Chapter 1: United We Stand, Divided We Fall

October 21, 2022

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One People, One World, One Government © 2022 by Worldwide United Publishing. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission of the author or publisher, except by a reviewer who may quote brief passages.

First Rough draft … For peer review only … Editors, no need to fix grammar, punctuation, etc.

NOTE TO PEER REVIEW GROUP: I am sharing my first draft of each chapter for your review. No need to comment or respond until you meet together as a group, as the publisher has instructed you. I fully expect there to be some good suggestions and changes made before the final draft is complete … Thanks for your help on this incredible project! —CMN

Chapter 1

United We Stand, Divided We Fall


A human society (an aggregate of people living together) cannot and will not be successful unless its people become united. When more than one society exists, it is impossible to unite.

There must be only ONE society of ONE PEOPLE that exists upon Earth — a society consisting of the human race.

To succeed at living in peace and harmony with each other, without eventually destroying each other, humans must be united with one heart and one mind — meaning united for the same reasons (of one heart) by the same ways (of one mind).

Many people believe that it is impossible to unite the people of this world. It is only possible with the right form of government that will have the power to unite the people of the world. Without the right form of government, the human race, as it currently exists, will not last much longer.

Accepted historical records provide accounts of many different types of societies and the governments that controlled and established them. Some of these societies were great and powerful. But in spite of their greatness and power, NONE lasted longer than a few hundred years before they were completely destroyed.

Imagine that the human race finally learns how to create a perfect human society. Although improbable with the current forms of governments and socioeconomic systems we allow to control our lives, an egalitarian society is not impossible to imagine. However, imagining it and accomplishing it are two very different things.

Although it currently seems improbable that the human race can unite enough to create a perfect world, it is our unique human-only imagination that causes us to hope.

Hope is the intrinsic measure of our humanity — or better, that which we feel can be possible in spite of the improbabilities that seem to be part of our present experience.

Why, unlike all other known life forms, do we have the ability to imagine? Why does our imagination cause us to hope? And what causes us to lose hope?


Fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.

The idea of a one-world government causes great fear in the hearts of many people. In spite of this fear, these same people retain a hope that some supernatural force or entity exists that will one day intervene and establish this type of one-world government upon the earth, forcing all of humanity to support this government or be destroyed.

The belief in a supernatural savior causes an unpleasant emotion (fear). This savior is dangerous, a threat, and is likely to cause you pain if you do not obey. In the same manner, a government can act as a savior. Current governments cause humans to experience an unpleasant emotion because they are dangerous and threaten those who do not ascribe to the government authority.

The perfect human government cannot be based on fear. It must be based on creating pleasant emotions that do not cause pain or threaten anyone. The opposite of fear is trust, courage, calmness and equanimity. In order to unite the people of this world as ONE PEOPLE — ONE WORLD — under ONE GOVERNMENT, the people must have the courage to set up the right form of government and the ability to trust that this government will establish calmness and equanimity.

United, we can form the perfect government for our planet. But first, we must eliminate the fear that keeps us from uniting and realizing our hope of a perfect human government.

Fear is caused by ignorance. Therefore, it is important that we first learn a few things about how humans think, which will help us understand why humans feel hope and fear. It is part of our unique natures to hope as well as to fear. Our human nature controls us. Therefore, it is human nature that must be controlled before we can have enough hope to eliminate the fear.

Governments are established in order to control human nature. If controlled properly, the best parts of our human nature can nourish our hope. But if it is our governments that cause the fear, then hope becomes impossible.

First, to understand the uniqueness of human nature compared to the general psychological characteristics (if any exist), feelings, and behavioral traits of other non-human life forms, we need to consider how humans came to exist.

There are two general opinions of how the human race began: humans evolved from lower life forms (the Big Bang); and humans were created by a supernatural, human-like force (God).

Both opinions leave too many unanswered questions. Unanswered questions cause ignoranceIgnorance causes fear, which is counterproductive to hope.

Unanswered questions about human existence continue the perpetual cycle of fear. Unless these questions can be answered in a way that all people can accept, human society will continue to perpetually fail.

We do not want to support either opinion. We want to concentrate on the Real Truth® that humans do exist. This is something upon which all of us can agree.

We can agree that the physical Earth is divided by the borders surrounding nations, the boundaries forming communities, and the fences that isolate families. This is a physical division. The question that remains unanswered is, who had the right to establish these physical boundaries?

Using the United States of America as an example, the native Americans were living in the Western Hemisphere before the people of the Eastern Hemisphere arrived. If the argument is made that the first inhabitants are the rightful owners of any physical part of the earth, then the animals that lived in the Western Hemisphere have first claim to it.

In pride, native Americans feel that the land was theirs, and that it was stolen from them. Without pride, because animal nature does not allow it, the buffalo (bison), for example, lived in relative peace and harmony with nature before the “red man” invaded and stole their land. The “white man” invaded and stole the land from the “red man.” Giving all of nature an equal claim to possession, the buffalo — the Western Hemisphere’s most numerous and strongest inhabitant — is the rightful heir of this part of the earth.

Native Americans caused the buffalo to fear. The Europeans caused the native Americans to fear. And the Europeans cause each other to fear. They fear each other because of their governments.

PRIDE appears to be the culprit that has corrupted the earth and caused so much fear and destruction.

“This is our land, not yours! We were here first, not you!”

The buffalo would greatly appreciate all humans to leave their land and let them live as they did for thousands of years.

But would the native American want the “white human” to leave their land and let them live as they did for hundreds of years?

