COFFEE WITH CHRISTOPHER — Proof that I work for the devil… because I know way too much Real Truth®

January 9, 2023

Coffee with Chris

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Editor’s summary:

Any person who claims to have a direct connection with God, including any psychic, guru, or church leader, should know and be able to explain what the universe is about, how and why it’s set up the way that it is, and how it works. That person should also understand and be able to teach how energies work, how the solar system and galaxies work and what black holes are. Additionally, a person with a connection to God would be able to give solutions to every single social problem that we have on this planet. If you believe you have a direct connection, ask God to tell you these things. If you believe that your leaders do, ask them these questions and you will find out.

Christopher used for an example of those who falsely claim to have a direct connection with God, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He described the manipulative ways that the leaders of that church misuse the Book of Mormon to avoid answering these questions, placing the blame back on the membership of the church and their wickedness. Using that same Book of Mormon, even the same verses that are used to justify their lack of answers, Christopher demonstrated the true meaning, reading it in context and pointing out the deceptions and hypocrisies the Church presents. He taught further Real Truth®s found in the original temple endowment, which no leader of the Church understands.

There is only one person on this earth who can teach us the Real Truth®. That is Christopher. This was demonstrated in the Zeitgeist Episode One and will be proven in the Zeitgeist shows that follow. People can draw three conclusions from how he can explain these incredible things:

  1. Christopher is exactly who he claims to be — a True Messenger, connected to our True Selves and receiving energy transmissions through the dark hole that separates us from our First Estate.
  2. He’s a genius who has figured everything out and is just lying to everyone.
  3. He received all of this information from Lucifer or the devil, with the purpose of leading us all astray.

Most people, especially the religious, believe the third conclusion. They are left to consider these questions: Why would the devil want us to know the Real Truth®, causing us to become better people, no longer looking at others as sinners but seeing them with love? And why would he provide a perfect plan to solve poverty?

End of editor’s summary.



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