CWC — MLK day, the Real Truth® about racial inequality. (PEOPLE OF COLOR: PLEASE DO NOT WATCH!)

January 16, 2023

Coffee with Chris

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Editor’s summary:

Today is Martin Luther King Day, a day the United States dedicated to reflect on the inequalities between the races that have existed. History, however, is wrong. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a black Christian Reverend who did not teach the people the teachings of Jesus Christ. He took advantage of a movement that was happening a long time before he was even born. He used this situation to aggrandize himself, giving speeches and leading protests, and he became a martyr. The Real Truth® is that he did not start or help social reform. Those who take pride in their race (or gender or anything else) and identify themselves this way are racists. The only way racism is ever going to end is for all humans upon this earth to become colorblind. We must all identify ourselves simply as people, with no further description — black, white, man, woman, etc.

Laws are changed in the United States by the United States Congress which consists of a bicameral house — the House of Representatives and the Senate. No law can be passed without a majority of agreement from both houses. If you look to our past, the laws were changed not by protests but by good representatives who recognized the problems in the world and were able to create and enact laws to remedy them the best they could. Protests aggravate and exacerbate the problem, giving those opposed to change more reason to fight against it.

Although people were treated terribly due to slavery, slavery in the United States became beneficial to the black races. Christopher explains this in detail, using a map to demonstrate, during this show.

The problems of inequality that exist in the United States today stem from poverty and pride. The Humanity Party® provides solutions to remedy the problem of poverty (which affects every race). It takes some of the programs already provided by the United States and makes them more accessible and available to all. However, this does not address the problems we are facing with pride. The poor in this world are just as prideful as the rich. This is demonstrated by pride in one’s heritage, ethnicity, family, community, religion, nation, athletic team, etc. This pride is what will eventually cause the complete annihilation of the entire solar system because the purpose for which humans are coming to this earth is not being fulfilled.

End of editor’s summary.



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