About This Journal

This is the OFFICIAL and AUTHORIZED daily journal of Christopher Nemelka.

When I was asked to be a true messenger I was told “that God had a work for me to do; and that my name would be had for good and evil among all nations, kindreds, and tongues, or that it should be both good and evil spoken of among all people.” Logically, with such a claim of being the only true messenger upon earth, I have many enemies, many of which publish a great deal of evil about me, distorting the truth, lying in wait to deceive any who find the MWAW and begin to research it and test its validity. Please do not be deceived and persuaded from researching the MWAW because of what has been said or published about me. If you want to know about me, and no man knows my history, please ask ME! I will be available to take your calls and questions live on the air on some Sundays on the MWAW BlogTalk Radio Show.)

I’m jotting down some of my thoughts today (rough draft notes that will one day help me in finishing my autobiography) about how I am going to explain the MWAW so that its purpose and the means used to present it to the world makes sense. In doing so, first, I need to touch upon the steps and means that both Joseph Smith, Jr. and I have used in accomplishing what we have done.

To every story, to every experience, there’s always two sides. In real truth, there’s actually billions of sides to the same story. The perception and facts that create the story are fabricated individually by each person who hears it.

“Fabrication” means: the action or process of manufacturing or inventing something.

“Fabrication” can also be used to define a “lie”. (For those with eyes that see and ears that hear: this is Lucifer’s way, the father of lies.)

Each human being manufacturers and invents his or her own unique understanding and perception of the experiences that he or she is a part of in a shared environment with others. This implies, correctly, that we invent the lies that we accept as truth. What are truths to one, more often than not, are lies to another. We are more comfortable and valued being around those who accept our individually fabricated conclusions as their own individual truths. Consequently, the earth is filled with and divided into societies, cultures, nations, communities and families all believing in a bunch of fabricated realities.

The overall purpose of this Marvelous Work and a Wonder® is to “cast Lucifer out” and equal the playing field (the experience of mortal life) so that each player is protected and respected in his or her individual truths, whether or not these truths are lies according to the perception of another. We have the ability to conceive any truth or perception from any of our experiences that we want. It doesn’t matter if the perception is perceived as a lie to another, each person has a right to his or her own truths.

The real truth is this:

All human experience is individual and unique to each person. The human mind controls the perception of an experience based on the input it receives from the environment in which the person is consciously engaged. The physical body reacts to environmental stimuli and the mind reacts to the stimuli according to the free will of the power source in control of the mind. This power source is God. It is the power that allows the individual to make free-willed decisions. The power also records the outcome of the decision. The recorded outcome of the experience is our perception (as it happens) and the memory (as it happened).

Each individual human is the fabricator, the Creator, of each experience. Each person is a god. Therefore, each person’s unique, individual experience is the ultimate experience and the only one that really matters in that person’s mind.* [This paragraph is referred below.]

Owing to this reality, as a result of free will, that each human will undoubtedly record a different outcome to a shared experience (living in the same environment/world), a higher power than that of the individual is necessary to protect and support one’s power to create one’s own experience. This higher power must exist outside of the individual mind so that it can protect the inalienable right of the individual to create his or her own experiences. This is the only purpose (should be the only purpose) for a human government.

Accordingly, a government requires a greater collective power than allowed any individual existing under its authority and control. To obtain and retain this power over a god (an individual whose experience is the only thing that matters), this god must be willing to subjugate his or her individual power (free will) to this anointed (Greek: Christ-like) government. To make the decision to do so willingly, a god must know by experience (which creates a god’s perception) that the government to which this god will forever be subjugated will protect this god’s right to be a god. Otherwise, human existence would be useless to the individual, and the person would be relegated to other perfunctory instincts as are all other life forms that exist (flora and fauna) in the universe.

To be more clear, let me explain the above by using an often used, but generally misunderstood and ill interpreted, religious colloquialism with a slight variation. It’s meaning is more profound when used in context with the story in which it is mentioned. The character of the story, Jesus, taught the Jews that their “burnt offerings and sacrifices” (i.e., religious ordinances and requirements) were not necessary in order to enter the kingdom of God. The religious leaders and scholars took offense to this notion and confronted Jesus:

“And one of the scribes came, and having heard them reasoning together, and perceiving that he [Jesus] had answered them well, asked him [Jesus], Which is the first commandment of all?

“And Jesus answered him, The first of all the commandments is, Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God is one Lord: And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment. And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself [thy neighbor’s God as thou lovest the Lord]. There is none other commandment greater than these.

