FULL TRANSPARENCY will help a person get to know me as I REALLY am, not as my critics and enemies would want the world to see me.

November 8, 2022

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Editor’s summary:

Christopher is making every effort to be completely transparent. In this post, he offers a video about a polygamous relationship he previously had that included Vicky Prunty Batchelor. Christopher kindly acknowledges her hurt but also points out that the whole story was not published. Most of his interview was not shown so that the producers of the video could tell the story they wanted to tell. The little of Christopher’s interview that was shown verifies his disagreement with polygamy and tells a little bit of what his motivation to be involved in it actually was. Christopher asks us to review all available material presented so that we can come to understand for ourselves the Real Truth® of what happened.

He has written several chapters in his autobiography that talk about his time as a polygamist. They are available at the following links:  Chapter 31 Part 1, Chapter 31 Part 2, Chapter 32, Chapter 33, Chapter 34,  and Chapter 35.

End of editor’s summary.



I’ve shared the details of my dealings in polygamy in a few of the chapters of my autobiography.

Watch the following video. It was broadcast in 1998, mainly on Canadian Television.

The woman in the video, Vicky Prunty Batchelor (the main character), gives a very sincere interview. She didn’t tell the whole truth, but was very sincere. Her first husband, Gary Batchelor, didn’t want his face shown.

In one of the shots, you’ll see the three women with whom I participated in the polygamist lifestyle; I was not legally married to any. The women are sitting on a couch. Take note that this video was shot long after I had sat these women down and told them that I didn’t believe in polygamy — that it was wrong and the only reason why I did what I did was to help them.

As you watch Vicky, you’ll notice the devastating effect the lifestyle had on her … with her first husband. The note about her husband’s opinion was the exact note I saw when I first met Vicky. The note was hanging in her kitchen.

I actually feel very sorry for Vicky to this day. She has a wonderful heart. But the value she gained from being a victim instead of telling the Real Truth® — that without me, she would probably still be living that lifestyle — served her well. I have all kinds of proof of what I did to help Vicky, long after I ended the relationship with her for good.

(My past life could be a marvelous work and a wonder in and of itself! :-) )

The video was edited to reflect the producers’ spin and narrative … of course.

I gave them quite a few hours of interviews but they picked the parts that supported their narrative. However, what I did say, that wasn’t chopped off, pretty much destroys the story that Vicky likes to tell the world — “I escaped two abusive polygamist relationships.”

In one of the clips, you’ll see Vicky and me sitting in a radio station being interviewed. Yeah … there she is, sitting right next to the abusive polygamist from whom she escaped. Yeah! Really!

I am not ashamed of my past. I have a plethora of video and other evidence of how deceptive the women in my past were — making me into a monster that I was not, giving them the value that many women seek from being a victim. (Wait until you see all the videos we now have made public … Oh my, how the wrath of a woman lies! … But anyways.)

But, hey … Don’t take my word for it, watch the evidence for yourself.

In my efforts to make my past fully transparent, I have no doubt that all the empirical evidence we will make available will support and verify every detail I have given in my autobiography.

I am not afraid of the Real Truth® … never have been … never will be.


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