Being in love … A sure sign you are not a Celestial / Solarian Server

May 18, 2022

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As the Real Truth® about human existence upon this earth is unfolded, a few important facts should be emerging from the darkness of human ignorance … as the moon reflects the light of Real Truth® to this darkened world.


“The beauty of the night is that there is a moon that reflects the light of yesterday and tomorrow.” —The Real Illuminati®, while instructing me in 2004 about my role, in a tent in Montana.

This earth experience is unique in what it offers an advanced human (a god) seeking new experience. This is true, especially in testing this god’s humanity— where humanity is the judgment of how well one person’s free-willed acts, in any life experience, add to the life experience of another.

What I have not yet revealed, which I am going to now, is that this earth experience is for advanced humans who have not been convinced that their personal humanity type is less than that of their Creator’s.

Life upon earth is for a person finally to realize that being a Celestial Server is not something that truly brings that person the eternal happiness that this advanced person desires.

As has been explained, advanced humans cannot consciously control how their mortal avatar acts, any more than mortals can control what their dream Self does upon dreaming while they are asleep.

Without having any control over how one’s subconscious mind (one’s dream Self) works, an authentic, honest, and true reflection of the person’s desires of happiness is recognized.

For example,

No one living upon the earth wants to admit that they are not a good person.

In order to be a good person, people often depend on an invented god (Heavenly Father, Christ, etc.) to give them commandments that they must follow in order to be good. On the other hand, people are told that the devil makes them do things that are bad. Either way, a person is relieved of personal responsibility when the person believes that God is watching or the devil is tempting and influencing them.

Many religious men are faithful to their wives, and wives to husbands, because of the threat of punishment from God. But what if a man knew that there was no God who would punish him for cheating on his wife? Would the man cheat if he knew that the act would never be discovered, especially knowing that there was no eternal punishment affixed to the act?

The man makes the conscious choice to subdue his thought of cheating, even though he might want to, because of the threat of someone outside of himself punishing him in some way.

There have been many who have been liberated by the Real Truth® that they are the only god to which they must be accountable, and that all manmade religious gods are false. I’ve seen many of these men start lusting and wanting women other than their committed partner, when they realize they won’t be punished for doing so.

These men use their free will to either act or not act on the desire.

Thus, in this instance, the man can feel righteous and good by resisting the temptation to lust and cheat when, if he wasn’t under the obligation of a marriage vow or a covenant made before God, he would more than likely act on his desires of happiness.

This is why an advanced human has no control over how their mortal life plays out. Whatever happens is an honest and transparent reflection of what makes the person happy.

An earth experience like the one we are experiencing on this Earth gives an advanced human the proof the person needs to be convinced of what their individual desires of happiness really are, which are not necessarily what their conscious advanced Self was expecting.

In a recent post, I gave a hypothetical example of an advanced human visiting their Creator Mother and wondering how people could be so mean to each other, after the developing advanced human had observed solar systems with people acting like people do on this Earth. The mother responded,

“How do you know that, in the same situation in which you observed these Earthlings, you wouldn’t act the exact same way? How do you know that if you joined them, you wouldn’t cause as many problems to others, as they are causing to each other?”

Okay … I have to stop with the details …

If I were to explain all these details now, I might as well begin writing the final book of the Marvelous Work and a Wonder®, The Dream of Mortal Life, Understanding Human Reality—A Final Warning to the Human Race.

I’m going to reveal just one natural human desire that is prevalent in this world, and which is NOT something with which any advanced CREATOR / SOLARIAN / SERVER would EVER be completely comfortable:


Here’s how the wisest of all humans described “love”:

“Love” is a value placed on something outside of the self. “Being in love” is a selfish abstract human creation. One “loves” if he or she contributes to the individuality of the one being loved. When there no longer exists a feeling of support for the individual, “love” no longer exists. A woman, for example, will stay “in love” with a man as long as she feels the man sees her as his “one and only,” the most beautiful example of womanhood, or any other emotional support that builds her self-perception that she is uniquely distinguished from other women. (666, The Mark of America, Seat of the Beast, page 7.)

lf your most fulfilled and comfortable moments during this life were those shared with a person with whom you were “in love,” you have proven to yourself that being an advanced creator is NOT conducive to your humanity type.

If I continued to list the other things that mortals do that prove they are NOT creator material, it would surprise you how few, if any, Creator-types there actually are living among us on this earth.

Here’s another clue:

Celestial / Solarian / Servers don’t have to prove anything to themselves.

They already know.

So, if there are any of these types upon this earth, what are they doing here?

Well …

I’m doing it, along with a very few others … VERY FEW.

And you’re very welcome.


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