COFFEE WITH CHRISTOPHER — Addressing “FALSE MESSENGERS” using the MWAW books for their own agenda.

December 30, 2022

Coffee with Chris

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Editor’s summary:

This Coffee with Christopher addressed those who have found and are using The Sealed Portion — The Final Testament of Jesus Christ, 666, Mark of America — Seat of the Beast, or any other publications that can be found at the Real Illuminati®’s website to set themselves up above others as someone who is enlightened or who has been contacted by God and led to this information. These people should be directed to Christopher. The Sealed Portion itself directs anyone who reads it to find Christopher, ask him the questions, and get the information from him directly. Christopher wrote every single word of every single one of those books and they were published under his direction. There is no one else who is being inspired by God. Those who pretend this are False Messengers. Any who use the books of the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® for gain will be sued in a court of law. The copyright is held by the publisher and if that publisher finds that anyone is profiting — receiving donations or tithing or any funds — from these books, that person will be contacted by an attorney and stopped.

Christopher is the only one who knows the Real Truth® about how things really are. He can explain things about the universe, stars, planets, black holes, and supernovas. He can explain why every single planet in this solar system was created and how it was created. He can give us a competent, viable, and very practical solution to every single problem that exists in this world today and that will exist in this world in the future, and nobody, not the smartest, most educated people on this earth, will be able to discount or challenge it. Christopher knows how we can solve poverty and it’s his job to explain in to us, taking away any excuses.

The Zeitgeist shows are dedicated specifically to explaining the Real Truth®. All are invited to come and attend the Zeitgeist shows and be a part of the live audience and ask questions. If you are not a part of the live audience, you will be able to watch the shows after they are produced and edited. Extra information will be given in the final edits and presentation. Christopher will explain in the first episode why we exist, what this life is all about, and what is our purpose.

End of editor’s summary.



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