“And the scribe said unto him, Well, Master, thou hast said the truth: for there is one God; and there is none other but he: And to love him with all the heart, and with all the understanding, and with all the soul, and with all the strength, and to love his neighbor as himself, is more than all whole burnt offerings and sacrifices [all religions and their requirements].

“And when Jesus saw that he answered discreetly, he said unto him, Thou art not far from the kingdom of God. And no man after that durst ask him any question.” (Mark 12:28-34)

The Jews believed that they were the chosen people of “The Lord our God [who] is one Lord,” similar to the modern Jews, Muslims, and Mormons. Jesus confronted this notion by teaching the people that they didn’t need a religion, that “the kingdom of God is within,” and that the greatest of all the “law and the prophets” was in how a person treated and got along with other people.

Nothing that Jesus ever taught, according to the stories in the New Testament that account for his teachings, strayed beyond a prescribed outline of how we are supposed to treat other people. If religion and its tenets were not necessary for salvation, then the leaders and scholars of religion are useless. Thus, beginning to be devalued in the eyes of the people, the leaders and scholars of religion silenced Jesus by having him killed. The Jews justified the murder of an innocent man because they, too, found their personal value in a religion that taught them that they were God’s only chosen people. And who wouldn’t want to be part of that group and share that truth?

Because mortal humans are not consciously aware of any existence outside of this “lone and dreary world,” and are the masters of their own universe through individual experience, as described above, they seek for understanding and acceptance.

Because most humans are honest and humble enough to accept the fact that they don’t know who they are and why they exist in a “lone and dreary world,” they seek for answers outside of themselves in the only environment of which they are consciously aware–the world. They pray for guidance. Animals don’t speak to them and answer their questions. Plants don’t speak to them and answer their questions. The only life forms with which they share the environment of the “lone and dreary world” and that can speak to them and answer their questions are other human beings.

Not so honest and humble human beings began to see the importance of their neighbors’ desire to understand who they are and why they exist. “Oh, you want someone to preach to you. You want religion do you?

Taking advantage of this intense human need, these unscrupulous opportunists set up religions (belief systems) based on their own philosophies mingled with written scripture. They wrote their own scripture to more efficiently sieze the opportunity of gaining value for their own god. With the power and ability to offer others definitive answers to the purpose of life, these deceptive ones wrangled the power from the individual human god and supplanted themselves as gods over the vulnerable and unsuspecting. They did this by creating lies and presenting them as truths.

Subsequent generations of people, who were not present when these preachers created their lies, were taught that the lies were truths. Not knowing any difference, having been inculcated since birth and taught these “truths” by their parents, the people never thought to oppose the truths as anything but the truth. Everyone else in their immediate environment (their families, communities, and nations) accepted the same lies as truths, so why shouldn’t they?

Not just anyone could preach and invent lies that others would accept as truths. The preachers established themselves as special emissaries of God who belong to a special ministry. The pay that the preachers receive for preaching mainstream, traditional (orthodox) religion to the people is the value, worth, and adoration that the people give them.

I like the following simple dialogue from a familiar religious play to describe what I am trying to explain:

LUCIFER: Good Morning, sir!

PREACHER: Good morning!

(The preacher turns and looks at the audience.)

PREACHER: A fine congregation!

LUCIFER: Yes, they are a very good people. They are concerned about religion. Are you a preacher?


LUCIFER: Have you been to college and received training for the ministry?

PREACHER: Certainly! A man cannot preach unless he has been trained for the ministry.

LUCIFER: Do you preach the orthodox religion?

PREACHER: Yes, that is what I preach.

LUCIFER: If you will preach your orthodox religion to these people and convert them, I will pay you well.

PREACHER: I will do my best.

This particular play portrays human nature (Lucifer) as the source of all religious belief. The play begins by presenting a scene where three individual and separate gods create a world. One of the gods (Michael) is put to sleep by the other two. Michael begins to dream and have an experience as Adam, Eve, and Lucifer. First, in a scene that is presented as the Garden of Eden, and later in another scene presented as “the lone and dreary world,” the sleeping god is unaware that he is having a dream experience. The interactions of all of the characters in this god’s dream (Adam, Eve, and Lucifer) is the only reality of which this sleeping god is aware.

