Now that I was out on bail, I could finally relax enough to get the facts together to pursue my case against the State of Montana and the Ladenburgs. However, the problems for my family only got worse.

The Ladenburgs hired an attorney in Utah to convince a judge that I had better turn over Joshua immediately, or I would be thrown back into jail.

They hired Jo Carol Nesset-Sale, who like her comrade in Kalispell, pulled some very unethical stunts to get what she wanted.

The first thing that Ms. Nesset-Sale did was file an Order to Show Cause that would require me to appear before a judge and show cause as to why I shouldn’t turn Joshua over to the Ladenburgs immediately.

When an attorney files an Order to Show Cause, they must serve a copy of the same upon the defendant, me in this case, so as to enable the defendant to appear at the hearing to defend his or her actions. Nesset-Sale mailed a copy of the Order to my uncle’s office, who was the original attorney in my divorce case five years previously, and who I hadn’t spoken with since, and figured that was a sufficient attempt to advise me of the court date and time. She later explained to a newspaper reporter that she didn’t know where I lived because I was “on the lamb,” and therefore could not be legally served by a regular process server.

How in the world could she possibly not know where I was living? I was out on a bail bond, talking to the press, and making my presence known to any that asked. I believe she did not want to know where I was living, because she knew that she would then have to serve me a copy of the said Order To Show Cause, and that I would then be able to defend myself by telling the judge what had occurred in Montana subsequent to the legal divorce I had obtained in this same Utah District Court, in which I was awarded full custody of my children in the first place. The judge, if he had any integrity as one, would have smelled a rat and probably not granted the order at that time.

Not only did I have no idea about the Order to Show Cause, but a copy of the said order got to my uncle’s office the afternoon of the day that I was suppose to appear in court that same morning. But this was not the lowest point that Nesset-Sale stooped to get her clients what they wanted.

She scheduled the court date for 9:30 A.M., in District Court on September 6, 1991. She knew fully well that I was scheduled to be arraigned in Circuit Court at 9:30 A.M. on the exact same day. She arranged this so that I could not present my case to the judge and tell him what had happened in Montana. How in the world could I be


arraigned in Circuit Court, and appear on an Order to Show Cause in District Court at the same time?

The legal shenanigans didn’t stop there. Having no idea about Nesset-Sale being in front of Judge David Young pleading for an order to force me to turn Joshua over to the Ladenburgs, I was ready in circuit court to make my plea of not guilty. I was the first case to be called by Judge Dennis Fewks. When he called my case, I arose and stood before him. His clerk interrupted him and whispered, “Jo Carol Nesset-Sale is in District Court securing an order against this defendant, and has requested that you call Nemelka’s case last to give her time to do so.” Judge Fewkes, I am sorry to say, because I kind of liked the guy, acquiesced and told me to sit down. He saved my case until last, giving Nesset- Sale ample time to convince Judge Young next door in District Court that I had been given every opportunity to attend the hearing but didn’t show, thus giving the judge every reason to issue the order.

Judge David Young, out witted by Nesset-Sale, signed the order.

Nesset-Sale took the order and ran from District Court to Circuit Court where she rounded up a constable and waited for me to exit my arraignment.

Right outside the courtroom door, which by the way is illegal in the State of Utah, I was served the order by the constable with Carl Ladenburg, Jay D. Blades, Paula’s older brother, and Nesset-Sale standing nearby with their tongues dripping in anxiety to rip my son’s heart out by taking him away from the only family he has ever known.

When the constable gave me the order from Judge Young, I asked him if he was going to arrest me right there, because I was going to defy the order. No way was I going to break Joshua’s heart by turning him over to the Ladenburgs. I made a promise to my son months earlier and I wasn’t about to break it.

The constable told me he had no authority to arrest me; that Nesset-Sale would now have to get a bench warrant issued to put me in jail; and that’s exactly what she did.

I came to the conclusion that judges were nothing more than referees between the attorneys of both sides, and when one side doesn’t show up to play, because they didn’t know there was a scheduled game, the referee forfeits the game to the side that shows. Likewise, if one team doesn’t have a coach (attorney), the judges assume the team isn’t going to win anyway, so why not forfeit the game to the team that has the coach there ready to play?

I lost all respect for the legal system that day, especially for judges. I called Judge Fewkes to ask him how he could have possibly allowed what he did in his court. He told me, “Well it might be unethical, but attorneys always do it.” “Why didn’t you stop it?” I asked. “If you want to sue me, go ahead,” he said, and that was the end of my attempt to talk to biased judges whose success depends on the opinions of their peers- other attorneys.

I could see that things were not going to be done ethically at all. I didn’t have an attorney, and at this time didn’t feel one was necessary if I just told the truth in all things.

I called Nesset-Sale and attempted to negotiate a possible solution in reuniting Brittany and Joshua together and then letting the Ladenburgs take temporary custody of them until this mess was resolved in court. I told her that Joshua was scared to death of the Ladenburgs, and that it would emotionally destroy him to be taken from the only family he has known and place him somewhere he didn’t want to be. I told her to have the Ladenburgs bring Brittany to Salt Lake City and let her and Joshua get back together


and gain one another’s trust. I told them that the Ladenburgs then could visit the children together and gain Joshua’s trust before they destroyed the poor kid by taking him away from Jackie and me.

Through the whole ordeal, no one considered the tender feelings of a five-year- old boy who loved his father and the only family he had ever known more than anything else. Though it was me to blame for keeping Joshua from knowing the Ladenburgs in the past, I only wanted to protect his innocence and work out the product of my mistakes in a way that would not harm the poor boy. Joshua loved Jackie as the woman who had cared for him since the age of one. He loved Brandon, his kid brother, and Caleb his littlest brother. He was quite comfortable in our family, and when questioned whether or not he wanted to live with the Ladenburgs, he would burst out into tears.

Nesset-Sale, like most attorneys, didn’t care that what she was doing would destroy a little boy. To be fair to Nesset-Sale, I don’t think she had any idea what the truth really was behind the whole incident. She was hired and paid good money to get Joshua from me; and she was going to do what was necessary.

Nesset-Sale must have thought I was stupid, because she tried to set up an appointment with Joshua and me where an independent mediator would talk to Joshua to determine what was best for him. She told me to bring him to a predetermined location that she would set up. The only mediator that was at that location was Carl Ladenburg to take Joshua, and a policeman to give the poor boy to him and throw me in jail again.

I could not negotiate at all with Nesset-Sale, who proved to be very arrogant in her dealings with me accusing me of manipulation and putting myself above the law.

I didn’t care about anything but the feelings of Joshua. I knew Joshua better than anyone else. Had Joshua wanted to go with the Ladenburgs, I would have let him. I had let his sister go upon her request and would have done the same for him. However, it will be shown hereafter, how the wolves, i.e., the Ladenburgs and their legal entourage, finally captured their prey, i.e., my dear son Joshua, ripped his heart out and ferociously devoured him.