I do not blame Paula for being upset and hurt for missing out on a few years of her children’s lives, but I told her I was sorry and wanted to work things out for the children’s sake.

However, no matter what might have been her reasons, she used lies, innuendoes, and the money of the Ladenburgs to buy the justice that she thought she deserved.

Her hate outweighed her forgiveness and any care for the tender feelings of her children. All she wanted was to get the children away from me; and with the help of an abusive legal system, which was taken advantage of by an unscrupulous attorney, she fulfilled her desires.

The first thing the Ladenburgs had to do was find an attorney who would handle their case, pay him a retaining fee, and get the legal process going.

They found an attorney who had practiced law for some 25 years in the area, and enlisted his aid. They would soon find out that they had found the right attorney for the job.

His name is H. James Oleson. One will soon come to realize that Mr. Oleson had the contacts in “the system” which would enable him to practice some of the most unethical jurisprudence allowed by the courts of justice.

When Paula and Carl met with Mr. Oleson for the first time, they must have made it seem like the best thing that could happen to the world was to get rid of me. They enlisted Oleson’s services to petition the court for custody of Brittany and Joshua.

Oleson knew he had to show just cause in the petition in order for a judge to consent to hear the matter in his court.

Therefore, on behalf of Paula Ladenburg, Oleson filed a petition on June 11, 1991, full of outright lies and malicious innuendoes. (See appendix ? for a copy of the petition Paula filed against me.)

Somehow the Ladenburgs got the impression from Oleson that it would be okay to take the kids on “an extended vacation” without my consent. Though the Ladenburgs

deny that their attorney gave them such an indication, it is obvious from the facts of the case that he did just that. (In their denial, it is quite evident that the Ladenburgs are only trying to protect Oleson’s integrity as an officer of the court, as I am sure, Oleson instructed them to. In the police reports taken at the time the fleeing Ladenburgs were stopped, Carl Ladenburg indicates that his attorney told them it was okay to take the children, if they left me a note. This is obviously the truth, because why else would Ladenburg have taken the time to return to our house and give Jackie a note, if he did not

believe that his attorney knew what he was talking about.)
Paula had previously asked to visit the children on the 12th and 13th of June,

1991. The visitation was set up not to be an overnight visit, but required that the children would be returned at 8:00 in the evening. The visit on the 12th went without incident.

On the 13th, the Ladenburgs came at 8:00 in the morning and picked up the kids as scheduled. Later that day, while I was at work, Carl Ladenburg returned to our house alone and handed Jackie a note that said, “We are taking the kids on an extended summer vacation and no one will know where they are at.” It was at this point that they took the kids without my consent or knowledge, thus breaking the law.

Again, why would they have taken the time to write out a note, unless they thought that they were obeying the law as instructed by Oleson?

Later on, when questioned by the police, The Ladenburgs claimed that, “their attorney was working on the papers in Kalispell.” This led the officer to assume that there was an attorney involved which had initiated a civil suit.

Carl Ladenburg admitted to me that his attorney had led him to believe that there would be no problem with them taking the kids as long as they gave us a note, but as mentioned before, Oleson depended on his clients loyalty to protect his integrity.


Obviously, the Ladenburgs misunderstood their attorney, or it is possible that neither they or their attorney thought I would pursue legal means to stop them. They certainly didn’t expect Jackie to respond the way she did.

Whatever the underlying situation might have been, Paula and Carl Ladenburg had no legal or moral right to take those kids without my consent. The facts will show that they did, and their attorney did some slick maneuvers to protect both their butts.

Even though there was a legal petition filed on June 11th, in court to take my children away, Oleson knew that the defendant in the matter, me, had to be served a copy of said petition so as to be able to respond to the court on the hearing date the judge would set for the petition.

I was never served any legal papers at anytime. This was Oleson’s first mistake, which one will soon find out took some fast talking, lying, and judge manipulation to cover up.

The Ladenburgs had no intention of letting me know that they were suing me for custody until they had the children safe in a unknown place where, “no one would know where they are at”.