The play goes on to present the two other gods, Elohim and Jehovah, as having nothing to do with Adam, Eve, and Lucifer while the sleeping god is having experiences in this mortal world. Elohim is interested in knowing what is happening in the sleeping god’s dream, but not being able to enter another’s dream, Elohim instructs the dream master, Jehovah, to send messengers inside the dream and “have them return and bring me word.”

The play presents two forms of mortal prayer: the true order and the false way. The false way to pray is the orthodox way that people usually pray to God, kneeling, eyes closed and supplicating for direction. During the play, Lucifer is the ONLY one who hears and answers prayers. Lucifer presents himself as the “God of this world.” Juxtaposed to the other two gods, Elohim and Jehovah who do not hear nor answer any mortal prayers, Lucifer is listening and ready and willing to provide religion to the world (lone and dreary) over which he has power and authority.

This play was written in 1842 by Joseph Smith, Jr. This was the first time in the history of the world that a person presented the idea that the mortal experience is simply a dream occurring in the mind of a much more advanced human being (a god). Although the concept is not foreign or unique to the modern imagination of creative and clever writers, no one has ever presented it like Joseph Smith did in 1842.

It is true that the idea of mortals existing in a dream-like state was imagined as early as when ancient philosophers began to write down their thoughts, but no one ever imagined that everything that we are experiencing during our mortal lives is occurring in the brain of a much more advanced human being. Joseph Smith was the very first one to acknowledge this and teach it.

If Joseph Smith understood this concept of real truth, then why did he do what he did resulting in yet another religion that retains power over the minds of its members, as did the ancient Jewish faith? What did he do? Why did he do it? Was Joseph Smith another creative opportunist who took advantage of the unsuspecting and desiring mind?

Some of the last statements Joseph made about himself, according to and verified by his followers, gave clues as to what he was doing.

“No man knows my history,” Joseph said once. “I cannot tell it: I shall never undertake it. I don’t blame any one for not believing my history. If I had not experienced what I have, I would not have believed it myself.” (History of the Church, 6:317)

Mormon scholars would provide the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ (Mormons’) apologetic description of their prophet:

“Joseph Smith, the Mormon prophet, was little understood by the people of the nineteenth century and may be even more of an enigma to those who live at the end of the twentieth.

“Like his Master, Jesus Christ, Joseph Smith was called upon to endure a certain kind of loneliness in life. This farm boy who grew to become a prophet’s prophet could bear a personal witness of the divine Redeemer, for, like Jesus, Joseph was also, to some degree at least, a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief (see Isa. 53:3). His life was characterized not only by persecution and suspicion, but also by an isolation known only to those who walk in the glorious rays of the noonday sun and yet must minister among others content to walk in the fading light of dusk.

“‘God is my friend,’ he wrote to his wife Emma at a difficult time. ‘In him I shall find comfort. I have given my life into his hands. I am prepared to go at his call. I desire to be with Christ. I count not my life dear to me, only to do his will’ (in The Personal Writings of Joseph Smith, comp. Dean C. Jessee, Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Co., 1984, p. 239; punctuation and spelling modernized). Such expressions give us a glimpse of the underlying secret of his humility and success: he knew, and he wanted all others to know, that he walked in the light of the Almighty. He was the covenant spokesman of the Almighty; God knew it, and he knew it.”


The LDS/Mormon people cannot accept that they, their leaders and their scholars, are included within Joseph’s declaration that “no man knows my history.” The Mormons haven’t a clue who Joseph Smith actually was or what he did. Millions view Joseph’s play (described above) every year. The play has evolved into the most sacred and highest ordinance that an LDS/Mormon member can obtain. But seeing they do not see, and hearing the words, they do not understand.

After Joseph Smith was murdered for doing what he did, there was an argument over the question of succession. Similar to the current arguments and wars between the Muslim Shias and Sunnis over the God-ordained authority to carry on Allah’s will after the death of Mohammed, the Mormons have argued continually over who was to succeed Joseph Smith.

The Sunnis believe that the first four caliphs (the political-religious leaders that were established while Mohammed was alive) rightfully took his place as the leaders of Muslims. They recognize the heirs of the four caliphs as legitimate religious leaders. This Muslim group, the largest of all Islam sects, is similar to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that accepts Brigham Young and other Mormon “caliphs” (the political-religious leaders that were established while Joseph was alive) as Joseph’s rightful successors. This sect of Mormonism is the most numerous and more politically powerful.

