Coffee With Christopher : Monthly debates — The Loftiness of the Human Species

October 31, 2022

Coffee with Chris

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Editor’s summary:

Everyone has an ego. An ego is what make us different from every other life form. It is the essence of a human being. An ego is what gives us value and purpose, makes us feel comfortable, and gives us a reason to get up in the morning. It causes the value and purpose for which you exist to be determined by you and nobody else. Whatever gives you peace supports your ego. Egos are good things.

People won’t believe anything that upsets their ego. The whole purpose of human life (why we exist) is to stimulate our brains through our senses which stimulates our egos. We’re set up to not like stimulation coming to our senses from our environment that in any way negates or causes us to feel uncomfortable. We don’t like that which doesn’t support our egos. This is what caused the debate with Jaron Bytheway to turn into a “pissing contest” with “egos flying all over the place” including Christopher’s.

Jaron Bytheway doesn’t have the solutions to solving poverty but he doesn’t want to admit that he wouldn’t even be interested in solving poverty had he not found The Sealed Portion, which changed his heart and drew his attention to this problem. Jaron sincerely wants to solve poverty but his pride gets in the way. He believes we can all come together and figure it out instead of supporting and endorsing the only person who truly knows how to do it — Christopher.

Christopher has all answers to the problems in this world. He briefly demonstrates just one thing he could do – solve the problems in the Middle East. He has offered to answer any questions and debate anyone who is willing on the last Sunday of every month. Robbie Pace can be the moderator.

End of editor’s summary.



I’ve agreed to a monthly debate with whomever desires to debate me on any topic. Yesterday’s (October 30, 2022) lasted over 4 1/2 hours … Four hours of a pissing contest between egos — mine included.

(However, I hope I made it worthwhile for the few of you who stuck around through the whole exhausting thing. At the end, I revealed some more Real Truth® that has never been revealed before — that this solar system was created in a different way than many other human solar systems to allow a different human experience to play out for a particular purpose … I’ll touch on that again today.)

Today, I’ll discuss the debate, as well as the upcoming debates, which I hope will bring on some great challenges.


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