November 11, 2022

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One People, One World, One Government © 2022 by Worldwide United Publishing. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission of the author or publisher, except by a reviewer who may quote brief passages.

NOTE TO PEER REVIEW GROUP: Please concentrate your efforts on what Sheri and the publisher have instructed for you to review and discuss —CMN




We are the Real Illuminati®.

We claim to be a group of the most intelligent — most illuminated — humans who have ever lived.

Are you an intelligent person?

If you are, or you believe that you are, then you would have no fear in comparing your intellectual level with ours. If upon comparison you can reasonably conclude that your intelligence matches or exceeds ours, then you have proven our claim to be false.

If, after reading this book, you honestly conclude that your intelligence is subpar to ours, then the comparison might serve you well by increasing your intellectual capabilities with the knowledge that we are willing to share with you, free of any charge or obligation.

What harm would it do to compare your intelligence with ours? You need not divulge to any other person that you are making the comparison. By considering our intelligence against yours, in private, you will not subject yourself to the conclusive evidence associated with the comparison. No other person needs to know that you are accepting our challenge.

You, alone, will make the final judgment. You, alone, will know the result of the comparison. You, alone, will come to realize, or not, that your intelligence is very limited compared to ours.

We offer this challenge because of the importance of the subject matter covered by this book. If it is possible to confront your ego in such a way that it compels you to read this book, then we have accomplished our desire and goals.

Although the world does not understand us, and some fear the name we have taken upon us — the Real Illuminati® — this misunderstanding is not of our own doing. It is the result of those who pretend to and make false allegations of being illuminated.

We can offer proof that we are the real Illuminati, or rather, a secretive group of people that understands things that no other group or individual knows and understands.

It is our desire to remain secret so as not to gain any value, monetarily, or otherwise in recognition, from the claim. Again, all of the information that our group possess is offered to the world free of any charge or obligation.

The goals of our group have been properly explained by some of the world’s accepted authoritative sources:

“The [Real Illuminati®’s] goals are to oppose superstition, obscurantism, religious influence over public life, and the abuses of state power.  Their intent is to put an end to the machinations of the purveyors of injustice, to control them without dominating them.”

The proof of our existence is supported by our claim to be the only humans who are really illuminated.  Our enlightenment centers around what we call — and have properly and legally registered and trademarked, in order to avoid its misuse — the Real Truth®.

There are all kinds of truths in this world. There are as many truths as there are personal opinions and beliefs. Our claim is unique because we assert that what we know is things as they really are today, and things as they really happened in the past.

If you believe that you are intelligent, then you hold your own truths to be the only truth. If we can convince you that our truths are more logical and reasonable than yours, then, even if you do not believe what we call the Real Truth®, your private judgment, made by you, alone in private, will end up convincing you that your truths might not be things as they really are, but things as you hope they are.

If you take up our challenge and read this book, you will have a personal witness, by your own private judgment, about your own intelligence. If your truths are more logical and reasonable than ours, then you have proven your intelligence, and your ego can rest assured of your value and significance.

We are very certain that if you are courageous enough to take the time to consider what is written in this book, you will find that you are far from intelligent. You will find that your truths have rendered you ignorant, thus failing your ego and confounding your self-worth and importance.

We can agree, with you, that the past and current governments that humans have set up on this earth have not worked to establish a human society of peace, equity, and harmony for the human race.

With this agreement, it is highly probable that you do not believe that it is possible to establish such a government. This is according to your truths and intelligence.

Perhaps it is your humility that warrants the acceptance of what you believe about the impossibility of establishing a proper form of human government, because of how many books and authorities have been presented on the subject matter, none accomplishing anything more than any of the others.

Could it be that your intelligence — that establishes the truths that you accept — are responsible for your conclusions?

For example, if you hold firm to any of the orthodox religious beliefs (truths) that many people do, your truth has convinced you that the only proper way to establish a ONE WORLD government is if and when the god in which you believe does it.

Jews and Christians are waiting on their particular Messiah to establish such a government. Most Muslims believe that the Mahdi — Islam’s messianic figure — will appear and establish Islam as the world’s only ONE WORLD government.