Shiites, in contrast, believe that only the heirs of the fourth caliph, Ali, are the legitimate successors of Mohammed because Ali was a direct descendent of the prophet. Similarly, the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, n.k.a. Community of Christ, maintains that Joseph Smith ordained his own son, Joseph Smith, III, as his successor. Like the Shiites’ sect of Islam, this sect of Mormonism is significantly smaller than the LDS/Mormons.

And then there are the Fundamentalists of both religions. These are minor groups consisting of a very few, comparatively, yet are well organized and pose more of a threat to the rest of the world than their orthodox Muslim and Mormon siblings.

Why do I mention the comparisons between Muslims and Mormons? Because an honest analyzation of the two religions would reveal a profound and uncanny similarity. The history of both Mohammed and Joseph, the way that they were called to be a prophet (Mohammed by the angel Gabriel, Joseph by the angel Moroni), the way that they lived their lives, their ensuing political and military actions among their followers, provides the perspective that I need in order to provide for a better revelation and understanding of the purpose of this Marvelous Work and a Wonder® (MWAW).

What Mohammed and Joseph failed to do, or rather, what the people expected from these two religious prophets, the MWAW does not do. Rather, it successfully provides for the people what a true messenger is meant to give the world. The MWAW is the ONLY work upon this earth that can affect the mind, if given a fair chance, to completely change the stubborn mindset of a faithful LDS/Mormon. And if understood correctly, and if my involvement in it becomes transparent and explained properly, the MWAW has the power to change any religious person’s mind.

Religion is the basis for all human suffering. Of course, the religion to which one subscribes is not the problem, it’s always the other guy’s religion that is causing all the misery in the world.

Whereas the result of both Mohammed’s and Joseph’s lives was a religion that has resulted in continued division, persecution, misery, and more devastating, fanatical fundamentalism, the MWAW has the power to destroy religion and return the power of free-will and perception back to the gods to whom it rightfully belongs.

But how can this be done in an “orthodox” and satisfactory manner that religious people will accept? No matter how intelligent the Atheist or so-called intellectual might be, none of their arguments, none of their writings, nothing that they can produce has the power to un-deceive the deceived. Most Atheists violate the very rule of humanity that gives them a right to hold an atheistic view. (*See paragraph ten above.) Atheists expect Theists to see it their way, which to them is the only plausible and logical perception of religion: there cannot exist a God who causes so much misery in the world.

Atheists correctly conclude that the cause of all human misery, as well as all human good, is the direct result of individual choice and free will. Therefore, the Atheistic view is closer to the real truth presented by the MWAW than any other belief. However, compared to the number of people who believe in a higher power (God), Atheists are grossly outnumbered. The problem with Atheism is that it does not provide a sound and logical answer to the innate desire of the human mind to rationalize a definitive response to who we are and why we exist.

Ironically, if an Atheist knew what Joseph Smith knew, this Atheist would have a logical and plausible response to a Theist, one that takes God out of the equation completely. (The play that Joseph wrote does just that.)

If we are advanced humans (gods) having a mortal experience similar to the experiences that we have when we dream, then when we die we will awaken from the experience and continue our existence as human beings. This makes sense based on the technology that we have today and its ability to affect the mind and create dreams that seem to be real. Although currently these “affective (relating to moods, feelings, and attitudes) dreams” are presented to us in the form of entertainment–such as games, movies, and other theatrical presentations–what’s to say that in the future, technology won’t be able to allow us to meld our minds into the source of our chosen entertainment and become, literally, a part of the experience?

Joseph knew all this way back in 1842.

The question remains: how did Joseph Smith, a secularly uneducated man, know these things? How do I know these things?

Joseph Smith Jr.’s and my claims are extraordinary, but not unique. We claim to have been visited by human beings who once lived upon this earth, died (resurrected), and once again became conscious human beings living in another world (i.e., in a different level of consciousness than what we know as experience upon this earth). In other words, these advanced humans exist in another world but have the ability to interact in ours if they so choose. Exactly how they interact with our world is a detailed explanation that is meant for another time, but is quite interesting and easy to understand.

Joseph was responsible for the production of the Book of Mormon, the unsealed part of some plates that have the appearance of gold. I was responsible for The Sealed Portion of the same plates.

The skeptic mind, which should be a part of all free-willed thinkers, would wonder if Joseph and I lied about our experiences and fabricated things to accomplish our personal desires. The next reasonable question, then, would be what are/were our personal desires for creating such a lie?

