January 13, 2023

Coffee with Chris

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Editor’s summary:

Christopher is working on One People, One World, One Government. He read his first rough draft of the Author’s Note and described some additions he’s thinking of making to it, including: We’re here to prove that we’re good people. Good people would support the unification of the human race into one people and one world. Good people would support the right type of government. The right type of government would create law and order amongst free willed human beings and keep them from hurting each other. It would give each person the opportunity of life and the liberty to pursue their own individual happiness according to their personal desires of happiness, whatever that might be, as long as those personal desires of happiness do not affect the pursuit of the personal desires of happiness of another human being.

Chapter One describes how we are all contributing to the demise of the human race. An example Christopher gave to us was, if we are parents and love our children more than other children, we are evil people and cannot be trusted with any power or authority over others. Because of our DNA and how it’s passed on to our children, it’s impossible not to love our children more. Despite this, if we are good people, we will feel bad that we love our children more than others and will wish that we could love all equally.

In a chapter about pride and arrogance, Christopher describes six categories that create problems on this earth — religion, patriotism, racism, ethnicity, genderism, and competitiveness. These all divide us as people and are destroying this world. Because people will not give up these categories, our world will be destroyed in a little more that 120 years.

Further topics discussed included: Our brains are constantly changing due to our experiences and someday there will be technology which will allow us to scan our brains so we can remember and evaluate the experiences we are having. Also, advanced humans have monitored our planet, keeping certain information from us so that we wouldn’t destroy ourselves sooner. They are no longer intervening in any way and will allow us to have all technology to see what we will do with it. Additionally, Christopher discussed his role and how his True Self’s brain was changed so he would be able to fulfill it.

End of editor’s summary.



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