COFFEE WITH CHRISTOPHER – Watch Christopher destroy Bob’s logic. How the Real Truth® trumps ALL truth

January 12, 2023

Coffee with Chris

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Editor’s summary:

Christopher presented a video called What if Everything You Know is Wrong: Bob McDonald at TEDxVictoria 2013 and shared a challenge he made to the speaker Bob McDonald in the comments of this video presentation. He invited Bob to have a discussion with him but Bob accepting this challenge is highly unlikely. Bob will not want to be proven wrong and will likely delete Christopher’s comment altogether so that others will not see it. Christopher explained several flaws in Bob’s presentation, both in the scientific theories and in the solutions presented, followed by Christopher’s explanation and solutions.

Christopher is working on refining his teaching method. Because we all learn differently and it’s his job to teach us according to their level of comprehension and understanding, in a way to get through the filters in our brains, he is allowing access to the posts that he has written, as well as continuing the CWCs. CWC helps bring us hope on a daily basis and many of us look forward to these. He will also present a Zoom meeting on Saturday to perfectly explain the Real Truth® about homosexuality.

Additionally, Christopher will continue work on his books. He will begin with One People, One World, One Government. One chapter in this book will talk about immigration. Christopher demonstrated the problems and solutions to these problems by creating a panel for discussion with the people who were viewing this particular CWC. Problems discussed included lack of resources to have them here and drug trafficking. Solutions included decriminalizing drug use and providing free drugs in Christian church buildings throughout the United States, funded by the government, which would also provide help in getting off drugs, if that help is wanted. Secondly, distributing HumanECard®s to all the people of the countries who want to migrate over here. These cards will boost the economies in those areas by providing jobs and also encourage those who want to get rich to do so in ways that benefit the community.

End of editor’s summary.



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