The answer:

We didn’t create the lies. Advanced humans did. We did what was expected of us by the advanced human beings who are dreaming up this mortal existence.

If we are advanced humans going through a mortal experience, then there must be a purpose for the experience. What is it?

The purpose of living in mortality, entering The Game of Life, is to challenge ourselves, just like any player of any other game would, to see how well we play the game and meet the challenges thereof. The challenge of human existence is nothing more or less than finding value in self-existence, or finding value in our experience during mortal life. In other words, the ability to exist as the gods that we are.

We exist because we are a god. If anything threatens our ability to be in control of our own existence, we try to avoid it because it makes us feel uncomfortable. The feeling of discomfort is a cause of our mortal nature being out of line with our true advanced self, invalidating the measure of our creation and existence. No human god wants to be invalidated. In fact, it’s impossible to invalidate a god without the god feeling uncomfortable with the experience. For this reason, while not knowing that we are actually gods going through a mortal experience, we are in a constant search for what we feel is the right situation for us as subconscious independent and powerful gods.

We enter The Game of Life in a perfectly designed platform of a “lone and dreary world” in order to test ourselves and see if we can become a valuable part of the game. This provides the feeling of hope. It’s what motivates us. We have an insatiable drive to find value in our interaction in a shared environment with others who are equally engaged in establishing their own value.

We compete for value no differently than two game players compete to win the game. Otherwise, the game would present no challenge and we wouldn’t be motivated to play. However, mortal life (The Game of Life) is never won, as it has no end or last level. It is a continuum of experience that allows the players to create their own levels of experience and challenges. The game platform (natural law) does not change, but allows the players the ability to affect the environment according to their ingenuity, individualism, and unique godhood.

As we play The Game of Life, we enjoy playing as long as the motivation for playing the game is present. If our lives are of no value to ourselves or to anyone else (if our life is valued by another then it becomes valuable to us), we want to stop living and end the game. If we don’t want to live (play the game), then why would the opportunity for life exist?

Nothing threatens our personal and individual value more than another person valuing him or herself above us. If we see another as better than we are, we are not happy and seek to do what we can in order to prove our self-worth by becoming, at least, as good as they are. If, no matter how hard we try, we still cannot find as much value in our self as we see in others, the game seems unfair and we perceive that we are at a disadvantage. In this emotional state we feel like we’re living in hell.

To avoid the possibility of not meeting the expectations of our personal self-worth, we join with others in gaining our value from something outside of ourselves. This is what religion provides for us. But in providing this for us, religion negates the purpose and challenge of the game. We act in a certain way because we have been convinced that God is going to punish us if we don’t. Our free will to exist as our own god becomes of no worth to us and we lose our uniqueness and individuality. We become part of another’s reality, losing control of our own.

How can we be personally challenged when we are told what to do? There’s not much of a challenge when the free-willed thought that would normally lead to a free action is stifled by the fear of being punished. How would we act if there wasn’t a God to fear nor a punishment to be had? Only with this freedom of thought and action can a human being find value in oneself. Otherwise, the choice of action is not specifically and exclusively your choice, but rather the choice of another.

Religion opposes free will and decreases the challenge of self-actualization. If a person, for example, does not want to go to church on Sunday, but would rather play a game with friends, a game in which the person is personally responsible for its outcome, then the commandment to go to church or be punished by God does not allow the person to exercise free will in the pursuit of individualization.

Religion has come up with its own solution to giving self-worth to its adherents: priesthood and leadership authority and positions within the religion. A man can be an unattractive, unsuccessful male, according to the values and standards of the world, yet see himself as a “man of God” with a power and authority given to him over and above the heretic who doesn’t go to church and likes to play games on Sunday. Religion provides a false and distorted view of self-worth.

The problems of the world can all be traced to religious power over the human mind. This includes all philosophies and scriptures that define a prescribed course for human action; i.e., commandments. Any time another human prescribes a course or action for your life, and you acquiesce to this prescribed course of action, you have given up your power and the purpose for which you exist as a mortal is negated.

When the Bible became the powerful tool that it did in deceiving the hearts and minds of mortals by causing them to separate into nations, communities, and families, in which disrespect towards non-compliant non-believers is taught, something had to be done by the advanced humans who are engaged in The Game of Life. This is where both Joseph Smith and I come in.

We were not sent to the un-believers, the non-religious, the non-compliant so-called “sinners” who want to spend Sunday as they desire without the threat of punishment. These are those who are being allowed the challenge of unconditional free will. They do what they want. As it was meant for them to do. We are sent to the religious.

