Christopher, Why do you lie so much? The answer … YOU CANNOT HANDLE THE REAL TRUTH® — no mortal can handle the Real Truth®.

September 30, 2022

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Can you imagine meeting a woman for the first time and saying,

“You’re beautiful … at least with all that makeup on. I wonder what you really look like without the lie that you’re presenting to the world by hiding your real looks behind your makeup?”

The world would say that you were unkind for saying this to a person, although it is the Real Truth®.

Very few women in this world are attractive … according to the world’s idea of attractive … without makeup.

There isn’t a day that goes by that people do not lie to each other.

Mortals have been learning how to lie to each other since they were little children. We learned how to lie from our parents, friends, and peers. We learned how to lie to protect ourselves, promote ourselves, and feel good about ourselves.

Yeah, lies make us feel good about ourselves. Most things that make us feel good are lies. Countless religions and beliefs are simply lies that make us feel good.

Only little children, who have not yet learned how to lie, don’t lie.

Here’s a personal example of how a little child learns how to lie:

One of my exes, Marcee Jaynes Quirk, had a daycare when our two boys were very young.

I was over at her house one morning as she was receiving the children in her daycare from their mothers. One of the mothers was very overweight. This overweight woman entered Marcee’s house with her child.

Our eldest son, Riley, asked (with a lot of sincerity and curiosity, and as loud as he could speak), “Why is that lady so fat?”

Marcee and I were embarrassed. We reprimanded Riley. But for what?

We punished him for telling the Real Truth®.

I have received a few emails over the last couple of days from some who believe … or rather, have convinced themselves … that they are true supporters and followers of the Real Illuminati®’s Marvelous Work and a Wonder®. These questioned me about my most recent revelations of Real Truth® that counter other things I have said previously.

One “Peter” asked me why I said, in the past, that this earth will never be destroyed, when I recently revealed that it will be.

Did I lie then? Or am I lying now?

I have said a lot of things in the past that were not Real Truth®; and anything that is not Real Truth® is a lie.

I have explained that my predecessor, Joseph Smith, was mandated, as was I, to lie to people, according to what people want to hear.

Don’t let the foolish LDS/Mormons try to convince you that this isn’t true!

The Book of Mormon reaffirms that God’s prophets are commanded to lie to the people “because they desired it”:

“But behold, the Jews were a stiffnecked people; and they despised the words of plainness, and killed the prophets, and sought for things that they could not understand. Wherefore, because of their blindness, which blindness came by looking beyond the mark, they must needs fall; for God hath taken away his plainness from them, and delivered unto them many things which they cannot understand, because they desired it. And because they desired it God hath done it, that they may stumble.” (BOM, Jacob 4:14.)

Joseph often told his followers that, “If I tell you all I know of the mysteries of God, you would rise up and kill me.” Or better, if Joseph hadn’t lied to his followers, they would have killed him long before they did.

Throughout his tenure as the leader of the LDS/Mormon people, Joseph Smith lied more than I ever have.

I’ve explained many, many times, that when I was recruited by the Real Illuminati® to publish the sealed portion of their Book of Mormon in 1991, I had a very hard time accepting that I would have to lie in order to help them.

For about twelve years, after I refused to help them, I found out through my own experience that, without lies, those who believe in lies will never open their minds to the fact that they believe in lies.

The wise know that you have to lie to people who have been lied to, who accept and believe in these lies. This is the only way you can gain enough of their respect to open their minds to something other than lies.

This has always been the case. Only a fool would believe that worldly leaders of politics, religion, and business tell the Real Truth®. None of them do … ABSOLUTELY NONE!

I admitted recently that I lied to my most recent ex-wife, Sheri, the entire time I was with her. I had to. When I didn’t … or when a Real Truth® slipped out from time to time … it made her feel bad about herself. It was my kindness that caused me to lie to Sheri. Even though she thought she could handle the Real Truth®, I knew that she couldn’t.

I am not lying to Sheri any longer. I am not telling her some things that have nothing to do with her, but I will not lie to her.

If Sheri ever asks me to tell her the Real Truth®, and I know that it will hurt her or cause her to feel uncomfortable, I will refuse to answer her. But I will never lie to her, or to anyone else, again.

For this reason, I live in a cave, allegorically.

I refuse to deal with other mortals, in person, face-to-face, in the role of a True Messenger. As long as a person doesn’t know who I claim to be, I don’t need to lie to them. I won’t tell them the Real Truth® about who I am, but, because the person is not interacting with me with a desire to know what I know, I don’t need to lie to them.

I’ve been asked, “What do you do for a living?”

