COFFEE WITH CHRISTOPHER 12/28/22 — Explaining how important the MWAW is to human existence

December 28, 2022

Coffee with Chris

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Editor’s summary:

There are several examples of people coming across the books of this work and sharing them on YouTube. Christopher highlighted one lady in particular who shared a video about finding The Sealed Portion and the Book of Mormon. People who are sincerely seeking for the truth, will be led to this work where they’ll begin to find the Real Truth®. This is, however, only the beginning. People must have a broken heart and a contrite spirit to continue learning or they will fall away from this work and go back to knowing nothing.

Christopher is always testing his audience to see if they truly have a broken heart and contrite spirit and are sincerely seeking for Real Truth®. People who are not ready and sincere in their search will be offended. Christopher gave us a simple test to help us determine if we are ready. It is this: Do you get offended or feel uncomfortable with the following words: cunt, dick, nigger, cracker, or any other profanities? A person who is ready to hear the Real Truth® will not be offended by anything that person hears, no matter what. These words should NEVER offend us. If they do, we should not watch this show.

It is impossible for any of us to have contact with God or Jesus in this world, no matter how sincere our prayers. Our prayers are only answered by our own pride and ego, which is why so many people get so many different answers. We must receive answers from a True Messenger, someone who has had their brain transfigured (which is what happened to Christopher, explained in the show). He is the only one on this planet who can explain simply and clearly the answers to every question that plagues the human mind. “Who am I? How do I exist? Where did I come from? What is this world all about? What are the planets all about? What is the sun all about? How does it exist? How do I exist?” And the most important question: “What’s going to happen when I die?”

We can have access to Christopher during his Zeitgeist shows, presented once a month. In order to be a part of the live audience, we must be in our seats 10 minutes before the show starts, showing our face and using our real name. We should take notes during the presentation, writing questions that we have as he explains, but we should not ask any questions until he asks for questions. It is important to wait until that time because it’s very likely he will answer our questions as we continue listening to his presentation. Only one question will be allowed per person unless Christopher specifically authorizes a person to ask more than one. If we are not a part of the live audience, we will be able to see the show after it has been edited and published by the producers.

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