The Book of Mormon‘s true intent is to counter the Bible. The Sealed Portion’s true intent is to continue the counter-effect of the Bible and lead one away from orthodox religion. Joseph tried to introduce the Book of Mormon without organizing a religion. But the people’s free will demanded a religion. He had no choice, according to the rules of the game, but to give the people what they wanted.

The Bible is a lie, a fabrication created throughout history for the purpose of controlling and subjugating the masses to the few. Using experiences that the people of the earth were familiar with, the conscienceless authors who wrote the stories of the Bible did so to conform it to what the people already believed and accepted as truth from their limited experiences on earth.

The Book of Mormon continues the lie but presents incredible truths that if recognized and understood can transform the cognitive paradigms of the Bible-believer into a skeptic. The BOM presents the King James’ Bible as corrupt and changed by what it calls “the great and abominable church.” It puts the Native American people on the same level as their white European conquerors. And it does a lot of other things IF it is read and studied exactly as it was written and not in how it is presented by LDS/Mormon leaders and scholars.

The Sealed Portion further continues the lie but has the convincing power to finally break the chains by which the Bible-believer has been bound. But more powerful and convincing than TSP, is the unfolding of the New Testament’s book of Revelation’s esoteric and confusing symbolism. Published as the book, 666, the Mark of America–Seat of the Beast, it cannot be denied as the greatest literary miracle provided by the MWAW. For centuries many men and scholars have taken the book of Revelation on in an attempt to explain its symbolism. None has ever been able to.

How, then, did I?

Joseph and I are not responsible for the lie of the Bible and its corrupted nature. But are we responsible for the lie of the gold plates? It could be said that we invented our stories in order to counter the Bible, as I have revealed above is the true purpose for the BOM and TSP.

But how did we do it?

My past reflects one of deception and manipulation in order to accomplish my own desires. From the time of the loss of two of my children (eventually all of them) in 1991, I chose a course of action inconsistent with what I was told to do in June of 1987. It was in June of 1987 when I received my mortal visitation from the resurrected Joseph Smith and was given instructions to translate (or rather transcribe) the sealed portion of the plates that he did not publish in the early 1800’s.

From the moment of this experience, in which I was made to understand all real truth about our existence as human beings upon this earth, I was instructed precisely in how to go about presenting TSP, as well as many other works of the MWAW. I was instructed to deceive the deceived to help them un-deceive themselves. What???

I knew from June 16, 1987 about the deceptions of the world. I knew that mortal life itself was nothing more than an illusion, a dream experience of a much more advanced human being. But now I was mandated by those who oversee the MWAW to continue to deceive. I learned that because deception was accepted by the world as truth, that it could only be through the world’s truth that deception could be exposed. But I had no idea of the sacrifice that it would entail.

How could this be? Using deception to un-deceive?

People are smart enough to learn truth on their own and see through their own deceptions if told the truth, so I thought. After experiencing a great heartache in 1991 that was a result of what I had learned (this will be explained in my autobiography), I rebelled against the prescribed protocol given for the MWAW by the advanced humans who oversee its introduction. I would learn that I could not tell the real truth alone, by itself. I would learn that the protocol for presenting the real truth to the people to whom I was sent was perfectly thought-out and established by the advanced humans who wanted to level the playing field of the mortal experience so that they would feel more comfortable being involved in it.

How was I taught such an important lesson?

I was allowed many years of doing things the way that I thought they should be done, without deceiving people, to achieve the same means. I spent the better part of a decade trying to convince people, as a proclaimed Atheist, that religion was no good and the root cause of all our human problems. I failed to find and convince even one person to leave religion and start the path to self-empowerment and real truth.

For years I actually told the real truth. Well, there were times that I embellished things in order to get people to think and to drive home the point that I was trying to make; but in general, I tried to use logic and reason to de-convert the religious mindset. I felt justified in embellishing and using a little bit of deception because I knew how powerful the lies were, more particularly religious lies, over the hearts and minds of believers. Also, I knew, and at that time had empirical evidence, that there were actual advanced humans who oversee this mortal experience and use the means of lies and deception to accomplish their desires.

Those years of stepping outside the set protocol for accomplishing the purposes of the MWAW created some powerful stumbling blocks for many people who find the MWAW. I became the MWAW’s worst enemy. Many of the things that I wrote and published, both in private and in scholarly pursuits, have become reasonable excuse and proof that I am a deceiver and have made the whole thing up. Nevertheless, those years were perfectly suited and orchestrated for the purpose for which the results thereof were appropriate for my involvement in the MWAW.

