COFFEE (spiked eggnog) WITH CHRISTOPHER — Is it worth it to give a Christmas message this year?

December 21, 2022

Coffee with Chris

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Editor’s summary:

The Christmas season is a time when Christians have great hope in Christ — a Christ whom they hope will save them and this world. This is based on faith which gives them this hope. People donate to charities, hoping that Christ will take care of the problems of this world when he comes. There is, however, no true Christian spirit in Christmas. It’s a selfish holiday focused on the individual and what they get out of it. How much concern is there, really, for the poor – those whom Jesus admonished us to take care of?

For a clear understanding of what faith, hope, and charity means to a true follower of Christ, we can turn to one of the most profound explanations ever written, found in the Real Illuminati®’s new American scripture (the Book of Mormon) Moroni, chapter 7.  This chapter speaks of the peaceable followers of Christ who can be judged by their peaceable walk with others. These people are described as being meek and lowly of heart. This chapter warns us not to mistake evil for good and good for evil and judge people (and ourselves) by their works. If we’re not walking peaceably with others, we’re evil. If we don’t have true faith, hope, and charity (the greatest of the three traits demonstrated by our intelligent application of love towards ourselves, others, and humanity) our faith and hope and any charitable contributions we make are in vain because we are having faith and hope in things that are evil. We are admonished to take care of the poor and needy and there is a plan available to do just that. Christopher can show us how.

Christopher gave examples of not walking peaceably including, any protesting, the war in Ukraine, supporting closed borders, donating to charities, not demanding or supporting universal healthcare, and supporting the continuance of Article 42. The opposite of a peaceable walk is one of pride, arrogance, and fighting. Instead of following the words of Christ, we’re all selfish, pursuing our lives, trying to create value for ourselves. The pull of an emotionally secure life is too strong for us. We need other people to bring us value. That’s how we’re taken advantage of and deceived.

Despite all of the wickedness in this world, understanding the Real Truth® can bring us peace. Understanding why all of this is happening should help us. And, although Christopher has no hope for this world, we can still find hope and value in this life on a personal level. We’re alive for a reason. Why are we here? Knowing that we are the ultimate judge of ourselves, what are we trying to prove to ourselves?

Christopher is undecided about whether there will be any additional Christmas message or any more Zeitgeist shows.

End of editor’s summary.



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