Details of meeting ….

Editor’s note: see entire email exchange on timeline @ “Vicky Interview Private Eye”

(Julie) “I’m curious, too, because you actively preach against polygamy but according to Chris, you and Marcee at the park, supposedly begged him to continue the practice? Or do you deny that too?   How does one go from voluntary participation for years to a life dedicated to eradicating it?”  
(Vicky) “There is much more to the story.  However, at the park I am not sure the circumstances, whether Marcee or I was pregnant (needy). I believed it was unfair to be “dumped” because he decided to take the easy way out (I had lost my family when Chris and the wives welcomed me into their family). I am quite certain I still had feelings for him even after he told us he “never believed in polygamy but what man wouldn’t want to have sex with more than one wife.” I wish I had been strong enough not to want to go back into polygamy and he had been strong enough not to give in.  It’s pathetic but you know what–(shhhh….)—humans are pathetic.”