After Jackie received the note from Carl, she went outside and screamed to the neighbors to come and help her. She cried, “Help me, please, they’ve taken the kids!” The neighbors came running and their daughter put Jackie in the car and pursued the fleeing Ladenburgs

As indicated in chapter two, the authorities stopped the Ladenburgs and took everyone down to the Ravalli County Sheriff’s office to sort things out.

It didn’t take the investigating officers too long to find out that I had legal custody and that the Ladenburgs were facing custodial interference charges.

When I arrived at the sheriff’s office, Jackie and Tracy Kreis had been there for about an hour. When I arrived, I was briefed on what had happened and asked if I was planning on filing charges. I responded that I would file charges and that I wanted to see my children. The deputy who was in the room with us, informed me that the Ladenburgs were trying to contact their attorney, and that nothing would be done until they did so.

Now Oleson had a big problem. His clients had just broken the law and were facing custodial interference charges that could get them some jail time.

Oleson got a hold of another attorney in Hamilton who he knew had a lot of clout there. His name is, Jeff Langton. (Mr. Langton eventually ran for District Judge in that district, and now sits on the bench.)

With Mr. Langton managing the situation, things began to get worse for Jackie and me. It wasn’t long after Mr. Langton arrived, (we knew he had arrived, because he had never personally met the Ladenburgs and entered the office where Jackie and I were and offered us his hand. The deputy quickly told him we were not the Ladenburgs. Embarrassed, he left quickly.), that another deputy entered the room and said that there were allegations of child abuse and that the Department of Family Services was being contacted.


It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what the Ladenburg’s attorney had told them- cry abuse to justify your taking the children without their father’s consent; that you feared for the children’s saftey, and this caused you to want to take them from their father. Ha, Ha, good one Oleson/Langton.

They knew that we did not have an attorney representing us, nor did we have the money to obtain one.

Oleson/Langton had devised a way to keep the kids from going home with us that night and keep the Ladenburgs out of jail. They knew that if they could somehow get enough proof of child abuse out of interviewing the kids, they could justify taking the children from us until they were able to get a court order the next morning to accomplish their desires.

This was all happening at about 5:00 in the evening; therefore, Oleson could not run to his favorite judge and get an order signed immediately. He had to wait until the first light in the morning, catch the Judge first thing, and get his signature before I had time to think about what was going on and obtain my own legal advice. This is exactly what took place, and will be mentioned later.

When the deputy came in and mentioned that abuse charges were being filed, I immediately deciphered what was happening and stood up and said, “If you take those two kids from these two abusive parents, then you had better go get the other ones we left at home and not allow them to stay with abusive parents, or I’ll sue the hell out of this state for playing into the hands of my x-wife!” This statement startled the deputy who told me to hold on and they would go confer with the District Attorney.

It was quite obvious that if we were suppose to be abusive parents who would put the life of a child in jeopardy, then we were equally abusive to all of our children. I knew I had given those so-called law enforcement officers something to think about.

“How in the world are we going to get around this one?” they must have thought after my threat of a suit. “If we claim they’re abusive parents, then we justifiably must remove all the children from the home.” “But we only want Brittany and Joshua, because they’re the only ones the Ladenburgs and their high-powered attorney are concerned about.”

Another hour past and a social worker, Kathy Ostrander, came in and told us that it wasn’t me who was the abusive parent, but Jackie, because she was not the natural parent of Brittany and Joshua. “Therefore, there is no need to take your other children,” she said.

I almost lost it at this point, but managed to retain my composure long enough to respond to the social worker’s request to obtain my permission to let the children go with their mother, Paula. I told her to forget that option; that I would never acquiesce to the malicious plan initiated by the Ladenburg’s legal counsel.

Ostrander decided to put the kids in a foster home for the night until she talked to a judge and completed her investigation.

This was precisely what Oleson had wanted. He knew he could now secure a judge’s order the next morning, 150 miles away, in a completely different jurisdiction.


Bottom picture was taken at the office of Family Services in Hamilton, MT, the same day they took Brittany and Joshua from us … Police report of trumped up (mostly lies) child abuse charges (given below):




Events in Montana.