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November 1, 2022

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Editor’s summary:

Christopher compares his life to that of Jesus (according to the story). He reveals the uncanny similarities between the Jews at the time of Jesus and the LDS/Mormons. As Jesus told the Jews, Christopher tells the LDS/Mormons about the wickedness of their church, including how their humanitarian efforts do more harm than good. The church has the power and clout and, therefore, responsibility to pressure the political leaders in our government to provide the basic necessities of life to all people. The suffering of those whose needs are not met was demonstrated in a couple of news stories that were highlighted, along with solutions.

Christopher is the only one who has had the “veil of forgetfulness” removed during this life experience. It is his responsibility to teach us the Real Truth®. He cannot, however, tell us personally what to do with the information that he presents. Although it’s in our natures to follow someone, we should not listen to anyone but ourselves in deciphering what we should do with our own personal lives. Likewise, we have no right to judge or try to teach others what they should be doing.

This life is about experiencing pain. As advanced beings, we knew nothing of pain. We couldn’t believe or understand that we were capable of hurting someone else. We didn’t know we needed a government. Here, on this earth, is where we have experiences that help us to understand this. In accepting the need to be overseen, full transparency is required from our Overseer in order for us to ultimately accept him.

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And yes!



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