COFFEE WITH CHRIST (“OPHER” bearer of Christ) — How to avoid eternal damnation and the SECOND DEATH

January 6, 2023

Coffee with Chris

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Editor’s summary:

If we were able to remain conscious in our current state (which is impossible) and travel through a black hole in the universe, we would find an incredible universe populated with an infinite amount of human beings, all in their own space. This is where our ultimate True Selves, our eternal natures which were never created and will never be destroyed, exist in our first state of existence. As perfect, stable, wonderful human beings desiring new experiences, we make the choice to connect our brains to a parallel universe on the other side of a black hole. We connect our brains to infant bodies, prepared for us by human beings who exist in this universe for the sole purpose of creating bodies for us to connect to here.

As we grow, develop, and learn in this new universe, traveling to different solar systems, experiencing different people, we develop an ego — a part of us that is unique to each of us.  We then begin to notice that our own existence isn’t always conducive to another person’s happiness. Some people don’t feel comfortable in our presence and we don’t feel comfortable in theirs. Though our first response is to blame the other person, we have a little doubt in that assessment because we notice that there are others who are comfortable around these same people. In order to prove to ourselves whether or not we are responsible for causing the problems, we choose to give up our free will as Advanced Humans and let our brains produce a conscious situation in another solar system, on another planet, as a mortal avatar. Because our free will is impeded during this time, we become a prisoner of our environment. During this experience, our mortal avatar acts and reacts without our advanced brain having any conscious control, projecting a true, honest reflection of what makes us happy. This will provide us with proof of how our lives create problems for others, causing us to end our existence when we die and return again to our first estate.

We weren’t supposed to know this information during our mortal experience, however, the what we are experiencing here is flawed. We’re not receiving a fair trial of our true humanity. Therefore, Christopher’s job is to present the Real Truth® to us, which will be recorded and presented to the world, so that there can be a fair test. If we do not find this information and embrace it, changing our attitude and everything about us, we’ll know without a doubt that it’s useless to search for another planet to test ourselves on. We will know that we are, indeed, the problem and, when we die, we’ll want to kill ourselves again to return to our first estate to begin the process all over again, under different circumstances. On the other hand, upon learning the Real Truth®,  are we are able to find some semblance of joy and peace knowing that there are people working on solutions for ending other people’s misery and that we fully support these solutions, and are doing everything in our power to effectuate a more comfortable situation for other people?

Christopher gave several examples of ways that we are all failing this test by causing problems for other people. He also gave examples of two solutions we can support that would benefit others. He described how we could easily provide universal education  in the United States for free for everyone. Additionally, he detailed how we could use this to benefit those who are in prison, along with treating them with kindness and respect, and how this could change the whole prison system, allowing those incarcerated the opportunity to learn and become successful participants in society upon their release.

End of editor’s summary.



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