The easiest way to counter the pride of the native American people (“red humans”) is for the “white humans” to leave and force the modern native American people to live like they did just a couple of hundred years ago. Would they want this? Would they want to lose the technology and innovations that did not exist until the “white humans” invaded their land?

Would the African Americans want to be repatriated (sent back to their own country) to Africa and lose all “white” influence, all “white” government, along with the advancements in education, technology, and prosperity that did not exist before their ancestors were forced into slavery?

If the Western Hemisphere had not been discovered, and Africa had not been colonized by the whites from the North, what would these areas of the earth be like today? What were they like a few hundred years ago?

What was it really like to live as a native American in the Western Hemisphere, or as a”black” human in Africa, BEFORE white people invaded? Were the ancient native American and African governments better than the European governments?

The Real Truth® is, they were not!

The practice of human sacrifice in pre-Columbian cultures, particularly in Mesoamerican and South American cultures, is well documented. It is well documented that European slave traders usually bought enslaved people who were captured in endemic warfare between African states. Some Africans had made a business out of capturing Africans from neighboring ethnic groups or war captives and selling them as slaves to slave traders.

How does the above Real Truth® — how things really were in the past — affect the pride that causes the fear that divides darker-skinned people from lighter-skinned people?

Answering the questions about how societal life was before the different human races started integrating diminishes ignorance. This, in turn, diminishes fear, which then has the potential to increase the hope that humans can realize the benefit of living united, with one heart and one mind.

When observing a group of little children  — of all different tones of skin — playing together, is pride in one’s race, ethnicity, culture, or traditions present among the children? When called in from playing at dusk, how much hope do these children retain as they contemplate that tomorrow they can go out and play again? Do the children fear each other?

Unless we become like little children, we will not acquire the hope that is necessary to eliminate the fear of living together.

Unless we break down the physical and emotional barriers that divide us, we will continue to fear each other.

It is not our human nature to fear each other. Fear is taught. The ignorance that creates fear is actually created from not being taught the Real Truth® about humans. The roots of our humanity are good and, when watered and fertilized properly, can grow into a tree of humanity that will always produce the best fruit, delicious to the taste and most desirable. PRIDE is responsible for causing the trees of Earth’s vineyard to produce bad fruit.

PRIDE in one’s nation, in one’s community, and in one’s family is responsible for destroying humanity.

Let’s address one of the opinions about human existence.

Let’s suppose that a big bang occurred that set in motion a process that created life. We can all agree that this process created humans. According to those who theorized this opinion, humans, in their current form, have only been around for about 250,000 years. Therefore, this accepted opinion of how humans were created — from start to finish — allows for this same process to occur 20,000 times over a span of five billion years (the accepted approximate age of planet Earth).

Considering that we have only had nuclear weapons for less than a hundred years, and that these weapons could completely destroy the entire human race, why is it not possible and probable that the process of life created humans many, many different times since this earth was created?

We were created through this opined (supposed) evolutionary process. We developed our intelligence and the technologies that ended up destroying us.

If this process of creation were true, then it would be highly probable that there are other solar systems, created by the same process, that are inhabited by other humans. The only evidence that we have is our own solar system. And in our solar system, humans are the highest form of life possible. Because we have no other evidence that a higher intelligence that humans exists, we must accept the Real Truth® that the human life form is the greatest compendium of matter possible … according to the opinion that life evolved from a big bang.

We have evidence of human societies that were more successful than others, which allowed these societies to last longer. But we have no evidence that any of these societies were established by the correct form of government — a government that controls human nature for the benefit of the human creature.

Therefore, it must be logically concluded that humans have not yet created the correct form of government — one that can be trusted to guarantee the greatest life form with the greatest life experience.

There is no group of humans that is more united, existing without fear, and full of hope than a group of little children.

A government that allows little children to play together, to always be united, and ensures that these children retain the hope of waking up tomorrow to play again in happiness, IS THE CORRECT FORM OF GOVERNMENT.

What are the rules of the playground that allow this?

Setting up the perfect form of government is as easy as setting up playground rules that allow children of all races and genders — who haven’t yet been taught to possess pride in themselves above the other children — to continue to play with each other, waking up in the morning excited to go out and play.

When a child does not have to worry about going outside hungry, and staying safe and protected while playing with other children, that child experiences the joy that is the essence of the human species. Humans are that they might have joy. Adults ensure that the child’s basic needs are met, and that the child is kept safe. The adults watching the children play are of one heart and one mind in the way that they are observing their children experiencing joy, and they will not allow any of the children on the playground to suffer needlessly.

The subsequent chapters of this book will explain how simple it is to establish this form of government. We will explain the simple rules that need to be implemented in order to keep order on the playground we call Earth.

Introducing and explaining the simple rules of law that create order upon Earth will eliminate ignorance, which in turn will eliminate fear, which will allow humans to have a hope of a brighter future of peace, justice, and equality.

Everything about the perfect government must be based on helping humans — the greatest compendium of matter possible — become like little children again — adults of one heart and one mind, where there are no poor among us.

Once we are united for the same reasons (of one heart) by the same ways (of one mind), it will no longer be impossible to imagine ONE PEOPLE, ONE WORLD, ONE GOVERNMENT.

Before we can explain how simple the proper rule of law and order can be, we need to consider more of the causes that have divided us.


One People, One World, One Government © 2022 by Worldwide United Publishing. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission of the author or publisher, except by a reviewer who may quote brief passages.





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