December 5, 2022

Coffee with Chris

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Editor’s summary:

Christopher has been working on One People, One World, One Government. “It’s going to be the Bible of the correct human government — basic, clear.” He doesn’t want it to be lengthy. Christopher is the only one who can “really explain definitively the Real Truth® of all things.” One example he gave of what needs to happen with the proper form of government is that everyone needs “their own piece of property that they can do whatever they want on, as long as what they do doesn’t affect their neighbor.” Christopher can explain how we can do that with all the technology that is currently being developed. In this Coffee with Chris, he read the rough drafts of the Author’s Note and one of the chapters of the book he’s been working on.

At this point, though, Christopher needs a break. He is emotionally tired. Everything about his job “is confronting the negative aspects of this mortal life, confronting the pride and arrogance of people living on this planet.” He is also responsible for “presenting the solutions to them so that they can be everlastingly condemned because of their inability to incorporate these very easy solutions into their mortal life.” If there was nobody on this earth to explain these things in a simple form, then no one would be judged wrong. Then, this mortal life would lose its purpose — to allow a platform for us prove to ourselves what kind of human being we really are. It’s an emotional struggle for Christopher to go through all the information he has, knowing that there are simple solutions but that very, very few people are ever going to pay attention to what he says. He’s “constrained by the responsibility of getting his information out there, getting this work out there, and the reality of having to do it.” His battle is a battle within. He’s fighting his own “Armageddon” (See 666, the Mark of America, Seat of the Beast.)

Christopher compared his life to the life of the prophet Ether, a character in the Book of Mormon. In the narrative, Ether did everything he could possibly do to teach the people the very lessons of the Book of Mormon — the simple words of Jesus — “be nice to each other. Don’t give your opinion. Don’t call anybody a fool. Don’t sue each other in court. Help whomever you can, whenever you can. Don’t judge anybody. Learn to love people. Forget about pride, your gender, your race, and all the things we’ve talked about. It’s pride that’s destroying the world and it will continue to do so.” If Christopher could just snap his fingers, he’d get rid of religion, gender, and sex. And then we could “concentrate on taking the materials in this planetary system in our solar system and getting the materials that each of us needs.

Unfortunately, people aren’t going to listen to Christopher. “Never in the five dispensations of time before this one … when there was a True Messenger or a guy who dedicated his life to helping humans, giving the solutions to the problems that we create,” has anyone listened. Instead, they killed him. Because of this, this world is going to end “by a supernova. It’s going to end instantly for everyone. No one’s going to feel a thing.” We’ll all be doing whatever we’re doing and the next moment we’ll be dead; we’ll be our advanced selves again. This entire solar system will be gone. At that point,  we’ll see “the literally infinite amount of other choices that [we] have for human experience.”

End of editor’s summary.

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