CWC 01-15-23 More on human sexuality—the perfect human body (Homophobic people should not listen.)

January 15, 2023

Coffee with Chris

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Editor’s summary:

The first bodies on this earth were produced asexually and, if read properly, the Bible supports that. At the end of the first dispensation of time when humans first developed on Earth, they started advancing in science and creating sub-human, imperfect bodies to serve them. These bodies were created as male and female for the sole purpose of reproduction and there was no homosexuality. Over time, due to the imperfect way that we are created and the how our DNA is developed and passed down over generations, people began being attracted to the same gender. This is a good thing. In advanced societies, sex is not a part of creating new bodies, it is for the pleasure of those who have sex.

An Overseer, who is always male, is the best form of human being that could possibly exist. He is the ultimate authority, the ultimate law giver. He has the power to create and control any elements. He would never, under any circumstance, do anything bad to another person. An Overseer always has a partner — just one — whom he chooses. This person can be male or female. If he decides to have a male partner, his body and his partner’s body will be created in a way for them to enjoy having sex the way they want. This includes having a prostate which produces the lubrication necessary for sex. If he chooses a female for a partner, a prostate is not necessary because her body creates the proper glands for lubrication.

Advanced females are creators. However, they do not create through sex. Sex is a reward for them. Unless they choose to partner with an Overseer (each Overseer having only one partner), they enjoy lesbian sex with the other advanced mothers. They have all the body parts necessary to enjoy that experience.

As our society advances, we will be able to create perfect bodies asexually which are genderless. This is proper. We should not have gender on this planet. Genders take away our free will and control us in many ways. That’s not the purpose for this existence. We should have complete free will to do whatever we want to do, uninhibited by the imperfect DNA passed on to us from our parents.

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