Ironically, many religious people fear, convinced by their corrupt leaders, the idea of a ONE WORLD government.

We have made a concerted effort to explain that only humans have the power and ability to create a ONE WORLD government.

This book is the third and final book of a (three book) Trilogy that we have prepared to convince the world that, not only is it possible for the people living upon the earth to unite as one people and one world, but that we, united in one heart and one mind, can set up one government that serves all of humanity equally and equitably.

The first book of our Trilogy is titled, The True History of Religion — How Religion Destroys the Human Race and What the Real Illuminati® Has Attempted To Do Through Religion to Save the Human Race (pub. 2019).

In this first book, we give clear details about how religion was created, why it was created, and how powerful it has become in the minds and hearts of humans.

We explain and give details of what our group has attempted to do to accomplish our goals of opposing superstition, obscurantism, religious influence over public life, and the abuses of state power, and putting an end to the machinations of the purveyors of injustice, to control them without dominating them.

The second book of our Trilogy is titled, A New American Scripture — How and Why the Real Illuminati® Created the Book of Mormon (pub. 2021).

To better prepare a person for the evidence that we presented in this second book, we also published a book titled, Pentateuch Illuminated — A Five Part Series Introducing A New American Scripture — How and Why the Real Illuminati® Created the Book of Mormon (pub. 2020).

These two books provide empirical evidence, that is virtually unchallengeable, of how we were able to create religious scripture, and the reasons why we did.

Where the first book of our Trilogy presents details, the second book and its addendum present actual and convincing empirical evidence. Our first book makes the claim that we have been involved in religion, and the second books verify this claim by providing substantial evidence of the more modern ways that we have.

The overall purpose of the first books of our Trilogy was to open the minds and hearts of people who accept their religion as the only source of their truths.

We made a valiant effort to persuade the religiously minded of the possibility, and the probability, that their particular religion is no different than any other religion; and that all religious beliefs, especially those associated with establishing a ONE WORLD government, are standing in the way of the human race accomplishing it.

We offer this challenge to anyone courageous enough to compare their intelligence with ours:

If what you believe is truly things as they really are, then nothing you read or consider will have the power to dissuade you and change your beliefs.

If you have the truth, then the Real Truth® will not be able to convince you otherwise.

Our work has been reviewed by various religious leaders. These leaders do all that they can to convince their followers not to read or consider what we have published.

Some call us Anti-Christs. Others call us conspiracy theorists. All call us the devil’s advocates.

What are they afraid of?

Most interestingly, religious leaders will convince their followers that upon reading our information, the dark adversary will possess their souls and deceive them.

The Christians call us Lucifer. The Jews call us Satan. And the Muslims call us Iblis.

Ironically, the Muslims call the Jews and Christians followers of Iblis. The Jews call the Christians and Muslims followers of Satan. And the Christians call the Jews and Muslims followers of Lucifer.

Everyone is right. Which makes everyone wrong.®

We can explain the correct form of government that will create peace, equity, and harmony upon the earth among the human beings who live here.

We know this. We can prove this. The intelligence that we share in this book will substantiate this.

There has never been a book written that has presented a blueprint for the correct form of government that will work and be sustainable for all humans.

There is no doubt in our minds that our intelligence is far greater than any other person’s who has set their hand towards an effort to unite the people of this world in such a way that all of humanity can finally experience peace, equity, and harmony.

We know how great our intelligence is.

We challenge you to compare yours against ours.

Consider the intelligence (information) that we have presented in this book. It will cause “the wisdom of the wise men to perish, and the understanding of the prudent men to be hid.”

We are not religious. We know how harmful all religion is to humanity. This book, which is the last of our Trilogy, along with the other books, will prove this without doubt or fail.

We have named our work after a religious quote that has a profound meaning to our work. We call our work, a Marvelous Work and a Wonder®.

We challenge the intelligence of this world.

We challenge your intelligence.

Compare our intelligence with yours.

We are confident that we can convince you that it is possible to save humanity from its own demise by creating …



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