Marvelous Work and a Wonder®


My Personal Proclamation to the World


My name is Christopher Marc Nemelka.

I was chosen to be a True Messenger for the Real Illuminati®—a group of highly intelligent (illuminated) mortals whose sole purpose is to help the human race save itself from complete destruction.

I no longer have any interest in or responsibility for continuing to warn the people of this world about what is soon to happen upon this earth.

The works of the group mentioned above can be found and downloaded free of charge at the following websites:

The people of this world have ignored and discounted this group’s message. There is no longer any hope for the people of this world. Given the choice between peace and life eternal, the people of Earth have been delivered

…to the hardness of their hearts and blindness of their minds unto their being brought down into captivity, and also into destruction, both temporally and spiritually; … not the destruction of the soul, save it be the casting of it into that hell which hath no end” (a new American scripture, the Book of Mormon, 1 Nephi 14).

In 1830, the Real Illuminati® published a new American scripture—the Book of Mormon. This book’s intent was to turn the hearts and souls of the early American people towards establishing the greatest government and nation the world had ever known.

To accomplish this, they invented, wrote, and published a new Christian narrative about the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. In their story, the resurrected and glorified Jesus Christ came to the ancestors of the modern native American people and taught them the “fullness of the everlasting Gospel.”

In correlation with the New Testament teachings of Jesus, within their Book of Mormon “shall be written my gospel, saith the Lamb, and my rock and salvation.”

It was upon this rock (this gospel) that the American people were guaranteed perpetual salvation. They were promised that no other nation would threaten or take away their freedom if the American people (who called themselves Christians) would establish their new nation, their constitution, and their government on the rock of the teachings of Jesus. He gave these teachings to the Jews and repeated them, word for word, to the ancient American people (according to the Book of Mormon).

Instead of establishing a new American religion on the teachings of the glorified and resurrected Jesus Christ—as presented in the Book of Mormon—the early Americans formed a religion that had nothing to do with these simple teachings. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons) was the result of the American people transfiguring, ignoring, corrupting, and misusing the Book of Mormon in order to become the wealthiest modern religion upon the earth. Nothing that this church (or any of its factions or breakaway sects) teaches as the “gospel of Christ” is found in the Book of Mormon.

The overall gist of the simple teachings of Jesus Christ culminates in helping a person be respectful, kind, compassionate, and humble towards others. This simple gospel—“the fullness of the everlasting Gospel of Jesus Christ”—is fully revealed in the New Testament book of Matthew, chapters 5, 6, and 7 and reintroduced word for word in the Book of Mormon, 3 Nephi, chapters 12, 13, and 14.

Had the early American Christians realized the importance of these simple and basic principles, and had they established their laws and government on these, the United States of America would have been what the Book of Mormon prophesied it would become—an “ensign and standard” to the world.

Instead, it has become one of the most corrupt nations upon the earth, causing a division among its own people and establishing an economic standard that keeps billions of people in the captivity of poverty and inequality.

The Book of Mormon was the unsealed portion of a record that was reported to be a translation of certain plates with the appearance of gold. When the American people ignored the unsealed part, the Real Illuminati® recruited me to help them publish the prophesied greater, sealed, portion of the plates. Whereas Joseph Smith, Jr. was the Author and Proprietor of the 1830 Book of Mormon, I was the Author and Proprietor of the 2004 The Sealed Portion.

After The Sealed Portion was published in 2004, the corrupt LDS/Mormon Church discontinued teaching its members, and the world through its missionary efforts, that there was supposed to be a sealed, greater portion to their new American scripture.

Upon reading The Sealed Portion with a sincere heart and real intent, many faithful LDS/Mormon members realized the deception behind their church’s leaders and doctrines.

Upon reading The Sealed Portion, these members realized how important the Book of Mormon and The Sealed Portion were to the salvation of the human race. They learned that humanity will not and cannot be saved unless all law and authority is based on the simple concepts taught in the Sermon on the Mount. These same concepts were integrated into the ancient Roman Catholic Church and were responsible for saving the Eastern part of the Great Roman Empire.

Everything that I have testified to above has a religious connotaion to it. Yet, there is nothing … ABSOLUTELY NOTHING … about the intent and desires of the Real Illuminati® that is based on religion. To explain their intent and what motivated them to write a new American scripture and introduce it to early America, the Real Illuminati® instructed me to write a series—a Trilogy—of books. These books would convince the sincere seeker of Real Truth® about religion and how it destroys the human race, and what they have done through religion to save the human race.

The three books of this Trilogy will give the specific details of what this group has done to help save humanity.(These books are free to download at the website:

Over the many years that I have been involved with this group, I have written and published thousands of pages of important and relevant information that, if sincerely considered, would help a person open their mind to an understanding of Real Truth®. This information transcends anything the human race has discovered in the past, is discovering today, and will discover in the future.

We call this understanding the Real Truth®. It is an explanation of things as they really were in the past, as they really are today, and as they really will be in the future. I know and can explain things that no other mortal has ever been able to explain. I have knowledge that can save this world from the destruction that appears imminent. The knowledge that I have has the power to help humans create peace among themselves, and learn things that will allow them to attain a perpetual state of human experience upon this earth.

None of the knowledge I have shared with the world has ever been properly challenged and proven to be incorrect. In fact, this unchallengeable information can help a person know and understand things that will help them find peace and understanding in what is about to happen upon this earth.

What is about to happen has not happened before. What is about to happen is mentioned in my mentors’ new American scripture as the result of the “fullness of the wrath of God.”

In the course of my association with them, my mentors made sure that, through me, they accomplished all of the prophecies they incorporated into their new American scripture. Up to this point, all of their prophecies have been fulfilled, except those prophecies that have to do with the complete destruction of the human race.

Through me and the message they have instructed me to give to the world, the warnings have been given; … and these warnings have been ignored.

I can do no more except finish what they have asked me to do. I am not going to explain anything else about what I have been asked to do. I am not going to share any more information with the people of this world.

I will no longer be a messenger to anyone who does not, with a sincere heart and real intent, desire to know what I know, and then, upon knowing it, fully respect and support it. For this reason, my personal website has been shut down to the world.

The final phase of my role is to explain the Real Truth® about the universe, this world, and the individual person. I will accomplish this through a series of discussions published as The REAL TRUTH® ZEITGEIST.

(NOTE: If you’re interested in knowing how this work has affected the lives of other people, you can review the following testimonials at These people have access to me on a private and secure Internet platform. If one wishes to have private access to me, one must first “Read the DAMN BOOKS”-a direct quote of Ida Smith, one of the most courageous humans I have ever met.)

I will continue to live until I have completed my mission and the role that I have chosen for myself as a mortal experiencing life upon this earth.

I will watch as the human race continues to divide itself until a unification of one heart and one mind is no longer possible.

Again, I have lost all hope in the people of this world.

To those with whom I have shared this planet for the past 60 years, who have rejected me and the work in which I have been involved,

I bid you an everlasting farewell.

Christopher M. Nemelka, a True Messenger