I loved Montana and wanted to settle my family down and buy my own land. We left Washington for Montana at the end of the next month, in April of 1991.

I found some land near Victor, Montana, and sent Paula a post card telling her where we were and where she could contact us to set up visitations with the kids.

We took possession of our land on the 1st of May 1991. The family from whom we had bought our land was building a house adjacent to ours, and as of yet, did not have it completed. We told them it would be okay for them to stay in our home, because we had the renovated school bus I had made into a nice mobile home for us to live in.

It wasn’t long before the Ladenburgs came and took the children on some visits to Paula’s grandparent’s house who lived in a small town near where we had purchased our property.

It was after at least two different visitations that Brittany began to talk about how much she wanted to live with Paula because she had, “promised us new bikes and new toys.” I overheard Brittany tell Joshua that if they ever got in trouble at our house, they could run away to Paula’s and she would not care.

It wasn’t until Brittany told Jackie that she wasn’t her real mother and she didn’t have to do what she said, that I took another stance against Paula.

I wrote Paula a letter telling her how I felt. I told her I would never again deny the kids seeing her, but that I would expect her to treat the kids in a way that would not ruin our family life at home.

Brittany’s and my relationship has always been very close, but Jackie and Brittany grew further and further apart the more Brittany saw Paula.

The letter must have made Paula pretty upset and brought out the hate that she had held inside towards me for all the time I had kept her from seeing the kids, because it was during her next scheduled visitation that she and Carl Landenburg decided to make a run with the kids.