November 20, 2021

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(The following was a written warning to the American people, given by the Real Illuminati® before the 2019 U.S. Presidential election was held.)


History is full of protests, when those who felt unjustly treated rose up united against the few in power who controlled their lives.

The 2020 American protests are very similar to the protests held by the French people that led to the French Revolution of 1789. The results will be similar, although in 2020, it is a minority that has risen up against the American majority. (During the French Revolution, the majority rose up against the minority in power.)

The protests led to complete martial law that empowered a military commander, Napoleon Bonaparte, who was later designated Emperor.

The transition time, after the murders of King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette, was properly recorded as the “Reign of Terror.”

The removal of Donald J. Trump from office, instead of by guillotine, could be likened to the removal of King Louis. Many of the complaints protestors made against King Louis were also being made by American 2020 protestors.

We would recommend that the leaders of these protestors perform a comprehensive study, not only of the French Revolution, but of the Rise and Fall of The Great Roman Empire.

Sadly, history often repeats itself.

If the protest leaders do not calm the protestors and advocate justice through peaceful means, none of which includes disobeying any current law or authority, the outcome of the 2020 protests will join the common fate of all of history’s most prominent protests.

The Real Truth® is that there are many more white people in the United States than those of a different skin color who have taken the reigns of the current American protests. Those who claim affiliation to African descent do not account for the percentage of the American population of Latino descent. The latter outnumbers the former. And Caucasian Americans substantially outnumber both groups combined.

The difference between the American 2020 protests and those of other times in history, is that the main complaint is systemic racism. In times passed, the main complaint was systemic economic inequality.

We would propose that it is the American economic system that causes systemic poverty, and that this is the underlying driving force behind the protestors’ emotional motivation. Most of the daily protestors do not have jobs, therefore, it is easy for them to spend time protesting.

While the African Americans (as they divide themselves from others) protest, the Latino Americans are benefiting from performing in employment opportunities that are the backbone of America’s economic machine that is responsible for systemic poverty. Many African Americans refuse to do these jobs, pridefully asserting that they deserve more opportunities for better paying and more popular and self-aggrandizing employment.

We wrote of this reality (Real Truth®) about the life of the American George Floyd, whose death sparked many protests of reform from African Americans.

Here is part of our response to the “Black Lives Matter” movement”:

Now, if it were possible to gain the humility and listening ear of the “Black Lives Matter” leaders and protestors, we could use the symbol of their frustration to explain why their protests and movement are NOT good for humanity, and are leading to more racism, division, hate, fear, and the stifling of humane and reasonable change.

Let us use George Floyd as our example.

George Floyd was raised in poverty. He was raised by a single mother.

In his community, he was surrounded by racism, not just from the way that white people appeared to treat him, but from the way that his mother, his peers, his friends, and other poverty-stricken “black” people complained about being victims of white injustice and racism.

Nevertheless, George Floyd began to recognize his pride in himself. He was a good athlete who dreamed of playing professional sports, possibly in the NBA (National Basketball Association) or the NFL (National Football League).

Not advancing in sports beyond college, George tried his hand at being an artist in the Hip Hop genre. His mother taught him he could be anything he wanted to be.

But his mother did not teach George how to fail.

George refused to work at a menial job that did not fulfill the pride he had envisioned for himself. Like many of his peers, he refused to admit that he had failed. He blamed his personal failures on “systemic racism,” or rather, he blamed it on the “white system.”

Instead of accepting a job that didn’t pay much nor give him the prestige he desired, George began to deal drugs, which affords many young African Americans with the opportunity to earn much more money than working at what is seen as a menial job.

Raised poor, feeling abused by “the system,” trying to deflect his feelings of inadequacy and failure to make it big in “the system,” George began to use drugs. It was his dependency on drugs that led him to present some counterfeit money to a store. The store employee called the police. The police were arresting George when he began to resist the arrest.

The world knows the rest of the story.

What would have happened to George, as well as to countless other African Americans, if he (they) had obeyed the law and not resisted arrest?

What would have been the outcome had George’s pride not gotten the best of him?

Where did this pride come from?

