August 16, 2021

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In my first post on Real Truth™, I posited that no “great thinker” in history, who was completely honest, has ever concluded that he or she had figured out or given a final conclusion about what any thing, of whatever nature, really is.

Albert Einstein had nothing but theories to offer as his conclusions; and neither did Stephen Hawking.

I explained that religious faith—which results in belief, and is thereby organized into groups (churches and religions)—persists because science has never been able to provide answers that make sense.

Scientific theory changes over time. Very little of what scientists believed 500 years ago is believed today.

During the rise and fall of the greatest known ancient civilizations on Earth—Greek and Roman—none of their “great thinkers” got any closer to the Real Truth™ about how things really are.

Greco-Roman philosophy is mingled throughout the religious scriptures that were written during that time period, religious writings for a particular purpose. There are very few, if any, teachings written in the Christian New Testament of the Bible that cannot be traced back to much earlier Greco-Roman philosophical statements.

All of the learning that men were doing at that time, all of their great innovations, inventions, technologies, and every other advancement that helped create these great empires, did not end up saving these great nations.

The Greek Empire was dissolved into the Great Roman Empire. However, only a part of the Great Roman Empire fell—the Western Empire.

The Eastern Empire succeeded and became the foundation for the Great European Empires that would become responsible for Europe’s revival and renewed interest (renaissance) in making humans the greatest species that has ever existed upon the earth.

Honest history—of which there is very little published in modern history books—must give the proper attention and praise to the one thing … yes, to just one thing … that saved the Eastern Roman Empire and resulted in how the world is today—CHRISTIANITY.

The Great Roman Empire’s division was caused because of the great divide between the haves (the few) and the have nots (the masses). Conditions of poverty and inequality became so great among the latter, that the former (the haves) could no longer control the people.

(History has recently, and is still, repeating itself in what is called the “Arab Spring.”)

All of the world’s honest great thinkers have realized what has caused great empires to fall. These witnessed what happened. They have heard “the oppressed creature,” they have experienced “a heartless world, and … humanity’s soulless conditions.”

These great thinkers, the philosophers of men, did not become the thinkers that they were without having the time to think. Most of these great thinkers were found among the few (the haves). Not forced to labor all day just to survive, they had time to observe and to think. As they witnessed uprisings, revolutions, protests, and the rise of the masses, they knew that they, too, would be destroyed along with the others of the few, if they didn’t do something to protect their value among the masses.

Selfishly, trying to save their own lives, these great thinkers knew what it would take to provide “the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of humanity’s soulless conditions.”

The rich and learned knew what made them feel good. Drugs made them feel good. The rich had the money to afford the drugs. And the drug of choice among the rich was derived from the milky sap of a flower called the opium poppy.

Opiates had been around for thousands of years before these natural sedatives became the drug of choice among those who had the time and means to be “high” and not feel.

The masses had to work. Doing hard, laborious work was nearly impossible while being high on these drugs. Therefore, the upper classes made laws that controlled the drugs in ways that would benefit these few.

And now, here’s the Real Truth™ about how the Eastern Roman Empire was saved:

The great thinkers of that time period got together and created the OPIUM OF THE MASSES—a new RELIGION.

The Real Illuminati® have provided clear and convincing evidence of where ALL religion originated in their book, A True History of Religion.

I have personally seen the actual manuscript, written in the Greek language, that was the first draft of the New Testament. It was invented by a small group of Greco-Roman intellectuals, who appointed a man named, Caneaus, as the editor-in-chief.

Caneaus was the highest-ranking member of the editorial team that met under the direction of some other government appointees made by the Roman Emperor Constantine . Caneaus managed the team of writers and editors to create a new Roman scripture.

Under Caneaus’ supervision, this small group of “great thinkers” determined the look and feel of the publication. They decided what to publish in order to give the people an actual emotional drug that would quiet the masses and keep them under control.

This new Roman scripture worked in the European 4th century. The Real Illuminati® have the documentation and knowledge of how this new Roman scripture was written and used to calm the masses and get the people headed in the right direction. They are the same group that indirectly counseled Caneaus and his team. They realized that the same opiate might also work in the American 19th century.

