November 26, 2022

Coffee with Chris

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Editor’s summary:

This world is not united. It is creating problems that are going to get worse and worse and worse. “In the United States, hardly a week goes by where there isn’t some kind of mass shooting.” People are in the streets, blocking traffic, in people’s faces, protesting. Different subcultures present themselves as special, as being victims, or whatever it might be.  Protests are wrong and will never work — they never have. They’re hate-filled. People without love or compassion go out into the streets and do these things. Meanwhile, a lot of people (the silent majority) are getting sick of it. It’s all pride. “Pride, pride, pride … it’s taking this world down and it’s going to continue to increase until the world destroys itself.”

All we’ve got to do is be nice and not give our opinions to others unless asked for it. Even then, we should think about who we’re talking to. Do they really want our opinion? If not, and they probably don’t, avoid giving it. We should just focus on what our relationship’s about and why we’re interacting with that person at that time. We should never put ourselves above another person yet always know inside our hearts and minds that we’re each a god and that the entire universe revolves around each of us.

Christopher is working on writing the last two books. The first one, One People, One World, One Government, will outline perfectly what the perfect human government is — what needs to happen in order to create the perfect human society and it’s easy to do, especially now, when we have the technology and the innovation that we do. There should never be a hungry human being upon this planet. And every person should have safe and secure basic housing with free utilities, basic clothing, healthcare — health and mental care — and education provided for free.

Everything in the Real Illuminati®’s new American scripture (the Book of Mormon) contains a clue to solving societal problems on this planet. It is “one of the most genius books ever written when taken in context of why” they made it up. They actually made up a money system for the people of their story to give us clues as to how we could create an economic system that will serve all people equally. Their story hints that the entire value of money must be based on the basic necessities of life. Christopher’s job is to explain an economic system that cares for all people equally and provides for the basic necessities of life.  The cash incentive of participating in that economy must be greater than participating in our wants and luxuries.

The Dream of Mortal Life, Understanding Human Reality — A Final Warning to the Human Race is the last book that Christopher will write. This book will clearly explain everything about the universe. This world was set up so that a person could experience life upon this planet in this solar system, pursuing life the way people do, to test the righteousness of their pursuit of happiness. Only here, on this planet, do we have the free will and the capability of becoming a creator, of doing something by our own free will and choice that would either enhance the life experience of another person or cause misery to that person. We “need the ability to do this. That’s how this world is set up.” The final book will explain this. We’re here to figure out what truly makes us happy and if our pursuit of happiness indirectly or directly affects the pursuit of happiness of another.

Christopher’s happiness is different than us. He cannot find it in the ways that we can. He demonstrates this by how he feels compared to us during holidays like Thanksgiving.

End of editor’s summary.


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