When one finds the MWAW and begins to read its books, that one will soon become associated with me as its messenger. Which is more important, the message or the messenger?

If the messenger was more important, the chance of a man using his power and authority over others might result in another religious leader, and after he is dead, another convoluted religion. The message of the MWAW was meant to take precedent over and power away from the messenger in using deception and lies to counter deception and lies. Without a following, to whom will the people look for answers and solutions to their problems? The lack of trust in the messenger’s interaction with an individual will propel the person to look within, to the empowerment of his or her own self for their own answers and solutions.

Joseph Smith mastered deception and manipulation. Engaged in allowing the people to have their religion, they having rejected the true purpose for the Book of Mormon, Joseph reluctantly became the deceiver and manipulator that his critics and enemies portray him as being. He was a master at it, but for reasons that his critics and enemies will never allow themselves to accept. He did it because he was commanded to by God:

“Wherefore, because of their blindness, which blindness came by looking beyond the mark, they must needs fall; for God hath taken away his plainness from them, and delivered unto them many things which they cannot understand, because they desired it. And because they desired it God hath done it, that they may stumble.” (BOM, Jacob 4:14)

I learned from Joseph. I learned from other advanced human beings. But there exist four other mortals who do not deceive. They do not manipulate. They buffer my efforts to deceive to un-deceive the deceived by mandating the course of action for the MWAW. The MWAW is their work.

They provide a counterbalance to the knowledge and intelligence that I have and the way that I present it. Their knowledge of worldly affairs is unmatched. Their wisdom and patience incomparable. There is a good reason that they have lived for hundreds of years without any continued interaction with our advanced reality. Their job is to do everything within their power here upon this earth in the “lone and dreary world” to level the playing field and empower the human soul to recognize it for what it really is: a god.

I’ve often thought that I stand in their way; that I am not doing the right thing; that my past and my consistent ability to offend people who are newly exposed to the MWAW is impeding, not helping the free will of a person to find the real truth through the MWAW. Timothy’s response to my self-doubt, given in November of 2003, upheld the relevance of my importance and involvement in their work: “Christopher, if you could have been replaced, we would have done so long ago.” This speaks poorly of the pool of mortal men from which “God” had to choose a true messenger for this earth.

No matter what I say or write, the doubt will still remain:

Did Joseph Smith and Christopher make everything up? Was Joseph, is Christopher, deceiving us?

We are/were both master manipulators adroit at the deception by which we know the world has been deceived. We both perfectly understand the cause and effect that mortal fabrications (lies) have had on human experience upon this earth. We both recognize the reasons why we were asked to do the things that we have done/do. Are we wolves in sheep’s clothing, or are we sheep in wolves clothing? There’s only one way to know for sure:

By their fruits ye shall know them.

What has the MWAW done for the individual god? If it is true that we are all equal gods going through a mortal life of challenge and experience, and we once again return to this state of being after we die, what has any of you come across that has un-deceived you like the MWAW has? Is not its fruit proof enough in spite of its messenger?

Joseph and I did not make up the things that we have written and published. How could we have? Liars we might be. Deceivers more than likely, especially Joseph. But if the world hadn’t accepted lies as truth, then we would not have been mandated to present truth as lies and received incredible help and support in doing so from others much smarter than we are.

Our critics are right. But they are so very wrong!

Deceive or be deceived. That is the question.

The purpose of this Marvelous Work and a Wonder® (“MWAW”) is to help anyone know and do God’s will. Those who believe in God have an innate desire to do God’s will. Those who have no personal belief in God live in a world that is affected by God’s will; therefore, knowing what “God’s will” is and how it affects the human race might be important to them. Notwithstanding, those who have no belief in God live unsettled with the belief that there’s no purpose to a human life that begins with birth and ends in death. The MWAW is the only work that has ever existed that can fulfill God’s will and at the same time help the unbeliever, not to convert to the concept of God, but to understand how powerful God’s will is and how it has become the driving force of most human action.

What is God’s will? Who defines what God’s will is? Who tells us what we have to do to please God? Does God speak to you and tell you His will? Does God speak to others and tell them His will for you?

From where is everyone receiving God’s will?