My answer: “Ah, nothing much. I’m retired. I used to be the CEO of a fuel additive company, but now I’m just a dude.”

I usually won’t carry on much more of a conversation with a person who doesn’t know who I am, for their sake, and for mine.

And, when it comes to dealing with those who know who I am, I have never been more honest than I am right now.

Yes, I will continue to keep things from them, but I will not lie to them.

I will avoid them as much as possible, so that I do not have to tell them the Real Truth® … they couldn’t handle the Real Truth®.

Many people think they can handle hearing the Real Truth®, but they can’t.

Even if they hear the Real Truth®, if it doesn’t agree with their truths, they will disbelieve it anyway, so why tell them?

I gave the above example of a time in the recent past when I told a group of MWAW followers that the earth wouldn’t really be destroyed, after I had already told them that it would be.

Why did I do this?

I did it to save a person’s life.

After I had revealed the Real Truth® that this earth didn’t have a chance of surviving, a person lost all hope in everything and was about to commit suicide. This person’s family knew what I had said, and what had caused this person to lose all hope and want to commit suicide. Had I not backtracked and lied that the earth will not be destroyed, there would have been a chance that I would have been blamed and held legally responsible for this person’s death.

Yeah, I lied to save my own skin!

After this incident, I reviewed other Real Truth®s that I had shared, probably too soon for most people to handle.

I changed other things that I had revealed earlier in the work (MWAW), adjusted what I had said, and lied again in order to protect me from further persecution.

Whenever I would explain something that the people of the world, especially close followers of the MWAW, couldn’t handle, the Bros (Real Illuminati®) would kindly interject and cause me to think carefully about what I had just revealed.

I am FAR from a perfect True Messenger!

I am often impetuous, impatient, and continually upset that I have to lie to people. So, when I have convinced myself … and that’s the problem … that I can FINALLY reveal the Real Truth®, I don’t think about the consequences the revelation is going to have on another person.

I just blab it out!

Some of the Real Truth® has actually caused a few people to commit suicide in the past. Luckily for me, the way that these few people did it took away any legal responsibility that their families could have used against me to get me criminally charged as an accessory to their suicide.

Think about this carefully …

My mentors are soon to leave this earth, never to return.

I have explained in the past that they would always be around, trying to get people to think. I stated that one day they would reveal themselves as immortal beings (who are young, do not age, and will not die). I explained that this would happen once science and technology caught up and started producing human bodies that are young, don’t age, and will never die, except by the hand of another mortal.

I said a lot of things about them that I hoped were true about their existence.

Not until recently did they inform me that there was a chance that I would outlive them. I had no idea that they would ever give up on this world.

But a lot has happened recently that should have given me the clue that they were preparing to depart.

They contacted the LDS/Mormon Church and asked to meet with its leaders. This wicked church refused. Yeah, these leaders refused to meet with those who are presented in the Book of Mormon as the “Three Nephites” and “John the Beloved.”

The Real Illuminati® would have never offered to meet with these religious leaders, if they couldn’t have fulfilled the offer, had it been accepted.

There are other things that my mentors did to prepare for their departure — things that I will explain in the future. (I am a little bit more careful now about what I reveal. I have to be sure that, when I do, it’s the right thing to do.)

A lot of these things have to do with the keys to technology and science that the Real Illuminati® introduced in the way they introduce these things to the rest of the world.

I was allowed to explain how they influence people in this world to do good, in their book, The True History of Religion, How Religion Destroys the Human Race and What the Real Illuminati® Has Attempted To Do Through Religion To Save the Human Race (pub. 2019):

(Beginning of excerpt, from Chapter 11 — Influencing the Renaissance.)

We know more about technology than all the scientific minds in this world combined. If the few would just listen to us to use the knowledge that we have for the right reason, we would gladly share what we know with the world—free of charge. For one example, if they would provide a cure for cancer free of charge to all people, we would share this knowledge with them.

But in our search for the few among the few, we have not been able to find any. In almost every case, those who we have found in a position of authority, who could influence the majority, would not help us. What politician today, what scientist today, what actor, what singer, what artist of any kind, will help us—for free? Their money and value come from keeping the majority in the dark and not allowing the majority to compete against them.

How many forced laborers are there who can sing or paint, and who, if given the chance, could compete with the few? And if the people ran their own government in the proper way, where the people retained their own power in how they were governed, what value would politicians have?

How many universities, pharmaceutical companies, and their respective research and development departments would provide their discoveries for free? Even if they were given the knowledge of how to cure disease or create energy in such a way that all of humanity could have as much electricity as each person needed, these would not provide them for free to others.

