COFFEE WITH CHRISTOPHER — The ZEITGEIST CHALLENGE … Why am I hated? For What? Whom can I trust?

November 30, 2022

Coffee with Chris

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Editor’s summary:

Once a month, Christopher does a Zeitgeist show. The Zeitgeist Challenge is this: Christopher can solve any social issue that exists in this world. He can offer the world a perfect solution that will work immediately and will not take away the free will or compromise the happiness of any human being. Although the world’s not going to accept the solution, no one’s going to be able to discount or challenge that the solution would work if people would just get behind it. Further, these solutions will be presented outlined properly in his book One People, One World, One Government.

Briefly stated, society could be saved and even flourish and prosper if they would simply abide by the words of Jesus found in the New Testament, Matthew 4, 5, and 6. The Real Illuminati® understood this, so in the storyline of their new American scripture (the Book of Mormon) they incorporated those exact same words. Jesus taught the people of the Americas word-for-word what he taught the Jews when he was alive among them (for which he was killed). “He taught them that all law, all precept, all government should be based on two things — the ability of that government to promote the self-awareness and self-actualization of every one of its citizens equally and properly so that each person can love their self with all their heart, might, mind, and soul, and, secondly, establish laws that are based on a person loving everyone else in their society like they do themselves.”

“All the world religions are corrupt — every single one. There is none that is not a product of human pride and ego, the philosophies of men mingled with scripture.” Our true natures (as good, reasonable, and nice human beings) would never create religions like that. Christopher briefly explained why Christianity began, details of which can be found in The True History of Religion which is completely free to download. This book gives “very logical explanations of what religion really is.”

Christopher is hated, persecuted, unloved, and hunted because he tells people that the only pure religion should be the simple words of Jesus. That’s exactly what happened to the Jesus character, who was actually named Inpendius. Inpendius was killed for sharing that message and there are people who would kill Christopher, if given the opportunity, as well. That’s why he’s “living in a cave.” This is why he cannot have a friend, nor engage with anyone whatsoever. He cannot trust human beings. For this reason, he does all he can to offend us all. And the worst thing we can ever do to him is lie to him.

End of editor’s summary.



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