A new prophecy. If you can find a way to watch the new ABC/Hulu special—”Mormon No More”—please do.

August 21, 2022

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I wish this documentary were free for all to view.

Documentaries like these — exposés about emotionally transitioning away from the LDS/Mormon faith — will become more frequent.

I will explain how these types of films are part of the Real Truth® — a sharp two-edged sword — and how the Real Truth® … about how things really are … can save this world, or rather, transform it into a more loving place for humans.

I have not yet made it clear what Revelation’s analogy of a “man sitting on a white horse with a sharp two-edged sword coming out of his mouth” means and how it can change the world.

In time, it will all make sense.

However, what impact will the Real Truth® have on our world if poverty is not solved? NOTHING is more important to the success of the human race than eliminating poverty.

Here is the Real Illuminati®’s new American scripture’s (the Book of Mormon) prophecy about what is about to take place, not only to the LDS/Mormon Church, but to all organized religion:

“For the time speedily shall come that all churches which are built up to get gain, and all those who are built up to get power over the flesh, and those who are built up to become popular in the eyes of the world, and those who seek the lusts of the flesh and the things of the world, and to do all manner of iniquity; yea, in fine, all those who belong to the kingdom of the devil are they who need fear, and tremble, and quake; they are those who must be brought low in the dust; they are those who must be consumed as stubble; and this is according to the words of the prophet.”

(1 Nephi 22:23.)

The LDS/Mormon Church is a perfect example of a church “built up to get gain.” It is one of the wealthiest private institutions upon Earth.

ALL of this church’s commandments and requirements “are built up to get power over the flesh,” especially the commandment not to be gay, which is a sexual desire of the flesh.

More than any other church, the LDS/Mormon Church is “built up to become popular in the eyes of the world.”

And no other group of people, that claims to be a church, “seek[s] the lusts of the flesh and the things of the world.”

Ironically, the LDS/Mormon Church meets all of the criteria of their own Book of Mormon prophecy.

Keep in mind that my role with the Real Illuminati® — the authors, creators, and progenitors of a new American scripture, the Book of Mormon — is to ensure that all of their written prophecies are fulfilled.

One day, we will list all of these prophecies and which ones have been fulfilled or are being fulfilled, and how they intend to fulfill the ones that have yet to be fulfilled.


Here is a new prophecy that will surely come to pass:

In a little more than 20 years, a gay woman will come of age and become one of the most important supporters of the MWAW … And this person’s True Self will be none other than the same advanced human who lived from June 1, 1951 to August 19, 2022 as a mortal male …

This prophecy is for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

Oh, if you could only see and hear what I saw and heard with my eyes and ears last evening!

“And behold, the heavens were opened, and I was caught up into heaven, and saw and heard unspeakable things.

“And it was forbidden me that I should utter; neither was it given unto me power that I can utter the things which I saw and heard;

“And whether I was in the body or out of the body, I could not tell; for it did seem unto me like a transfiguration of me, that I was changed from this body of flesh into an immortal state, that I could behold the things of God.”

—Compare BOM, 3 Nephi 28:13–15.


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