COFFEE WITH CHRISTOPHER — How religious/spiritual people are deceived and destroying humanity

December 1, 2022

Coffee with Chris

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Editor’s summary:

Religious and spiritual people believe with all of their hearts that they are receiving inspiration and revelation from God. This belief is destroying humanity. In truth, we have no connection or communication with anyone outside of our own self, including our higher self. Our brains are responsible for the physical feelings that deceive us, such as a burning in our bosom or faster heartbeat. Human life is nothing more than a highly advanced dream created in the mind of our true self. Just as we can’t control our mortal dreams, our higher true self cannot get through to our mortal self. There is only one exception to this rule: “If, in connecting with your true self (which just means that you know the Real Truth® and you understand things as they really are), it’s for the benefit of the world — everybody, humanity as a whole — then you can rest assured that you can get that inspiration.”  That’s why Christopher challenges anybody out there to compare the plans that he gives to world to solve all the problems to those of any guru, prophet, seer, or revelator.

While people are busy praying to their gods about their own lives, there are “tens of thousands of people living like cattle in refugee camps in other parts of the world.” People giving donations in any way, to any charitable group or non-governmental organization, are aggravating the problem. Any vote for any politician in the world exacerbates this problem. “The Humanity Party® can present the perfect, incredible plan to get rid of all these refugee camps.

“Review The Humanity Party® plan. That’s the only way it can work. The United States government gives all kinds of aid, billions of dollars in aid, every year to all these countries and it goes to their governments and their governments are supposed to use it to do certain things. But the United States has no oversight. They don’t see what’s happening there.” Christopher “can explain exactly how to solve all these problems. You’ve got to be able to print money to do it. But then you have to have the proper government that regulates the printing of money and the oversight [that] has the ability to oversee how all that money is being spent. … There’s so much misery going on in this world and it’s so easy to take care of it. Watch the videos of The Humanity Party®.”

End of editor’s summary.


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