Damn it!

June 3, 2022

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Did NASA find hell? Scientists brace for first glimpse of world that constantly burns

Damn it!

The planet to which religious people believe, and hope, I am headed was just discovered!

The LDS/Mormons especially want to see me go to this place, “where there is a lake of fire and brimstone into which the wicked are cast, and where they are continually burning but are never consumed.”


Unfortunately for the Latter-day Insaints, they forgot that their leaders changed their own sacred temple endowment (circa 1990) that explained that there isn’t “any such place.”

Damnable corrupt LDS leaders! If they would have left this important part in the presentation of the endowment, this world would be a much better place.

I know I will join those who are going to hell, and I will be enjoying the ability to experience fellatio with my fellow damned friends instead of sitting at Jesus’ feet for eternity crying and expressing my eternal gratitude for being such a good person.

But anyways … Here’s the part of the LDS Temple endowment presentation that was removed circa 1990:

PREACHER: (Confronting Adam about praying for God to send messengers to teach him.) I am glad to know that you were calling upon Father. Do you believe in a God who is without body, parts, and passions; who sits on the top of a topless throne; who His center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere; who fills the universe, and yet is so small that He can dwell in your heart; who is surrounded by myriads of beings who have been saved by grace, not for any act of theirs, but by His good pleasure? Do you believe in this great Being?

ADAM: I do not. I cannot comprehend such a being.

PREACHER: That is the beauty of it. Perhaps you do not believe in the devil, and in that great hell, the bottomless pit, where there is a lake of fire and brimstone into which the wicked are cast, and where they are continually burning but are never consumed?

ADAM: I do not believe in any such place.

PREACHER: My dear friend, I am sorry for you.

LUCIFER: (Speaking to Adam.) I am sorry, very very sorry! What is it you want?

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