This is the story that launched Vicky’s personal quest to seek value anyway she could by claiming she was a victim of polygamy.  However, she would go on to attend many family events with me and made many efforts to continue her “relationship” with me.   The Timeline is full of evidence that discounts what Vicky first told the Private Eye, then what she would embellish of the story in the future.  Unfortunately for Vicky, as her story changed and was embellished over the years, this first public story discounts what she would make up in the future.

Editor’s note: Vicky claimed to have escaped polygamy, however, reading Vicky’s email exchange below with me one can see it was not Vicky that escaped polygamy. The email exchange is how Vicky talks and writes when she thinks her thoughts are “NOT FOR PUBLIC USE”!  However this first comment by Vicky, lifted from the chrisnemelka.com site,  exposes her obvious duplicity:

“I have so much admiration for you (Christine Marie) because it would be much easier to walk away, and be done with it. Like Harry, you are bringing awareness to a conman and followers who are purposely hurting others.

“It is easy to blame the victim when the public doesn’t understand that ANYONE can be deceived. It is not the victim’s fault.

“You will always have my support!”

Now keep her public words in mind as you compare her “NOT FOR PUBLIC USE” words below.

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