Details … get exact dates of arrest etc … in front of house at 1964 W. 400 North, loading Joel’s motorcycle.

Editor’s note: Email exchange between Vicky and me. Entire email exchange found on the timeline @ “Vicky interview Private Eye”.

Julie: There seems to be some duality between your “talk” and your “walk” which I find fascinating.  If I thought someone was “delusional”  or a “fraud” I certainly wouldn’t send my young kids out of state, let alone out of sight, to be around them.  Could you help me understand that? 
Vicky: I am sure my former sister-wives feel the same way. However, I do not believe Chris is a threat or danger to our daughter (Emphasis added). I am teaching my daughter to be her own person. In many ways, Chris is more functional than I am. I do not feel any better than him–we are different. Some of his strengths are my weaknesses and some of my strengths are his weaknesses (though he would never admit that : ).  If someone is delusional is it their fault?  Aren’t we all delusional at some time or other thinking someone is looking at us, a teenager believing he is liked as much as the girl he likes, thinking our husband is being faithful, hearing the door bell ring when no one is there, etc. I am not a psychologist so I am NOT saying Chris is delusional.  If he did have a mental disorder I would teach my daughters and family to love him, regardless.  If he is a fraud believers need to also be held accountable.  There are certainly enough good teachings in his revealed Sealed Portion to teach followers not to put their trust in the arm of flesh.