COFFEE WITH CHRISTOPHER — 2023 Message: How to find happiness on a planet that will be destroyed.

January 4, 2023

Coffee with Chris

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Editor’s summary:

There will be three Zeitgeist shows during the year 2023. The first Zeitgeist show will be held Saturday, January 7th 12 o’clock US MDT. All are welcome to attend but must be logged in 15 minutes before the show starts with their real name and showing their face. It will be a live audience broadcast which will be recorded. It will be published after editing for those who missed the live show. During that show, Christopher will give empirical evidence that the solar system is going to be destroyed. He will explain why it’s useless for human beings to live in this solar system, on this planet. He will help us to understand why the entire world is in such a state, not improving, and, in fact, getting worse.

Christopher used this CWC to demonstrate some of the problems in this world, followed by simple and easy the solutions. All one needs to do to prove that these solutions will not work is to listen to the information, use critical thinking skills, and see if they can be reasonably challenged. Two of the many problems in this world were discussed in detail. The first was the Ukraine-Russian war. Christopher gave a brief history of how the conflict started there and the United States’ involvement in it. He then described solution. This was followed by a discussion about the news article: Why do the rich get richer — even during global crises? Christopher expanded on the problems addressed in this article and presented the solution to that as well. He directed us to The Humanity Party®’s websiteand proposed constitution and specifically pointed to how this problem would be solved by implementing this plan.

Despite the state of this world, it is possible for us to find joy and happiness. The more that we know of Real Truth®, the more we will be able to deal with this life. Although this information can bring us great joy, we were reminded not to share the information we find through The Marvelous Work and a Wonder® and the Real Illuminati®. We have no right, not even legally, to share this information. We must let others find it on their own. The purpose of the websites and the books is to lead us to Christopher so he can teach us the Real Truth®. Christopher referenced several books in this CWC which can all be found here. And also directed us to his proclamation which can be found here as well as to a testimonial page referenced in his proclamation.

End of editor’s summary.



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