A full disclosure of how the Real Illuminati® used the new Roman scripture to create a new American scripture, is given in their book, A New American Scripture—How and Why the Real Illuminati® Created the Book of Mormon.

Religion is the opium of the people. It is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of our soulless conditions.

There is only one solution, just one remedy, to humanity’s addiction to “the opium” that causes the “high” that the religious feel inside their heads. It’s a feeling that reverberates throughout their body and gives them a sensation of a “burning in the bosom.”

Science cannot convince the religious that they are consuming a drug that causes them to feel such a powerful sensation, because they are not actually physically consuming anything. Science has little to say about a drug that allows a religious person’s mind and heart to sigh in a heartless world, that allows their soul to rejoice and find purpose and value under “soulless conditions.”

An opiate is a natural drug that causes extreme peace and overwhelming relaxation. An opioid is a synthetic, human-made drug that mimics the effects of a natural opiate. The human-made drug is much more powerful than the natural opiate.

Poverty and inequality must exist in order to support the lifestyles of the few and the masses cannot do the work required of them while high on opiates, which anyone can grow in their garden. Therefore, the few do everything that they can to replicate the “high” the masses need to feel happy and equal with them, or control who is allowed to use it.

If poverty was eradicated and humans weren’t continually oppressed by a heartless world and their souls felt equal and valued the same as everyone else, then how would the few continue to control the masses?

The ONLY REMEDY, THE ONLY SOLUTION is a knowledge of the Real Truth™ about all things.

The Real Truth™ is the great equalizer.

If one knows the Real Truth™ about how things really are, one releases oneself from the chains by which one is being held captive and controlled by another master.

Knowing Real Truth™ decimates the value of the few who put themselves up above others because these few were “trained in the ministry” and went to college and obtained a degree. A person who knows the Real Truth™ of how all things really are, cannot be controlled in any way by another person.

Consider the Real Truth™ about the opiate/opioid problem and what is happening in the world because of it:

The Muslim Taliban recently took over an entire country, allowed because a few powerful western governments wanted nothing further to do with an endless war of trying to protect a group of people who believe that their religion is better and more important than anyone else’s.

Because the Taliban took over the government of Afghanistan, all the wars have stopped. Peace was the result. No one living in Afghanistan is going to be killed or punished as long as the person obeys the laws of the land established by the Taliban government. Afghans will not go to jail, nor lose their property or freedom, as long as they obey the laws set up in that country.

If Islam and the Holy Quran are what the Muslim people claim them to be, what is wrong with what the Taliban have done? War has stopped. There is peace. The only way that war will start again is if another country or group attempts to overthrow the will of the government. If Afghans don’t like it, they can leave.

Who are the Taliban? How is their group financed? These answers are ironic.

The Taliban are a group of Muslims who believe in what the Holy Quran teaches about poverty and inequality. The Taliban are mostly men. An honest interpretation of the Holy Quran places a man in a higher position of authority and value over a woman.

A young Muslim man who can’t find a job to earn an income in order to become attractive to a young Muslim woman, is open, VERY OPEN, to joining a group that will give the young man value and pay equal to others of his similar rank and file, all the while serving the commands of Allah, according to the interpretation taken from the Holy Quran and delivered by Taliban leaders.

Put a weapon in the hands of a young man who doesn’t have any other opportunities to prove his worth to a young woman. Have the young man learn to recite passages from the Quran that proves his worth to the young woman. Have the young man prove that Allah approves of him. Now, he becomes very attractive to a young woman … AS LONG AS THE YOUNG WOMAN HASN’T BEEN EDUCATED IN THE WAYS OF THE WORLD.

And what has been one of the Taliban’s main sources of income?

The answer: OPIATES derived from the massive poppy fields cultivated and protected by the Taliban.