We mentioned how we approached Thomas Jefferson to help us introduce a new religion in the newly established United States. He refused to help us because of the political power and popularity that he was used to, that gave him his own good life.

We found a lot of thinkers in our search, whom we inspired with our knowledge. We do not sit around all day just thinking. We do not have to think; we already know. We spend all day, every day, searching for the few among the few who might help us give our knowledge to the world for free. We have yet to find one who has the clout and influence with the majority that is necessary in order to convince the majority to change the way life upon Earth is going.

Our searches in the past, among the many renaissance cultures, have led us to many people whom the world values as great thinkers, as great composers, great politicians, and great entertainers. Our interaction with them helped them to think about things differently and create philosophies that they otherwise would have never thought of, without our help.

(End of excerpt.)

It was explained that they provided the final pieces of the nuclear energy puzzle and made sure that the United States of America was the first to receive this technology. The following excerpt says everything that they needed to say about their involvement in the furtherance of science and technology for the benefit of ALL of humanity equitably:

(Beginning of excerpt, from Chapter 2 — The Real Illuminati®.)

It is important to keep in mind that everything that we have done, everything that we do, and everything that we will ever do protects the free will of the individual in a peaceful way. Although many of our messengers have been killed for sharing our message with others, we have never used violence towards another. We have never supported or influenced the use of violence towards another.

Instead of the need to defend ourselves, we do not place ourselves in situations in which we might need to. We assimilate our presence into the society in which we operate. We choose a society based on the desires of the people. We seek out a society where the bulk of its population is seeking for the same goals as we are.

In an effort to create or preserve peace throughout history, we have helped certain societies defend themselves against aggression. This was done by giving certain craftsmen, scientists, or researchers ideas that spark technological inventions. These inventions have led to weapons that the aggressor does not possess.

Our intent in providing these types of advanced weaponry and knowledge was to dissuade the aggressor from continuing an offensive attack against another society. We (the Real Illuminati®) do not support vengeance (retaliation) or a vindictive offense (purposefully hurting others), regardless of the amount of destruction and misery the aggressor might have caused.

We were responsible for providing the scientific knowledge to the right people in order to place the control of nuclear energy (atomic power) in the hands of the United States of America. This was to stop the rise of Fascism (extreme oppression) in Europe. When the German nation exalted the white race above all other races and began a systematic massacre to eliminate individuals, it needed to be stopped.

European scientists held most of the keys to modern nuclear technology. These keys were available to the Axis powers (the nations that fought in World War II against the Allied forces), but there were certain scientific principles that they lacked. We provided the rest of the needed nuclear intelligence to America and its allies. This was done to stop Germany and other malicious (cruel) European countries from succeeding.

Our intent for sharing this knowledge and intelligence with the United States included the hope that the United States would retain this incredible new power for the purpose of protecting and supporting individual human rights.

Our attempts to counsel and influence the United States government to protect individual free will have generally failed. The United States shared its nuclear technology information with other countries that were not established on the concept of unconditional freedom in the pursuit of individual happiness. This mishap led to further instability throughout the world, a mishap that we are obligated to try to correct.

We have a warning for the people of Earth:

You must unite as one human race and begin to treat each person equally (alike) and with fairness (equity). You must end worldwide poverty and provide the basic necessities of life to each human, free of charge. IF you do not do this, we (our True Selves) are going to allow this solar system to be destroyed.

This world is no longer moving forward. It is progressively moving backwards. Our last and only hope is to provide the people of Earth with the knowledge and the intelligence necessary to stop the world from going backwards, to help propel it forward.

We intend to share our knowledge, and more importantly, our understanding, of the past and present, so that the future can be salvaged.

If the world rejects this knowledge and continues on a slippery slope of human degradation, individual slavery (the inability to exercise free will), ethnic, religious, and national division, our mutual True Selves are going to allow this solar system to be destroyed.

(End of excerpt.)

One need only ask oneself:

“Is our world moving forward?”

I have not yet revealed what the Real Illuminati® have been working on recently “to share [their] knowledge, and more importantly, [their] understanding, of the past and present, so that the future can be salvaged.”

We revealed that they were responsible for the coronavirus that started the worldwide pandemic. They did this with the hope that it would make a difference in how humans cooperate and unite with “one heart and mind” to save each other.

They knew that one of two things would happen after humanity experienced a worldwide pandemic: 1) people would unite and begin to move towards “peace and life eternal,” or 2) their hearts and minds would become even more hardened.

The latter was the result.

