I drove all night without stopping until we reached Kyle’s house in Idaho Falls. He greeted us with open arms and made our first night after taking Joshua very comfortable.


I woke up the next morning and asked Kyle if he would go with me back to Montana, so that we could get some of our stuff we had left behind. He agreed, so we left Jackie and the kids at his house and took his car and headed back up to Montana.

We had a wonderful trip going back to Montana. Kyle and I first met when we both served together as missionaries for the Mormon Church in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We were wonderful friends and I trusted Kyle with my life. We talked the whole way up, which made the eight hour drive go by quickly.

When we reached Missoula, I wanted to go back to the motel where we had stayed and see if my boss had picked up his truck okay. When we got to the motel, I noticed that the truck was not where we had parked it the night before. Curiosity overcame me as I wondered if in fact those police officers I had noticed upon leaving the night before, where looking for me. I went into the front office and asked about anything unusual that had taken place yesterday. The clerk, who was the same woman who had checked me in the day before, and who obviously couldn’t wait to tell someone about her involvement, said, “Oh, you wouldn’t believe what happened!” As I stood there with Kyle, my heart began to beat faster.

“This guy came in and said he was Dan Farmer. But he was really a kidnapper who the police were looking for. He cut his hair in his room, changed his clothes, stole a car and took off for Idaho.” “How do they know he went to Idaho,” I asked, trying to keep my heart from beating out of my chest. “Well, we keep track of all the phone calls made from the rooms,” she responded triumphantly, as if she was helping to enforce justice. “I gave a copy of his calls to the police and they found some collect calls to Idaho Falls.” I thanked the clerk kindly for her wonderful efforts in trying to bring about justice, because what she had just done enabled me to escape injustice once again.

Kyle and I calmly left the office. I yelled to Kyle to keep up, as I sprinted around the corner where I noticed a pay phone. I frantically called Jackie collect. Jackie answered the phone, accepted the call, and I said, “Jackie listen carefully!” I then proceeded to tell Jackie that the police knew we were at Kyle’s. But before I was able to finish the sentence, Jackie screamed that they had already been at the house, talked to her, saw the kids and left.

About three hours before, a police officer knocked on Kyle’s front door and asked if anyone knew about the whereabouts of Chris Nemelka, a.k.a. Dan Farmer. Jackie, who has never told a lie in her life, wasn’t about to break tradition today. She answered him, “I’m his wife.” The officer then asked if she knew where I was. She told him that I had gone with Kyle for a couple of days and that she didn’t know when I would be back. Miraculously, the officer left his name and number and told her to have Kyle call him when he got back.

The officer obviously assumed that Jackie said that she was Kyle’s wife, assuming that since Jackie was also wanted for kidnapping, she would not be so cooperative. Later, that poor cop beat his head against the wall when he came to realize that he came face to face with a wanted kidnapper, and the kidnapped child, and let them get away.

Shane’s blessing was still working.

I instructed Jackie to call a cab and take the kids to a motel in Idaho Falls and stay there until we got back. Kyle and I turned around and immediately went back to Idaho Falls. On the way back, Kyle told me he was going to give me his birth certificate, college diploma, and anything else I needed to take on his identity.


Kyle and I made that eight-hour drive back in about five hours.

We went straight to the motel where Jackie was. I knew the cab company now had a record of where they dropped her off, so I took my family to another motel in the area. Once Jackie was safe in the motel, Kyle and I returned to his house where he gave me the license plates off his car, his identification, and a big hug. I thanked my friend and told him I would stay in touch.

The next day, I loaded up the family and left for Twin Falls, Idaho, where I was going to apply for a license under the name of Kyle D. Williams. We arrived in Twin Falls about 6:00 p.m., that same day. I was very tired, having driven all the way myself without stopping. We checked into a motel and finally I felt like we could relax.

Later that evening, I had the strongest premonition to call Kyle and tell him that we were okay and what we were doing. I called him collect. Kyle accepted the collect call and started to cry. “What’s wrong, Kyle?” I asked quite surprised. “Chris, I am Judas,” he sobbed. “What did you do?” I asked. “Chris the cops are listening right now. They’ve bugged my phone and are going to arrest you when you try to get a license under my name. They told me I was going to jail if I didn’t cooperate. I’m sorry my friend, I love you!”

“What have you done,” I said and then hung up the phone.

It didn’t take that police officer too long to figure out that he had made a big mistake the day before at Kyle’s house. Before long, Kyle’s house was surrounded by police cars as they interrogated him about my where abouts. They intimidated and scared my poor friend until he gave in. However, they were listening when Kyle turned on them and informed me what they were doing.

Kyle disappeared the next day, not to reappear again until all charges against me were dropped.

Yes, Kyle was Judas, but it was not me he betrayed. CHAPTER THIRTEEN


Because of Kyle’s help, I was able to elude the authorities for some time. I was scared. “Why is the government doing this to me?” I often thought to myself. “I have done nothing wrong! I was only trying to protect my family.”

Back in Ravalli County, Montana, the system began to role with its injustice.

I guess the District Attorney, George Corn, was a little bit worried, at the time, about what his office was getting involved with, so he turned the case over to Deputy District Attorney, Gerald D. Williams. An election was coming up and Corn must have smelled some dirty underwear in this case, and didn’t want to get caught with his pants down. Later, I believe he wished he had never heard about this case, especially if this book gets published.

On the 14th of June 1991, the day I took Joshua from the D.F.S., Williams went before Judge Nancy Sabo, Justice of the Peace, and got a warrant for Jackie’s and my arrest for the charge of “VISITATION INTERFERENCE”, a misdemeanor. Bail was set at $1,000.

Well, I had “pissed off”, which is the term used by a Sheriff’s Deputy involved in the case, the authorities in Ravalli county, by making them look like fools in trying to


catch me. So what did the brave, just County Attorney’s office decide to do? On June, 15, 1994, a Saturday, Williams found Judge Sabo at her home, or wherever she could be found, and got her to sign another warrant upgrading the charge against me to “KIDNAPPING”, a felony, and increased my bail to $20,000.

You see, these corrupt attorneys wanted this lowly farmer who had embarrassed them. They knew they couldn’t get him on their own, so they enlisted the aid of the Federal Government. They turned me into a “Wanted Felon” so that the F.B.I. would get involved and help them track and find this, “felon who is armed and dangerous, willing to take lives if necessary.” I didn’t own a gun or had I ever threatened so much as a bird in my life. I had not even received so much as a parking ticket in the past, but all of the sudden, I was on the front page of all of Montana’s newspapers, on the 5 o’clock news, and on the computer of every law enforcement agency in the country.

What is amusing are the ensuing stories which the media concocted while I was on the run. In one of the news story, one will note that even though the police knew we were on our way to Idaho Falls, and had even spoken to my wife, who, by the way, was also wanted for felony kidnapping, this newspaper had my smiling picture on the front page claiming we were trying to get over the mountains into Canada. Most other stories were just as ridiculous.