An Afghan farmer cannot compete against the corporations and exploitations of western Capitalism. Growing poppies gives the Afghan farmer a reliable source of income. Poppies can be turned into opiates and then sold to the growing number of people who need them, because a lot of Europeans and Americans are turning away from religion—the opium of the masses.

The few who acquire their financial needs from, let’s say, pharmaceuticals (legal drugs), no longer see the need to fight the Taliban to keep them from profiting from the lucrative illegal drug trade. These great thinkers have invested their money into science. Science has developed opioids—drugs made in the laboratory, the profit from which is controlled by the few.

American healthcare has a very profitable solution to the problem of Heroin (opiate) addiction: Methadone.

A poor person will be put in jail for buying opiates on the street, grown by the Afghan farmer. On the other hand, the person will be coddled, supported, and helped, as long as the person gets their desired “high” legally from a pharmaceutical company.

There seem to be two things that can bring peace and relaxation to the human mind: the opiates from poor farmers needing some kind of income to survive, and the GREAT OPIUM OF THE MASSES—religion.

In order for a person to fight and finally become clean from the cause and effects of these two powerful human emotional highs, which no doubt can cause a physical feeling of temporary peace and sanity, one must first understand the feelings that these cause.

Where do these feelings originate? How do they start? Why do they start? When do they start?

Because science has not yet provided any concrete answer to the above questions, a religious person must rely on their faith that God (or the Holy Spirit) causes real spiritual feelings.

The feelings of evil are just as powerful as the feelings of spirituality.

It’s very easy to prove that a person is not actually possessed by the devil even though the demonstrative evidence provided in the person’s physical manifestations is so overwhelming and seemingly real.

Give the person an opiate or opioid.

After a few minutes, the devil suddenly disappears and the person is peaceful and calm.

There’s a good saying that is said about how the Real Truth™ will set you free:

Consider the following interview given by the uncle of one of my ex-wives about his experiences when he attempted to read The Sealed Portion (prophesied of in the Book of Mormon).

As you listen to him explaining his experience, keep in mind that this man is very intelligent. He was a school teacher for many years … Yep, the minds of the youth were subjected to this man’s teaching skills and intelligence … Oh my!


This video gives ample evidence of what the mind can create by itself, without any real energy forces intervening.

This LDS High Priest claims he felt the devil’s presence while he was trying to read The Sealed Portion. He said it was because of these satanic feelings that caused him to put down the book and not want to read it. Therefore, logic would reason that, if Lucifer were real, then the devil did not want him to read the book.

This High Priest believes that he has the priesthood of God, which is the ability of this man to know God’s will and to do it as an ordained minister of God’s power upon the earth. His testimony of his religion and church is VERY SINCERE and REAL! He has had the kinds of experiences, actual physical experiences, that he cannot explain.

After listening to his interview, one must ask if the things that he described actually happened. He did not lie. In his mind, these things actually happened.

But how did these things happen in his mind?

What was the power or the energy that caused these things to physically manifest in his mind and create an experience that felt very real to him?

Does the human mind have the ability to imagine and invent things that are undeniable and real?

Can the human brain construct a reality, inside the brain of a person, that is seen, heard, smelled, tasted, and touched, but is not part of anyone else’s reality?



Had this LDS High Priest taken a couple of opiates, or opioids (it doesn’t matter which), NONE of the things that he heard or saw relating to his experience in reading The Sealed Portion would have happened.

Being “high” he could have read the book peacefully without feeling anything, except the “high” of the drug.

On the other hand, the OPIUM OF RELIGION to which he is addicted caused the physical effects that led to his unique experience.

To prove that ALL emotions and physical feelings originate in the mind of each individual, depending on the “drug” to which the person is addicted, science need only give explanations of the same thing happening to ALL people, who are not taking any kind of drug.

Here is an example that most men who are in a relationship with a woman will deny, but if completely honest, would admit:

When most men see a woman who looks like the woman in the following photo, an energy forms in their body, causing an immediate physical reaction:

Where does that energy come from?

No doubt, the energy causes the body to react without the person doing anything.

