COFFEE WITH CHRISTOPHER — The GREAT WASTE DEBATE … the aftermath … Sigh, sigh, Oh my, Sigh

November 28, 2022

Coffee with Chris

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Editor’s summary:

Robbie Pace proved himself incapable of having a debate that is reasonably informative. At the beginning of the debate, three questions were presented that could have been quite informative, had Robbie adhered to them. Instead, it turned to a discussion about Christopher’s past and when Christopher tried to explain the Real Truth® about what happened in his past, he was told, “No, that didn’t happen.”  There’s nothing Christopher can do about critics who go back 20-30 years to find things about Christopher to try to discredit his character.  Although Christopher tried to explain that his past is irrelevant to the information presented, it unfortunately does matter to critics and enemies and our families and friends who we’ve shared this information with. To them, the most important thing is Christopher’s credibility. Although the debate was useless and a waste of time, it wasn’t Bryce Blakenagle’s fault, it was Robbie Pace’s. Robbie had an agenda from the beginning.

The aftermath of this debate is simple. Christopher learned that it’s useless. None of these people are ever going to come on and debate him about information. It’s always going to be about attacking his character in some way and he’s not going to allow it. It’s a waste of his time and it’s a waste of our time. Christopher also learned to stay in his cave, do his job, and deliver his message to this world.

On the next Zeitgeist show, Christopher will explain in a logical and reasonable way why this solar system and this earth are not going to make it — why humans are going to end up destroying each other for the last time because we’ve never been able to get it right. Christopher can and will teach us many incredible things but the most important thing for us to understand is why we’re here. Each person is the most important person in the entire universe — there’s nobody more important. This explanation should help us to love ourselves. The first principle of the Real Truth® about human existence is that each and every human being is equal in that way.

End of editor’s summary.


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