God’s will either comes from an outside source (i.e., from a designated theist, such as a preacher, spiritualist, channeler, etc.) or you get it from within your own mind. Nevertheless, either way, even if you choose to receive it from an outside source, you have still made a personal choice from within to listen to God’s will.

Therefore, God’s will always comes from within.

If there is a God, then it would seem logical that His will would be the same for all the people upon earth. If God is invariable—in that He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and He speaks to the mind of an individual (thus making each human a conduit of God’s will for that particular person)—then it would appear that God speaks differently to the billions of humans who believe in Him. If God’s will was meant to be revealed in this context, then it has proven to cause arguments, contentions, hatred, prejudice, and discord among those who receive and interpret it in their own minds.

One would think that if God reveals His will to His prophets, seers, revelators, or other theist designates, then these should all be receiving the same information and commands. Yet, the divisive nature of the religions that these leaders have organized to pass on God’s will to their followers also causes argument, contention, hatred, prejudice, and discord.

Most people are humble and honest enough to accept the fact that God does not speak to them personally. Most people are looking for messengers from God to tell them what to do. Thus emotionally disposed, these pious ones seek in earnest to know God’s will with a hope that God has appointed true messengers for all people equally.

If God has true messengers, then these messengers surely must know from whom and from where they receive their message. True messengers must know God. A true messenger would know all of God’s mysteries. A true messenger (juxtaposed to a false one who claims to be God’s messenger but who really knows nothing about God and His mysteries) would know how to solve all of the world’s problems. A true messenger would know how to eliminate poverty, inequality, war, argument, contention, hatred, prejudice, and discord, without taking away the free will that God has given each of us as human beings, a free will that allows us to receive God’s will from within. A true messenger would be able to answer any question that one might ask of God, if God were mortal and available to take questions for Himself.

Do you know of any preacher or of any religion that can answer all the questions that you would like to ask God? Do you know of one that can solve the world’s problems the way that God would? Wouldn’t God want to solve the world’s problems? Isn’t that what a good God would do? Isn’t that one of the main reasons that we believe in God: because we have a hope that God can solve our human problems because we can’t seem to solve them by ourselves?

The MWAW claims to be God’s work, His ONLY work, in which true messengers have existed and do exist to deliver a message to the people of the world and who can answer all of their questions. True messengers can deliver a message that ends all argument, contention, hatred, prejudice, discord, and all of the world’s problems.

Logically, and fairly, a true messenger’s claim must be tried and tested by God’s will. Because God’s will comes from within each of us, each of us is given the free will and the common sense of ability to know good from evil. God’s will invites and entices us to do good continually. Therefore, a true messenger’s message must feel good and resonate with our common sense.

To help you to use your free will and common sense to determine if the MWAW is the only work upon earth properly authorized by God, seven (7) books (each designated and detailed below, and always free of charge as all real truth must be) have been or will be published for you to study. In addition, the MWAW offers you the unique opportunity to speak directly to a true messenger and test his ability to answer your questions and deliver a message of God’s will for you.

What known theist or spiritual leader would place him or herself on a live talk show to take any question from the audience about God’s will? This unique attribute of the MWAW profoundly separates it from all other venues that claim to broadcast and explain God’s will. A true messenger, who knows the real truth, does not fear being confronted in public with any comment or question. True messengers have always threatened false ones, who usually lose many followers once their followers encounter a true messenger.

Well was it said by a true messenger,

“The world has always mistook false prophets for true ones, and those that were sent of God, they considered to be false prophets, and hence they killed, stoned, punished and imprisoned the true prophets, and these had to hide themselves ‘in deserts and dens, and caves of the earth,’ and though the most honorable men of the earth, they banished them from their society as vagabonds, whilst they cherished, honored and supported knaves, vagabonds, hypocrites, impostors, and the basest of men.”

Remember, God’s will comes from within. So when you read the following books with a sincere heart and real intent to know if they are true or not, or if you speak to a true messenger, God will manifest the truth of it unto you by the power of God’s Holy Spirit, which is within you. And by the power of the Holy Spirit (i.e., your common sense), you may know the truth of all things.

As you test the things of the MWAW with your common sense, keep in mind that whatsoever thing is good is just and true; therefore, nothing that is good denies the real truth that is God’s will, but acknowledges that it is. And you may know God’s will by the power of the Holy Ghost; therefore I would exhort you that you deny not the power of God; for He works by the power of His Holy Spirit, according to your faith, the same today and tomorrow, and forever.


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