Before leaving for Missouri, I was served with an affidavit that outlined the complaints Paula had against me for not allowing her to exercise her visitation privileges. One will notice that the attorney who represented Paula had failed to serve me with an Order to Show Cause, which should legally accompany an affidavit, telling me when to show up in court. I had no idea that I was suppose to be in court, nor did I understand what was expected of me by way of allowing visitation to a woman, who I thought at the time, didn’t deserve to see the children she had abandoned.

Needless to say, I left for Missouri before Paula’s attorney was able to serve me legally and properly. (See appendix B for the papers the attorney filed in court. Notice that I was supposedly served the Affidavit and Order to Show Cause on the 8th day of December 1987, but the order was not even filed in court until the 11th of December. I was only served the Affidavit on the 8th, and knew nothing about the order to appear in court. How was I supposed to show up at a court date I knew nothing about? I met with Paula’s original attorney in this matter in 1992, and she admitted that she had made the mistake.)

I formed a transient, self-employed company that would require me to continually move from place to place in search for work, thus making it difficult for Paula to establish formal visitation rights.

It wasn’t long before Paula stopped trying to track me down; and not having heard from her, I decided to settle my family down in one place.