COFFEE WITH CHRIS — Why there is no hope for humanity … Responding to Peer Review Discussions

November 7, 2022

Coffee with Chris

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Editor’s summary:

Tony Saiki, as Director of Public Relations for the MWAW, is in charge of vetting anyone who wants to talk to Christopher and making sure it will not be a waste of time. Many may show interest initially, especially those who have left the LDS Church. This is because, due to human nature, they are searching for information to justify such a big and difficult choice (leaving the Church) and will gravitate towards anything that will validate their decision. Unfortunately, these are not seeking for Real Truth® and will be offended by what they hear. There are very few who really want to know the Real Truth®. This is as it should be and is good for Christopher’s protection.

We should not discuss or share the MWAW with anyone, for our own peace and for Christopher’s safety. There is no need for us to be on social media; concentrate on real life. We were told that if we don’t have anything nice to say, we shouldn’t say anything. We should be very careful of what we say to others, especially (but not only), in regards to Christopher. We should keep our opinions to ourselves.

Contrary to the above, the purpose of the Peer Review Group is to share our opinions – right or wrong. It is only in this venue that we should share them and they should be backed with evidence and clearly stated. We are cautioned not to let pride get in our way and also to keep focused on the book and not on ourselves.

Christopher will continue with the Zeitgeist shows as they were previously scheduled. We are cautioned that Christopher will confront our ego and pride. He will not allow us to talk about ourselves or bear our testimonies of the MWAW. We should consider that the purpose of these shows is to allow those who are unfamiliar with the MWAW to ask questions. Our questions should be general questions that anyone would understand, questions family or friends who do not follow Christopher might ask.

This earth was specifically set up to allow us to experience things like sports and sex, which are things that involve pride and take away peace on Earth. There is no hope for humanity. Nothing is going to change unless human nature changes. The only way to change human nature is through this work. Christopher suggested watching  Mormon Temple Endowment Parody and showed us another video A Brief Disagreement, both by Steve Cutts. These are both excellent demonstrations of the reason there is no hope for humanity.

End of editor’s summary.

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