Grandpa Nemelka’s Patriarchal Blessings:

Wilford Ward, September 4, 1914. A blessing given by Patriarch Richard S. Horn on the head of Joseph Nephi Nemelka, born the second of August, 1909.

“Brother Nemelka, I give unto you today, this Patriarchal blessing that it may be a comfort and a source of strength to thee throughout all thy life. Thou are blessed to lead a very active life among the children of men. Thy mission is a very important one. Much will be required of thy hands. Thou wilt receive ordination as a deacon, of a teacher, and of a priest in the Aaronic Priesthood. When thou shalt reach manhood’s years, thou wilt be ordained an Elder receiving the higher priesthood. Then thou wilt be sent into the world to carry the gospel light to those who sit in darkness. Thou wilt become an able teacher and a preacher of power, and thy teachings and the faithful testimonies thou wilt bear will bring many to a knowledge of the truth and the result of thy mission will be very satisfactory to thee. A beautiful daughter of Zion will be given to thee for time and eternity and will bare thee many children. Thou will be prospered temporally and will be an able provider for thy loved ones and will be greatly loved by them. Thou wilt receive much favor from thy brethren and stand in high places among them. Thy life will be an active useful one and much good will be placed to thy credit in the records of the church. I seal thee up unto the day of redemption and promise thee all of the blessings to which thou are entitled as a descendant of Ephraim, elected to come forth with the just of the promised children through thy faithfulness, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.”

My second Patriarchal blessing was given dated June 3, 1934. I would like to relate the circumstances relating to this blessing. Brother Ernest L. Snyder and I had been called to the Bishopric. I as First Counselor and Brother Snyder as Second Counselor to William Leary, Bishop, of the Poplar Grove Ward of the Pioneer Stake in February of 1934. I had been suggesting to Brother Snyder, who had never received a Patriarchal Blessing, that he go to the Patriarch and receive his blessing. Finally, he promised to go if I would go with him and so we visited the home of Patriarch Elijah Norman Freeman on Indiana Avenue. Patriarch Freeman gave Brother Snyder his blessing and, inasmuch as he had no one to record it, he requested that I take down his blessing in long-hand which was later, of course, typewritten and a copy given to Brother Snyder after it was recorded in the Patriarch’s book. When he had finished with Brother Snyder’s blessing, he said to me, “Brother Nemelka, how about your blessing?”

“Oh,” I said, “Patriarch, I received mine when I was five years of age.”

He said, “Brother Nemelka, I feel impressed that I should give you another patriarchal blessing.” Now I had some personal problems that I wanted answered. One was that in my first patriarchal blessing the Lord said my mission would be satisfac tory to me. I felt somewhat frustrated because I had performed only one baptism, during my mission. I felt that I wanted an answer to this, and as the Patriarch laid his hands upon my head I said a silent prayer to Heavenly Father that I might receive an answer to this question and also another one which bothered me as I had made plans of possibly entering into the diplomatic service as a Junior Vice-Counsel with Joseph Sandborn, a grandson of Brigham Young, who had had some very opportune appointments with Senator Taylor from the State of Utah. I did not know whether to go into the service, diplomatic service, or what to do and so I included this in my prayer to Heavenly Father and in the Patriarchal Blessing given by Patriarch Freeman I received my answers to these two questions and also other promises which were a continuation of the first Patriarchal Blessing given when I was five years of age. So may I record this blessing from Patriarch Freeman.

Salt Lake City, Utah, June 3, 1934

A Patriarchal Blessing given upon the head of Joseph Nephi Nemelka, son of Carl Alois Nemelka and Helene Elizabeth Lucas Nemelka, born the se- cond of August 1909, at Salt Lake City, Utah, given by Patriarch Elijah Norman Freeman.

“Dear Brother Nemelka, in the name of Jesus Christ, I place my hands upon your head and give unto you a patriarchal blessing. I say you are of the House of Israel through the loins of Ephraim. I bless you that you may have comfort and joy in the labors that are placed upon you to perform. I say unto you that the Lord accepts your offering as a missionary in the world. I bless you that you may go in that straight and narrow path that leads to eternal life. I say unto you that you are entitled to receive revelations from God, our Eternal Father. I bless you that you may be prospered in your labors and that you may be qualified in every way for that which is required of you in the Church of God. I bless you that your faith may increase in the promises that have been made unto you by the servants of the Lord. I bless you that you may be quick to discern between good and evil and I say unto you inasmuch as you are faithful, the Lord will reveal unto you what course you shall pursue through life. I bless you with the spirit of discernment that when people come before you, you will know their thoughts, whether they be good or evil, and by this gift you will be able to shun the smears of the wicked. I bless you that you may be able to magnify the responsibilities that are placed upon you and you shall have dreams and visions that will open the way for you that you will fill the days of your life in righteousness. And every good gift you desire in righteousness, you shall receive. I bless you that you may have peace of mind and inasmuch as you are faithful God will assist you to overcome every obstacle in your way and you will have inspiration to know how to act in all the days of your life. I say the Lord has a great work for you to perform and it will be made known unto you by the gift and power of the Holy Ghost, and when the time comes that these things will be revealed, you will be eager to fulfill the mission that will come to you. If the spirit shall manifest unto you that you are to prophesy, you will prophesy in the name of the Lord. Dear Brother, I bless you with the blessings of life and health and strength and seal you to come forth in the morning of the first resurrection, crowned with glory, immortality, and eternal life. Amen.”