For now, I can reveal this one thing:

The Real Illuminati® were influencing people, behind the scenes, in some important advancements in astrophysics and space technology. Instead of using the information to bring greater equality and equity to the poorer people on the earth, these “evil” people used it to invent a bigger telescope — the James Webb Telescope, and send a $325 million dollar spacecraft out into space to crash into an asteroid.

Billions and billions of dollars have been, are, and will be used by NASA and other international space agencies to explore things that don’t mean a thing to the billions of humans upon this earth who are literally starving and being abused.

Because the Real Illuminati® were doing these things and other things, I thought that, perhaps — because they are much wiser than I am — they had a lot of hope for the future. This was my belief, despite the Real Truth®s that I knew about human existence upon this earth, as well as what I knew about other more advanced planets throughout our galaxy.

My mentors never wanted me to find out that they also knew it was hopeless.

They never wanted me to tell my few supporters that it was hopeless.

They realized a long time ago that their existence as mortals upon this earth, along with the part they were playing to help save humanity, was not going to work.

They knew this a long time ago.

But I didn’t.

I do now.

My role is specific and has been laid out for me.

I have and want NOTHING further to do with mortals upon this earth.

The very few who support my basic needs have been tried, tested, and have proven that they would not become a “Peter” or a “Judas” to me.

These few are now in place.

I need no others.

I know that my dear friends, mentors, and the most incredible human beings that have ever lived upon this earth will soon be leaving me alone, to finish the mission for which I exist upon this earth.

If people who read their Book of Mormon would just pay attention to what they wrote about themselves, people would have known what was next for them:

“And now, in this two hundred and first year [2031, 201 years after 1830, after the people had heard the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and set up a righteous church among them] there began to be among them those who were lifted up in pride, such as the wearing of costly apparel, and all manner of fine pearls, and of the fine things of the world [having established a market in which they did traffic in all manner of traffic, called the City Creek Center]. And from that time forth they did have their goods and their substance no more common among them.

“And they began to be divided into classes; and they began to build up churches unto themselves to get gain [even to become the wealthiest church on Earth], and began to deny the true [fullness of the Gospel] of Christ.

“Therefore the true believers in Christ, and the true worshipers of Christ, (among whom were the [Real Illuminati®] — the three disciples of Jesus who should tarry) were called [the true Saints, and their numbers were very few].

“And it came to pass that they who rejected the gospel were called [Latter-day Saints]; and they did not dwindle in unbelief, but they did willfully rebel against the gospel of Christ [which Jesus had taught them by his own mouth]; and they did teach their children that they should not believe, even as their fathers, from the beginning, did dwindle.

“And it came to pass that two hundred and forty and four years had passed away, and thus were the affairs of the people. And the more wicked part of the people did wax strong, and became exceedingly more numerous than were the people of God.

“And they did still continue to build up churches [and temples] unto themselves, and adorn them with all manner of precious things. And thus did two hundred and fifty years pass away, and also two hundred and sixty years [2090].

“And it came to pass that the wicked part of the people began again to build up the secret oaths and combinations of Gadianton, [which were the secret combinations of power held by politicians, religious, and business leaders in support of Capitalism].

“And from this time the disciples [the Real Illuminati®] began to sorrow for the sins of the world.

“And it came to pass that the [secret combinations of political, religious, and business powers that support Capitalism] did spread over all the face of the land; and there were none that were righteous save it were the disciples of Jesus. And gold and silver did they lay up in store in abundance, and did traffic in all manner of traffic [including stocks and bonds, and many other diverse ways by which the rich became even richer, to the envying of the poor, who were also very wicked].

“But wickedness did prevail upon the face of the whole land, insomuch that the Lord did take away his beloved disciples, [the Real Illuminati®]”

—BOM, 4 Nephi 1:24–26, 37–38, 41–46; Mormon 1:13; emphasis added.

I knew about the time frame.

I thought I would be long gone and dead before the LDS/Mormon Church fulfilled the prophecies of the Book of Mormon, according to the exact time frame given in the narrative.

I was wrong.

This church, which should be the most righteous church on the earth, has become the most wicked, “and there [are] none that were righteous save it were the disciples of Jesus [the Real Illuminati®].”

Among the few who call themselves “friends” and “supporters” of a Marvelous Work and a Wonder®, I can count the number on my two hands of those who are not just as corrupt as everyone else in this world.

And NONE of my true friends and supporters would ever question the lies that I have to say!

I will finish what I have been asked to do for them.

I will finish the work that I have been given to do.

And now,

The Real Illuminati® can go.

I will be fine.

And I will lie no more.

There’s no need to.

This world is FUBAR, and if they cannot do anything to change it, neither can I!




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