My critics claim that they have evidence that I admitted to have written The Sealed Portion sometime in 1998, when I mentioned doing so during an Atheism vs. Mormonism debate I held then (see Timeline event) …

… quote from the video verbatim:

“I did something that you guys don’t know about.  Julie (Miner) and Patte (Nattress) know about it.  I did something that finally proved to me without a shadow of doubt what religion can do to people … Julie might have mentioned this to you.

“I wrote the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon, and I presented it to Mormons, who are more fanatical than you, and they took it hook, line, and sinker, thought I had the gold plates … and right there I proved to myself that, indeed, a man who knew what he was doing, could write scripture when he had no inspiration at all, just knew what people wanted to hear, write the scripture, present it to the people, have them pray about it, and they accept it.

(asked who these people are)

“They’re Fundamentalists.”

(asked, “I’ve got to question your motive for doing that.”)

“Good question.  It’s because most people’s testimonies are based on the Book of Mormon …

At this point, those who first published this small portion of the Debate, edited the video about this point … one can see it skip.  Why? Because the critics who presented this part of the Debate didn’t want anyone to get any other information than the edited part where they claim I admitted to writing The Sealed Portion.

I one watches the video VERY, VERY CLOSELY, one will notice the discomfort I had in revealing this fact. Watch my body language as I tell the group what I had done.  Watch my head lowered.  Why the obvious discomfort I had in revealing what I had done to this Fundamentalist group?  What was I thinking while I was revealing these things?

I was saddened and uncomfortable that I had rebelled against what I had been asked to do and was being an egotistical jerk who was doing it his own way.  The faces of the Bros popped into my head … those incredibly kind faces who had once supported me in everything that I did … I was, at that moment, spitting in their faces.  And that’s why you can see the obvious change in my demeanor.

However, what proof do I have that what I wrote for that Fundamentalist group was NOT The Sealed Portion, but was an invention from what I could remember when I excitedly reviewed what I saw on the “gold plates,” a few months previous?  Whatever I had written, if it were the actual Sealed Portion, it would obviously be similar to what was finally transcribed and published in 2004.

When I met with this Fundamentalist group in 1992, I passed out copies of what I had written.   I wrote it shortly after my daughter Sariah was born on December 25, 1991.  I remember delivering Sariah in an old renovated school bus we had parked at 1273 Colorado St, SLC, UT 84116 (my brother, Kevin, was living in the house that my family owned).  I delivered Sariah and went back to writing down what I could remember reading, and making up what I couldn’t, and having Jackie ask me what I was writing.  I remember responding to Jackie that I was preparing some things for the Mormon Fundamentalist group that had invited me to speak to them.

I took copies of what I wrote, which was only a very few pages, and passed the copies out at the meeting.

Later, one of the Mormon Fundamentalist (Mike Rigby) would copy what I had wrote and presented as something I discovered in the vaults of the LDS/Mormon Church while doing my security rounds.  Here is his copy of my words, incorporated in his book, Sacred Scripture:

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