desires, if the game allows, where we can place plants and animals of our own choosing and creation.  But if we want to interact with other players, there will be games invented that have embedded in their software’s platform a shared world of preset codes and laws (natural laws) by which all the players must abide in order to play the game. 

In such a situational game, we will want to compete and prove our worth as a player.  If one player develops a plant consistent with the laws of this virtual world, and we see that the new plant competes with our space and ability to play equally in the game, we will have the power to create an animal that eats that plant.  And if another player sees that our animal is going to eat all the plants, that player will create an animal that eats our animal.  As players, we see the inevitable end of how we are playing the game.  Once the larger meat-eating animals have eaten all the plant-eating animals, they will turn on each other and eat each other until they no longer exist.  And when these large animals no longer exist, the computer-generated virtual laws, which, according to our game avatar’s perception are actually natural laws, will act in the way that they were programmed to act.  The game’s program will reset the game’s environment (platform) so that all the players will have a fair chance at creating different varieties of plants and animals for their shared world.  Once reset … and the game’s avatar actually perceives this as an ice age … a pause in the development of the natural world … the game can continue to provide the players with the diversion that they expect from playing the game.   

We have the power to manipulate and control all other forms of matter.  As advanced life forms, we were and are responsible for the creation of the universe and all matter found therein.  We created plants and animals.  We are responsible for their perceived evolution.  If we can control natural law, we can control the way that nature creates different species of plants and animals, and even different forms of matter, to serve the purposes for our individual existence.  The purpose for our individual existence—the purpose for the eternal, never changing existence, of the greatest compendium of matter that exists, has ever existed, and will ever exist—is happiness.  To understand more about the reality of advanced humans, we must first understand more about happiness. ©

Next chapter: Happiness: The Stability of Matter

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