Religious men will equate the feeling to an evil thought that pops into their head, coming from the devil. (And they might look again, just to prove to themselves that they can control these evil thoughts … Yeah, right!)

Yet, a young child can look at the same photograph and not feel anything.

But when a prepubescent boy looks at the picture, the energy seems to take over the young boy’s ability to look away. Smiles, giggles, and laughter are usually the physical manifestations that affect prepubescent bodies.

The same energy that created the religious feeling in the man that the devil was trying to tempt him, is the EXACT SAME ENERGY that causes ALL religious and spiritual sensations.

The human ability to dream is the greatest evidence that the mind can invent a completely different reality than the one in which the person is actually existing.

If science would take the time to study the brain and monitor in what part of the brain dreams take place, we would have proof of how the brain uses its own energy to create a unique reality for the person who is dreaming, or having a spiritual or sexual experience.

The Taliban do not allow women to show any part of their body in public. Women are expected to wear a conservative hijab.

Consider that the women in both of the pictures above are the same woman.

Less conservative Muslim practices allow the women to cover their head only, as long as the rest of their clothing is appropriate. But why just the head and hair?

When did these types of Muslim beliefs originate? How did they originate?

Ancient Islamic authority considered how they, as men, looked on women. If they, as the spiritual leaders, lusted after other women, then they needed to find a solution that would stop other men from lusting after their women.

The Real Truth™ about male and female circumcision is this:

Female circumcision started when a spiritual leader caught one of his wives masturbating and making movements and physical manifestations similar to a person being possessed by the devil —all the bucking, squirming, writhing, moaning and hard breathing . (The wife never acted that way when the man had sex with her.) The man investigated and found out that the clitoris was a “gateway to demonic possession,” and made sure that the devil would never again cause his women to act like she was possessed.

Male circumcision was meant to desensitize and limit the ability of the male to masturbate and create the energy and feeling associated with the devil.

This is the Real Truth™.

ALL feelings, of EVERY kind, are generated by the brain. It is impossible for any energy to enter the human brain (unless forced, which causes a lot of pain), except the energy that comes through the eyes, hears, mouth, nose, and skin.

NONE of this energy is from an outside force of any kind.

The individual human brain has the ability to generate its own energy and create an experience that is VERY REAL to the individual.

And there are drugs that can help the brain create different types of energy.

ALL spiritual manifestations are created and generated SOLELY by the brain of the person.

IF this Real Truth™ were finally understood and became the only fact about human reality, our entire world would change for the better.

Nevertheless, none of the so-called “great thinkers” figured this out entirely.

I like the following letters. The first was written to Einstein by a young girl, and the second is his reply to her:


January 19, 1936

My dear Dr. Einstein,

We have brought up the question: Do scientists pray? in our Sunday school class. It began by asking whether we could believe in both science and religion. We are writing to scientists and other important men, to try and have our own question answered.

We will feel greatly honored if you will answer our question: Do scientists pray, and what do they pray for?

We are in the sixth grade, Miss Ellis’s class.

Respectfully yours,


January 24, 1936

Dear Phyllis,

I will attempt to reply to your question as simply as I can. Here is my answer:

Scientists believe that every occurrence, including the affairs of human beings, is due to the laws of nature. Therefore a scientist cannot be inclined to believe that the course of events can be influenced by prayer, that is, by a supernaturally manifested wish.

However, we must concede that our actual knowledge of these forces is imperfect, so that in the end the belief in the existence of a final, ultimate spirit rests on a kind of faith. Such belief remains widespread even with the current achievements in science.

But also, everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that some spirit is manifest in the laws of the universe, one that is vastly superior to that of man. In this way the pursuit of science leads to a religious feeling of a special sort, which is surely quite different from the religiosity of someone more naive.

With cordial greetings,
your A. Einstein


Unfortunately, I am not allowed to explain more about the human mind at this time.

In the next post, I’ll explain the Real Truth™ about death, which might help one understand things differently about themselves, differently than what one understands while high on the OPIUM OF THE MASSES.

I warn you:

The Real Truth™ will set you free. But first it’s going to piss you off!

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