Explain how this proves Vicky’s lies she told to the Private Eye Weekly about escaping from polygamy (see Timeline 1995) … explain more evidence of lies the women told

(Editor’s note:  Christopher has frequently been maligned for having practiced polygamy. He never tried to hide it.  He planned and prepared for it ahead of time by legally divorcing Jackie so that all parties would be on equal footing. Although Vicky continually refers to Christopher as her “husband/ex-husband” ~ there was never a “marriage or wedding” between Christopher and any of the women.  The rules were set down ahead of time i.e. there would be no dating in or outside of marriage, no physical contact, etc.  As Christopher fathered children, he unashamedly gave each one his name. He also provided a home for each woman, remodeling and repairing as needed, to help each toward supporting themselves with daycares knowing one day he would be involved in his calling.  Vicky lost her home when she falsely accused Christopher of molesting their daughter. However, he and his father continued to bail her out time and again. Although Vicky and her large brood [6 kids] were rescued by Christopher, Jackie, and Marcee from “living in the mountains sustained on berries,”  after she left Gary B, she continues to be the most vocally negative, disparaging, and ungrateful.)