A letter and clear warning to the United States of America and its allies.

July 24, 2022

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Our group (the Real Illuminati®—www.realilluminati.org) has never fully and truthfully revealed itself throughout the time of its existence upon Earth.

Whenever we have assigned a person to be a True Messenger for us—in order to share our message with the world—that person was eventually rejected and killed by those whose personal value, worth, power, and income our message threatened, usually of the 1%.

While 99% of the people living upon the earth suffer in inequality, due to the secret combinations of power held by Earth’s political, religious, and business entities, the 1% are protected and continue to flourish.

This message, this warning, is for the 1%—the rich and powerful (hereinafter “YOU”)—who make the decisions for the rest of humanity, and in so doing, determine human destiny.

We’ve been on YOUR side for many years.

We helped YOU win wars, conquer nations, and we were instrumental in setting up the most powerful nation in modern times—the United States of America.

We shared some of our secrets with you.

Behind the scenes, we introduced our plans, hoping that YOU would use YOUR wealth, influence, and power to shape our world properly for the benefit of ALL humanity.

We hoped that YOU would have used our help and YOUR power and influence to establish a world of peace, prosperity, liberty, and an equal chance of happiness for all of Earth’s inhabitants.

YOU have failed.

YOU have used our knowledge and help to make YOURselves rich, to give YOURselves peace, and to make sure YOU have liberty and can pursue YOUR happiness, regardless of what this pursuit does to others who wield no power.

It’s now time we start giving our knowledge and help to the poor, “to the huddled masses yearning to breathe free,” to those whom YOU treat as if they are the “refuse of [other countries’] teaming shores.”

We gave our knowledge to the United States to help it create and control the first nuclear weapons. We did this so that this great nation could control the world. In so doing, it was our sincere hope and desire that this great nation would accept and help the world’s tired, the world’s poor, the world’s huddled masses yearning to breathe free, who are not “wretched refuse.”

We hoped that YOU would see ALL of humanity equal to YOURselves. We hoped that you would have revered all humans the same.

We hoped that you would have helped the majority secure their sacred and undeniable (inalienable) rights as equal creations—equal to YOU—in the preservation of life, to have liberty, so that each equal creation, each person, could pursue their own form of happiness.

We were behind and helped inspire the creation of the Statue of Liberty and the poem that supports it. It was our hope that this great nation would be an example, a beacon, an ensign of truth and righteousness, even the greatest nation this world had ever known.

Instead, with the power that YOU have been allowed to possess, YOU, the rich and the powerful, have used this power for selfish purposes and gains.

For a short time, we did everything within our power to keep this technology from other nations and groups. But when we witnessed that YOU used this great power to close YOUR borders and restrict the free flow of immigration into a land that is NOT YOURS (and never was in the first place), we decided to ensure that other populous countries had the same power as YOU.

When we saw how YOU began to isolate freedoms and rights for YOUR own selfish purposes—inalienable rights that YOU were supposed to extend to the poor, to the tired, to the huddled masses of other countries—we gave this great power to other nations to counterbalance the otherwise absolute despotism that YOU have misused for YOUR selfish purposes.

Currently, we are sharing with China and Russia—the two other great nuclear powers—what we know about the electromagnetic fields that allow your military to communicate with advanced nuclear technology. When these two countries align and form a political bond of power, they, alone, will eventually have the ability to interfere with the electromagnetic fields that control all of your military transmissions. Your weapons will be useless.

Once these two countries have demonstrated their ability to dismantle the power of your military might, their leaders will not destroy your country, but will instead disable its power and bring the pride of the American military might to its knees.

Having been humbled, it is our hope that YOU will begin to see the importance of uniting the human race under one government, not established by YOUR Constitution, but by a NEW CONSTITUTION that we will help inspire.

The Chinese and Russian governments are far from the forms of communism that you fear. Although not perfect in their current form, these countries’ constitutions are more humane and more conducive to law and order in the protection of the inalienable rights that ALL humans desire, equally and equitably. And yet, YOU fear and deem as enemy nations.

We would not allow these two nations to have this important electromagnetic technology if we knew that this protection of the inalienable rights of ALL would not be the end result of consolidating military might and power in their hands.

We are giving it to them because YOU have failed us.

YOU have failed the world.

YOU have failed humanity.

We are willing to make ourselves known, coming out from behind the curtain that has long secured our identities and obscured our knowledge and doings from YOU.

We are willing to do this if we can convince the masses to stand behind us to demand that YOU do what YOU are supposed to do, what YOU can do, what YOU must do in order to save humanity.

We now plead with the masses to join us in our desire, not to “make America Great again,” but to make America as great as it was supposed to be when we first envisioned it, making ALL LIVES MATTER equally with YOUR own.

We desire to make America as great as it was meant to be when we were behind it, when we were inspiring it, when we were providing it with our knowledge and technology.

We are the Real Illuminati®.

Our agenda has always been—in the past, present, and in the future—to help bring equality to humanity.

It is our hope that you pay attention to this warning, and allow us the opportunity to explain our plan and agenda.

What is occurring in the world today (movements, protests, etc.) to invoke and inspire change is counterproductive and causing more division, fear, hate, and discord.

Humanity is slipping into a pit that was dug by YOUR selfishness, pride, ego, and self-preservation.

Humanity is falling into this pit at a rapid pace, to its utter destruction—not the physical destruction of humanity, but the emotional destruction—a “hell which hath no end.”

We know the true sources behind the COVID pandemic, which disease was not meant for the physical destruction of humanity, but to wake the world up and hold up a mirror so that the inhabitants of Earth could see themselves as they really are, how they really treat each other.

