COFFEE WITH CHRISTOPHER — Writer’s block … the absurdity of human “intelligence” on 01/11/23

January 11, 2023

Coffee with Chris

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Editor’s summary:

Christopher has no hope in this world. Although he has not for a long time, the Real Illuminati® (the group that Christopher used to work for), encouraged him to believe that there could be hope. After a series of events and efforts that they made, the Real Illuminati® are now gone. If there was any possible hope for this earth and this solar system, they would still be here. Christopher is left here alone to finish his work, which includes writing the last two books — One People, One World, One Government and The Dream of Mortal Life Understanding Human Reality A Final Warning to the Human Race. The immensity of this responsibility and his lack of hope is creating writer’s block.

Christopher job includes explaining what the proper government should look like for this experience on Earth. An example he gave was how important it is for each person to own their own land, being completely responsible for their own home and property and having the free will to do with it whatever they want, so long as they don’t impede another’s free will.  This can be done with the technology that we have and has been done before. In the billions of years that the earth has been in existence, there have been five other dispensations of time where people developed great technologies before they ended up destroying all but a few. Each dispensation experienced its own unique characteristics which Christopher will describe to us. Some examples he gave were the creation of other planets and moons and destroying all animals that cause any danger to people or to animals that bring them joy. Additionally, he can teach us how to get rid of oceans and control the climate.

Christopher has the responsibility of impressing upon our minds that we are the greatest compendium of matter — the greatest thing that exists — and we have complete power and control over our own reality, enabling us to gain our value from ourselves. The second part of that is helping us to understand that we need to respect other people in the same way because they are equally as important as we are. Human beings exist to have joy and this earth experience is our last chance to prove to ourselves if we can find this joy and happiness without causing misery to others. If we cannot, we will end our existence after this life, returning again to our first estate, on the other side of the black hole, and start the whole process over again.

In order to take away the excuses that come with living in this world, the Real Truth® must be told. It will cut down everything that we value — every single principle, propensity, characteristic, and every part of our human consciousness that we have developed after being little children. Unless we become as little children, letting go of these things that impede our progress, our pride will destroy us.

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