It is the same pride that inspires thousands of unemployed young people, of all skin tones, to protest by blocking roads … which is against the law … causing an uncomfortable situation for others. These protests will tear apart the human race and will not end good. We know this. We have seen this time and time again throughout the course of history.

The United States of America is what it is today because of its economic policies. Its economic policies are the result of the way its Constitution was inspired, influenced, written, and incorporated. It favors the Upper Class and gives power to the few.

The American 2020 protests have placed a false sense of hope in the upcoming Presidential Election, hoping that the election of a new President and administration will focus on and substantially affect the reforms and systemic injustice that the protestors have been convinced is the problem with society.

Many had the same hope when Barack Obama was elected President in 2008. In fact, poverty and inequality have increased since the administration of Obama held office for eight years. The systemic injustice for which the protestors emotionally fight, did not improve under Barack Obama. And it will not improve with ANY U.S. President that is empowered under the current U.S. Constitution.

It is likely that Joe Biden might become the new American President. There is nothing Biden can do under the laws and mandates of the U.S. Constitution that will change the course of American policy and reform.

The basis of American power is based solely on its economic influence and power in the world … nothing more and nothing less. It is this economic power that allows the United States to create the most powerful and lethal military that this current dispensation of history has ever known.

The majority of Americans are Caucasian (white). This majority will not allow a minority to continually disrupt their lifestyle, and what they view as their Constitutional authority and protection.

The hard Real Truth® is, this majority does not need the African American minority any longer. With the help of the Latino community filling the jobs that many of the Caucasian majority, like many African Americans, refuse to do because of PRIDE, the economic structure is secure and supported.

African Americans must consider this inevitable realism:

Do their lives REALLY matter to the great economic beast that gives power to the United States of America?

The answer is an absolute no.

If these protests go on, there shall be a division of race and systemic injustice to the African American protestors and their children unlike anything they have ever experienced; unlike anything ever experienced during this dispensation of human time upon Earth.

It is not systemic racism that is causing the emotional motivation and response of these minority groups. It is systemic socioeconomic inequality.

The more these minority protestors push against the “great economic beast” established and protected by the United States government through the current Constitution, the stronger the majority will push back against them, until they are pushed back into a state of division and racism that existed before the social reforms that granted equal opportunity and status to minority people of color.

Again, we ask the African American protestors, and those who stand with them,

Do your lives really matter to the American Economic System?

If your lives do not matter, and we know that your lives do NOT matter, the United States of America will eventually fight against you and destroy every step forward you have made towards social and economic equality. Americans will NOT let their economy be threatened by anyone.

What you are doing in standing up against the American system, is becoming its enemy. It does not need your lives. It needs Latino lives much more than it needs yours.

You are creating your own demise.

Study the outcomes of history.

Study our proposals given by The Humanity Party®.

There is only one solution. And protests are not it.

We maintain the following points that history has proven:

Government cannot be changed with violence

Don’t be misled by those who call for violent protests, uprisings, and revolution. For example, Americans claim that their 1776 revolution led to the development of a great, more peaceful and just nation. Yet more Americans died later in the American Civil War than in all other wars combined. Modern military strength is much greater than the combined strength of any number of armed citizens. Violence against a strong modern government only leads to more violence and unrest.

Only a NEW Constitution can create a NEW system

All governments rely on a written Constitution, which is a body of fundamental principles that governs a group of people. A Constitution establishes a “system” of government. If the Constitution is flawed, then so shall be the system that it creates, and so shall be those who gain power from it.

We must demand a NEW system at the voting booth.

Don’t be deceived. Your vote for any particular candidate will not make a difference. It doesn’t matter who is running for office.

A politician’s promises of reform will never work as long as the system of government remains the same. It doesn’t matter who wins the election. The result of their power will always be the same, because of the system that gives them power.

To demand a new system of government, do not vote for any candidate, write in: “The Humanity Party”. This will send a message to politicians that you do not trust their promises and you demand a NEW system of government.

American people can change the U.S. Constitution, and thereby the system, without violence or protest.


THumP® has the solutions. No one else does.®

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