In this mirror, we see the reflection of a divided and selfish world, unwilling to bend towards unity, peace, and the happiness that is possible while living life upon Earth.

In backing the creation and introduction of this particular corona virus, it was our hope to use an enemy that cannot be defeated, UNLESS the entire human race unites together to fight this enemy.

We knew that some would be sacrificed in the battle.

This war was meant to unite us as one army, one people, and one world.

Those who have died from the pandemic should be seen as our heroes, as martyrs of a just cause. However, if we cannot unite as a single race in our efforts to defeat this enemy, the sacrifice of their lives is meaningless and in vain.

The world has not yet experienced the full effects of this purposed pandemic—emotionally and economically, i.e., “not the destruction of the soul, save it be the casting of it into that hell which hath no end.”

At no time during human history has humanity faced such an enemy; again, not an enemy that was meant to destroy humanity, but one that was meant to unite us as one human race, one people, one world.

As a group of people becomes united, they become excited and courageous. They step up and are willing to do anything, especially when their own nation is being attacked or threatened by a mutual enemy.

How have the people of the world together responded to the COVID enemy?

If humanity had the proper leaders and authorities inspiring and controlling them, we could have united as a world of people and become excited and courageous in battling and conquering it.

Will YOU step up and be willing to do anything to fight this enemy and the effect it has on all of humanity?

We (the Real Illuminati®) know what needs to be done.

Throughout history, we have witnessed countless human societal failures at unity, peace, and worldwide cooperation.

Unfortunately, nothing we have done in secret, behind closed doors, has helped us fulfill our agenda to help humanity.

Now we are willing and eager to reveal ourselves to the world.

We are willing to reveal what we know about the past, the present, and the future.

We do not reveal what the world has been convinced is truth. We reveal the Real Truth®—things as they really were in the past, as they really are today, and as they really will be in the future.

But at what price?

Will the world simply reject us because our message threatens its pride and ego?

Will the world hate us and want to kill us, as it has done to every True Messenger that we have recruited, supported, and asked to share our message?

If the world is simply going to reject our message—a message that we know can save humanity—then why would we reveal ourselves and what we know?


To test the waters confined within the borders of the sands of humanity (to see if our “living water of life and salvation” is wanted), we are releasing some of the information that we have long held in secret since the foundation of the world.

In one of our efforts, through religion, to inspire change, we wrote to the people of the world:

“Behold, when ye shall rend that veil of unbelief which doth cause you to remain in your awful state of wickedness, and hardness of heart, and blindness of mind, then shall the great and marvelous things which have been hid up from the foundation of the world from you [be revealed to you].”

The bulk of humanity depends upon religious belief to be guided and directed. The first book of our Trilogy, The True History of Religion—How Religion Destroys the Human Race and What the Real Illuminati® Has Attempted to do Through Religion to Save the Human Race, reveals what we attempted to do to inspire the right moral compass, through religious belief.

While the first book of our Trilogy presents a clear explanation of what we tried to do in accomplishing our agenda, the second book gives empirical evidence—undeniable and unchallengeable proof—that we knew what we were doing.

This empirical evidence is substantiated by how our Book of Mormon transforms the Christian mindset centered on their god, Jesus, the Christ. Sadly however, our book was transfigured, misused, and misappropriated by a corrupt religion that has become one of the wealthiest institutions in modern times—the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

One who reads the second book of our Trilogy, A New American Scripture, How and Why the Real Illuminati® Created the Book of Mormon, will be convinced beyond any shadow of doubt that we wrote the Book of Mormon specifically for the early European-American Christian base. These people were responsible for the establishment and development of the most powerful and successful nation history has yet recorded.

In 2012 (U.S. Presidential Race: Obama vs. Romney), the most powerful human upon Earth could have very easily been a man who believes that our Book of Mormon is part of God’s word for humanity.

This alone proves the potential power of religion and the spiritual power of our book. Albeit (as explained above), the religion to which U.S. Senator Mitt Romney ascribes, misuses our book for its own gain, and represents what Romney symbolizes: American wealth and power.

The purpose of these first two books is to reveal and provide empirical evidence of the Real Truth® about religion and how it is used to control people. More importantly, the intent is to show how religion has corrupted humanity to a point that is irreversible, while it (religion) remains a constant and powerful human motivator.

The third book of our Trilogy is the most important.

This book will give the human race the correct blueprint for the right form of government—the only form of government that will work to bring lasting peace on Earth.

The book’s title speaks for its intent:

One People, One World, One Government

There is no other way to save humanity.

Humans must become united in one group, with a mutual goal of the preservation of human life—above all other life forms. Unified, the people of Earth must establish security and liberty, so that each human being can pursue their individual desires of happiness.

To this end, we exist as the Real Illuminati®. We are not any of the fictional, fantastical groups invented through imagination, rumor, or supposition.

We are REAL.

We know the REAL Truth® of all things.

If the people of Earth give us a chance, they will not be disappointed.

We will share intelligence that can create incredible technologies that have yet to be invented—technologies that can heal Earth’s natural environs, technologies that can provide each human with equal opportunity, without impeding or affecting the thing that makes us human—Free Will.

If we fail this last time, if the world continues to reject our message, we will not reveal ourselves. We will remain hidden.

We can give our intelligence to the powers that be—to those with the ability to control humanity and subject all of us to principles following a moral compass that can finally create lasting peace upon Earth and goodwill towards all.

If, however, we fail to inspire the people of this world to give us a chance—to help us renew the world to its original state, and to the purpose and measure for which planet Earth was created—

We will allow our intelligence to be used to destroy this planet, along with this solar system, so that a new group of humans can start all over again.

It is not our choice.

It is humanity’s choice.

We are humanity’s servants.


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